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An overview of the company I run.

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  1. 1. The Future of HR Survey Analytics April 18, 2012
  2. 2. Employee EngagementEmployee engagement affects business outcomes, such asproductivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability.
  3. 3. Employee SurveysSurveys main tool for listening to the voice of the employeeMany contain thousands of open-ended commentsResults typically aggregated/analyzed in Excel spreadsheets
  4. 4. The ProblemSpreadsheets make it difficult to work with free textCurrent methods are difficult to replicate and do not scale upImportant insights and trends are left undiscovered70%-80% of HR Business Intelligence projects fail
  5. 5. The Pain Exists in Diverse Organizations
  6. 6. The Solution: Texifter’s DiscoverTextA web-based text analytics platformTools for basic & applied researchUseful for HR Analytics teams with survey dataUnique workflow makes machine-learning easier
  7. 7. Why Texifter? “We Have Something Unique” Our ActiveLearning engine and tools combine…What Humans Do Best What Computers Do Best Humans and machines learning together
  8. 8. Not Limited to HRMarketing & sales strategy is currently HR focused, howeverOur technology is also an solution ideal for: Market research / Brand management VOC (Voice of Customer) Customer service Government Basic University researchA Major New Consumer Good Brand Analysis Partner
  9. 9. Organizations that We Have Helped
  10. 10. The 2012 HR Technology Market Size HR Analytics is underserved and continues to grow $12.6 BillionThe Human Capital Management Market Sizing Report, 2007-2012, AMR, 2008
  11. 11. Human Resources Analytics Market Large market opportunity HR data is a key corporate asset Forrester reports a lack of HR survey analysis tools 70% of organizations will not fully exploit the open text data “87% of organizations believe they do not have the necessary technology to facilitate proper HR analytics.”The Human Capital Management Market Sizing Report, 2007-2012, AMR, 2008The State of HR Analytics Report, 2011, Cornell University
  12. 12. Competitor Solutions“There are lots of other text solutions in the marketplace but, HR departments have not found an ideal solution.”
  13. 13. People Analytics Target CompaniesFortune 1000 companies, 5,000+ employees with: Analytical departments & team members Need to leverage employee surveys; have large stores A lack of tools and knowledge to perform survey analysisDevelop new channels and platforms for deeper integration
  14. 14. People Analytics Go-to-Market StrategyBuild upon past success with use-cases & referencesContinue refining our consulting and SaaS modelLeverage HR champions to “internally push” our solutionEnter other departments like marketing and customer service
  15. 15. Consumer Analytics StrategyCollaborate with Cognizant client partnersAct as consulting partnerLeverage prior use cases and refined methodologiesFurther product development and VoC best practices
  16. 16. Consumer Analytics Target CompaniesFortune 500 Companies, with: Analytical departments & team members Need to leverage customer surveys Numerous global brands with powerful presence Hold large stores of unused customer data A lack of tools and knowledge to perform survey analysisDevelop relationships with strategic Cognizant client partners
  17. 17. Plans for Q2 2012Dominate the HR Analytics marketFurther build sales channelsPartner with HR service providersContinue to build VoC brand analysis channelsCapitalize on industry events and opportunities IE Group CSO Conference (April 26 & 27) SIOP (April 26 & 27) IHRIM Exhibition (May 1 & 2) IHRIM Panel (May 1)
  18. 18. Plans for Financing 2012Seeking $500K-1.5m angel investment Expand sales and product support team Support new technology and design initiatives Build out the platform vision and API capabilitiesRevenue 2010 - $10,000 2011 - $110,000 2012 - $500,000+ (projected)
  19. 19. Some Early Exit Options
  20. 20. Company BackgroundFounded in 2009 by Dr. Stuart ShulmanIncubated in the qualitative data analysis labs at theUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst and at Pitt (QDAP)10 years & $4m in grants from the National ScienceFoundation to develop tools & methods
  21. 21. Contact TexifterFounder & CEO – Dr. Stuart Shulman stu@texifter.com 413-230-1255President – Sean Kelleher skelleher@texifter.comCFO – Rick Otis rick@texifter.comCTO – Mark Hoy mark@texifter.comBusiness Development and User Support Joe Delfino - joe@discovertext.com Josh Sowalsky - josh@discovertext.com Phone: 1-800-936-0534