Emerging seo & digital marketing trends. ebn


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This presentation explores emerging digital marketing trends and how both SME's and larger businesses can apply them them to improve their digital engagement

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Emerging seo & digital marketing trends. ebn

  1. 1. Emerging SEO & DigitalMarketing Trends.Mark Moon – Head of Digital
  2. 2. About MeDigital Director @ e-Strategy15 years in digital marketingQualified Google ProfessionalPassionate about digital
  3. 3. TopicsContent MarketingGuest BloggingAuthorshipContent CurationSocial SharingDisplay Networks
  4. 4. Google UpdatesRecent changes to Google’s algorithm are game changersAccelerated the need for “Content Marketing”
  5. 5. What is Content Marketing?“Content marketing is the art of understanding exactly what yourcustomers need to know and delivering it to them on-line, in a relevantand compelling way to grow your business”. Content Marketing Institute
  6. 6. Content MarketingQualityRelevantValuedEngagingPlatforms
  7. 7. Benefits of Content MarketingExtend online market reachAttract new audience segmentsBecome an industry “thought leader”Enhance perception of your organisationImprove SEO visibilityIncreased revenues
  8. 8. Content Marketing StrategyImplemented prior to any content marketing activityIdentify your target audienceWhat content is of value to your audienceIn-house and external expertiseThe right metrics
  9. 9. Developing A Content StrategyAbout You: brand values – USP - tone of voice & value propositionAudience: Value – “Share” “Like” “+ 1” - Quality over QuantityPlatforms: Blog at the forefrontKeywords: Keywords – Keywords - Keywords
  10. 10. Developing A Content StrategyContent Types: Opinion pieces - buying guides – reviews - whitepapers – video – podcasts – infographics - imagerySocial Media: Social sharing is integrated - share your blogposts across the main SM platformsResource: copy writers - thought leadership - editorial calendarMeasurement: Visitor levels - user engagement - revenue.
  11. 11. Developing A Content Strategy
  12. 12. Developing A Content Strategy
  13. 13. Guest BloggingEnhance your Authority - Your nameAffiliate interestsBuild your publisher network – Make connectionsSuperb for SEO - As always keep it natural
  14. 14. AuthorshipAuthentic – Credible – TrustworthyLevel field – Authorship mark-up – High ranking with original contentIntegration - Google Plus profile & Author creditEarly adopters - Changing the way in which we search
  15. 15. Authorship
  16. 16. CuratorContent curators help add a voice to enable engagementDistil overall noise of a topic into important & relevant contentAcknowledge every piece of information we encounter as it was put before usby someone who worked to create it - discover it & bring it to our attentionwww.curatorscode.org
  17. 17. Social sharingSocial Sharing buttons on key pages of your website & blogEncourage sharing of your content across SM platformsTweet – FB shares – FB Likes – LinkedIn – Pinterest - Google +Encourages greater engagement – Increase visitors to your websiteImproves search engine visibility
  18. 18. Social sharing
  19. 19. Social sharingIntegrate your SM profiles into all comsAvoid just using standardised FB & Twitter logoSell the benefits of your SM profiles – why should they follow youPosition social sharing at the top right of each pageAvoid using social widgets if frequency is low
  20. 20. Social Integration
  21. 21. Google Display NetworkThe Google Display Network comprises thousands ofwebsites where advertising can appear, (such as TheIndependent, Auto Trader, Right Move, National Express,You Tube etc. etc.).
  22. 22. Google Display NetworkThe Google Display Network allows website category segmentation From this category we select the most relevant websites to advertise on. Website Placements Guardian.co.uk Independenant.co.uk Telegraph.co.uk Dailymail.co.uk Thesun.co.uk Express.co.uk Dailypost.co.uk Dailymirror.co.uk
  23. 23. Google Display Geo–TargetingGeo-targeting means having the ability to target a marketingor advertising campaign to a specific set of visitors based ontheir physical location. Through the Google Display Networkinterface we are able to target multiple areas in the UK orworldwide.
  24. 24. Google Display DeliveryThrough the Google Display Network we use one single interface topush content out to a number of websites. This means the delivery ofthe campaign is streamlined, without the need to contact eachindividual website owner directly, which saves on both time and cost.
  25. 25. “Half the money I spend on advertising iswasted; the trouble is, I dont know whichhalf”…John Wanamaker (July 11, 1838 – December 12, 1922) was a UnitedStates merchant, considered by some to be the father of modernadvertising and a "pioneer” in marketing
  26. 26. Measure Return on InvestmentGoogle Analytics, Funnels, Goals, ConversionsImpressions, ClicksCall TrackingSegment Target AudienceFast Reaction (Re-Marketing, Geo-Targeting)
  27. 27. Thanks : )