The art of the A-list

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  • 1. The art of the A-list U-turnYou may not be a celeb but you can still steal their career – saving tricks.You’ve made a mistakeCeleb-spiration: MadonnaWhen her movie career flopped, she went back to what she was good at: her music.In the real world: Tried something new and that didn’t work out? Then put it down toexperience and remember you’re smarter as a result. Make yourself a praise book andwrite down positive comments from past appraisals or client emails and ask yourworkmates what they envy about you. From that, decide what your strengths are and playto them in the future.You’ve got to go it alone on a projectCeleb-spiration: Gwen StefaniShe made the scary switch from No Doubt frontwoman to solo sensation look like adoddle.In the real world: Moving out of your comfort zone is nerve-wracking. But here’s asecret: going solo doesn’t mean going it alone. Do you think Gwen didn’t have any help?Follow her lead and speak to colleagues whose opinions are invaluable. It’s not cheating,it’s research.A colleague’s written you offCeleb-spiration: Girls AloudCritics put them in the reality TV dustbin, now they’re the biggest girl band since theSpice Girls.In the real world: Like Cheryl and co, rehearse! Get to work early and plan your day.What tricky situations could arise and how should you deal with them? Be prepared andyou’ll have the confidence to deal with anyone who tries to you down.You private life has hit your work lifeCeleb-spiration: Sienna MillerShe was more famous for being Jude Law’s girlfriend that for her acting. So Sienna tooka West End role to prove her worth.In the real world: Get your boss to see you from a professional, not personal, perspectiveby deciding where you want to be in five years’ time. Having a goal will make yourefocus – work hard towards it and eventually people will forget that incident.