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Andy Sacker Interview



On this interview with Andy Sacker , we learned: ...

On this interview with Andy Sacker , we learned:

1. What is so good about interviewing experts?

2. 5 biggest mistakes that businesses make when starting out with interviewing experts?

3. Most important things that everyone listening should start doing today?

Plus much, much more......



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Andy Sacker Interview Andy Sacker Interview Presentation Transcript

  • WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT INTERVIEWINGEXPERTS? Easiest thing to do if you’re looking to building an online business Interviewing experts can give access to people who want to know more about certain subjects without paying a lot of money to talk to an expert. It also helps the experts because it raises their credibility. It’s a win-win situation. Business Marketing Interviews -
  • GIVE US A SNAPSHOT OF YOURCAREER AND HOW YOU BECAME ANEXPERT Had a carpet and stone floor cleaning business Tried to do online business using several systems but failed Was heavily in debt before becoming successful Started to interview experts in 2010 and became successful even with little experience in interviewing experts Business Marketing Interviews -
  • WHO SHOULD PEOPLE APPROACHFOR HELP TO GET STARTED? Follow your passion Try looking for experts: and has tons of experts you can choose to contact and interview Try interviewing local experts, even service people, in your area Business Marketing Interviews -
  • WHAT DOES BUILDING A LISTMEAN? A list is a list of people who have purchased a product or service from you before You should build a relationship with the people on your list Having a list works both in the online and the offline world Business Marketing Interviews -
  • WHAT IS THE KEY TO CONDUCTINGAN INTERVIEW? Interview somebody Develop a product from that interview Build a relationship with that expert Business Marketing Interviews -
  • HOW DO YOU STRUCTURE ANINTERVIEW? Be conversational and go with the flow Build a rapport with the expert you’re interviewing Try to hit the hot buttons Do the searching and digging for real golden nuggets during the interview Do a quick summary of the whole interview as well Business Marketing Interviews -
  • HOW TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUTTHE PERSON YOU’REINTERVIEWING Do as much research as possible If the expert you’re interviewing has a book, buy it Do online research about the person you’re interviewing Business Marketing Interviews -
  • HOW TO BECOME A BETTERINTERVIEWER Go to and look for experts in fields you’re interested in You can also try to Google more experts in different fields you like Business Marketing Interviews -
  • ARE THERE ANY BOOKS ORCOURSES TO HELP PEOPLE GETSTARTED? Have a mentor or a coach to guide you Search online on how to interview people or experts Read the book “How To Make Money Interviewing Experts” to learn more Business Marketing Interviews -
  • 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES PEOPLEMAKE WHEN STARTING OUT Not contacting enough experts People not investing on themselves enough (no coaches or mentors, etc.) It needs to be a long-term thing or in an ongoing basis Get out of your comfort zone Put your own take or your own touch in the interviews Business Marketing Interviews -
  • HOW TO IMPROVE YOURINTERVIEWING SKILLS Just keep on doing it Doing anything repeatedly helps you improve Put your own energy and personality in your interviews Practice Business Marketing Interviews -
  • SO YOU’VE CONTACTED AN EXPERT,NOW WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Make a good first impression Give the expert a way to learn more about you. Email them or send links to your website Send them your contact information, just in case Ask for a testimonial after the interview Build and maintain a relationship with the expert Business Marketing Interviews -
  • HOW TO PROMOTE THE INTERVIEW Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Foursquare Your website or blog Do guest posts Paid press releases or go to PRWeb, PRRelease, Free Press Release Make a 30-second or 1 minute video on to use as advertisement Business Marketing Interviews -
  • WHERE CAN WE FIND OUT MOREABOUT YOU? Andy’s Business Marketing Interviews -
  • LAST WORDS OF WISDOM Get a coach or a mentor Constantly improve Be a constant learner Business Marketing Interviews -