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Back To School | Importance of Healthy Eating


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This infographic explains why it is so incredibly important to nourish our children with healthy foods. Healthy eating = success at school, increased focus, better grades, and so much more.

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Transcript of "Back To School | Importance of Healthy Eating"

  1. 1. BACK TO SCHOOL and the importance of proper nutrition for successful learning and overall well-being FOCUSING is a challenge for many kids when it comes to learning at school. There are simple things parents can do to help. According to Michigan State University, around 1 million kindergartners are misdiagnosed with ADHD each year. Healthy snacks & meals are key when it comes to helping our youth focus and succeed BREAKFAST MID-MORNING LUNCH TIME SNACK sugary cereals, pizza, sugary juice boxes, white toast, fast-food cookies, muffins, white crackers, candy, energy drinks, potato chips white bread with pb&j, pizza rolls, cheese sticks, lunchables, fast-food SKIP SKIP SKIP CONSEQUENCES OF A POOR DIET these af fect a child’s overall health, cognitive development, and school performance ENERGY IMBALANCE INCREASED CANCER RISK WEIGHT GAIN & OBESITY UNDER-NOURISHMENT RISK EATING BEHAVIORS OF OUR CHILDREN 40% of the calories that children consume (ages 2-18) are empty calories. These calories are made up of unecessary added sugars and fats. •Majority of kids do not eat the This comes from 6 main sources: recommended amount of fruits and veggies per day. FRUIT •Most children do not consume the SODA DRINKS minimum amount of whole grains per day. •Sodium is over-consumed to the extreme. This leads to future health problems leading into adulthood. DAIRY DESSERTS GRAIN DESSERTS PIZZA WHOLE MILK Let’s crush these facts and help our kids live long and prosper! Here are some great ideas for healthy & fulfilling back to school foods: PITA FOR PROTEIN 1. Slice of fresh Turkey 2. Place in whole-grain pita pocket 3. Add lettuce or spinach inside it 4. Add grapes or apples on the side SKIP SKIP Deli meat - high sodium & processed ingredients Fruit cups - added corn syrup & refined sugars Leftover cooked Turkey or Chicken - low fat & high protein Whole fruits - natural sugars with plenty of vitamins Instead of veggies on the side, sneak them into your pasta sauces. Switch out all white grains & breads for whole wheats & grains. Stop serving sugary cereals - replace with whole grain options. Forget the salty potato chips - how about giving veggie sticks a try? Switch mayo for greek yogurt & peanut butter for almond butter. SKIP Cookies & Cakes Try out graham crackers or natural granola bars. SKIP Ranch dressing Try making the permanant change to Hummus. Sources:,