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Conducting business online since 1999, Tony Zayas is an Internet entrepreneur, educator and online business coach, specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Web 2.0 and Internet Relationship Marketing. Zayas has written a number of ebooks, audio and video series focusing on using media in marketing efforts, relationship building and digital product creation.

Tony is an accomplished and in-demand public speaker who has given seminars throughout the United States, with topics spanning marketing, entrepreneurial leadership and motivation, as well as precise, step-by-step business building workshops.

Tonys’ formal training as a coach was through the ICF Accredited, Coach Training Alliance, headquartered out of Boulder, Colorado. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa, as a Philosophy major.

Tony his wife and daughter now reside in Northeast Ohio.

In this interview you will learn:

1. The difference between good and badly optimized content?

2. What methods or services are available for a business to have their content optimized for syndication?

3. 5 biggest mistakes that businesses make with syndicating their content?

4. What are some strategies you can share with the listeners on how to properly optimize their content for a page 1 ranking?

Plus much, much more......

To get your copy of this interview and many more interviews by some of the worlds top marketing minds visit: to secure your spot.

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Tony Zayas Interview Highlights

  1. 1. StuartBazga Tony Zayas
  2. 2. How did you get to where you are nowand what corporations did you work for? Started in a fitness niche Have a background in corporate training and a degree in Philosophy By nature, a trainer Likes to ponder SEO and teach it Started to work in a university setting Got a start in training by working in IT Business Marketing Interviews –
  3. 3. How was university? Played the role of a rebel Played as a drummer then lead guitarist in a band Ventured into professional wrestling straight after university Business Marketing Interviews –
  4. 4. What is good about Search EngineOptimization (SEO)? Ability to position yourself properly in a strong, organic fashion online Organic results – trusted and most relevant results based on keywords ~ Mr. Google Business Marketing Interviews –
  5. 5. What led you to become an expert andwhat are some books you canrecommend? Interest in online marketing Thirst for knowledge Books:  The Go-Getter (1920’s)  Pitch Anything Business Marketing Interviews –
  6. 6. What is SEO in relation to contentcreation? Search engines are now sophisticated to understand language enough Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) – search engines find different keywords related to your title or content Business Marketing Interviews –
  7. 7. What is anchor text and what is the bestway to go about it? Is there specificplace they should be placed? Anchor text is basically a phrase that are clickable, a hyperlink, in the content of an article or a post No exact position to place anchor texts, but one or two links is sufficient. This helps to prevent being looked at as spammy Having your keyword in your URL is important Business Marketing Interviews –
  8. 8. What is a good site? Gets people to stay on the page Write for the reader but cover the bases A good site is entertaining, attractive, easy to read, and provides interesting and relevant content Business Marketing Interviews –
  9. 9. What are some strategies to properlyoptimize content for page one ranking? Backlinks are important – it vouches for your site If a number of sites link to you, it is authority in the eyes of search engines Links from social media site is important Business Marketing Interviews –
  10. 10. What is content syndication and howdoes it affect business ranking? Content syndication means getting your content to as many places as possible It serves to generate more links to your site Syndicate content as articles, videos, audios, podcasts, PDFs, or e-books Focus on quality – it is what is going to convert Your content represents your business Business Marketing Interviews –
  11. 11. How about for people who doesn’t havetime to create content? If you don’t have time to create content, you don’t have time to be in business Content is the most important thing for your marketing efforts Content represents your personal brand Business Marketing Interviews –
  12. 12. What are your thoughts on PLR? When you did not personally make it, you don’t have the same attachment to it PLR is good for someone who is challenged with content creation Take PLR and rewrite it or change the mode it is presented and add your own uniqueness to it There is a lot of potential with PLR Good for blogging Business Marketing Interviews –
  13. 13. How do you get yourcontent/videos/articles syndicated? Use desktop software or hosted solutions/web- based service For videos, the most important thing is to put it on YouTube (95% of traffic comes from YouTube) It is a matter of personal choice Business Marketing Interviews –
  14. 14. What are the five biggest mistakesbusinesses make with SEO? Losing focus on quality Not putting out content consistently Not making sure content is right Not distributing to the right channels Not making the content relevant to what your topic or video is about Business Marketing Interviews –
  15. 15. What is an insider secret ourcompetition doesn’t know about? Utilize social media (e.g. Twitter, Digg, Facebook, etc) to optimize results and to create interaction among social media users about your content Social media is the future of SEO Business Marketing Interviews –
  16. 16. What is the future of SEO in relation toGoogle and how do we keep up? Change is the only constant thing in the world Stay on top of the trends The key is to stay involved and understand what’s going on Stay serious and stay relevant Business Marketing Interviews –
  17. 17. What are some good advice for thosewho are just starting out? Make something happen Stay focused – don’t let too much information overwhelm you Mastery takes time Take ACTION Learn while you go Take one step at a time Business Marketing Interviews –
  18. 18. What is a file sharing site? File sharing sites work and rank really well File sharing site a site you can upload any content for the purpose that someone else can go and download them from there Business Marketing Interviews –
  19. 19. Summary In the world of SEO, the key is to stay on top of what’s going on with the search engines and not losing focus on their purpose Search engine purpose: To deliver most relevant , useful content for the searcher Business Marketing Interviews –
  20. 20. How would you like to be remembered? Family-wise: Be remembered as a loving father and husband Business-wise: A genuine person who helped other people succeed Business Marketing Interviews –
  21. 21. Where can people reach you? Blog at Business Marketing Interviews –