Facebook and LinkedIn for Business


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• Social Media: Personal vs. Business
• Facebook
o Facebook Fundamentals
o Exploring the “Like” Page
o Marketing for the B2C and the B2B
o Elements for Fan Page Success
• LinkedIn
o The Importance of the Profile
o Targeting and Connecting with Ideal Clients
o Best Practices
o Elements for LinkedIn Success

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Facebook and LinkedIn for Business

  1. 1. Facebook and LinkedIn for Business Rachel Strella Strella Social Media www.strellasocialmedia.com
  2. 2. Today, we’ll discuss: Social Media: Personal vs. BusinessFacebook for BusinessLinkedIn for Business
  3. 3. Before we beginPresentation is informal! Please feel free to ask questions or add to the discussion at any time!
  4. 4. Collecting Business Cards For TWO Door Prizes: $120 Gift Card to Tian Shi Acupuncture & a frame from Balloons and More!
  5. 5. Social Media:Personal vs. Business
  6. 6. Social Media: Personal vs. BusinessTwo Key Points Don’t let your hesitation to get involved on a personal level, stop you from getting involved on the business side There is a huge business opportunity in social media
  7. 7. Social Media: Personal vs. BusinessWhat to Share?Some think they don’t haveanything to sayMost do have somethingimportant to say – they justaren’t comfortable saying itGet comfortable
  8. 8. Social Media: Personal vs. BusinessPersonal GuidelinesYou should be alright Beware ofConnecting with Friends Connecting with Kids’ Friends/Ex’sSharing Photos of Your Family Sharing Photos of Bachelorette PartyMentioning Tagging OthersWishing a Happy Birthday Writing Negative Posts to a WallAccepting Most Friends Accepting Friends You Don’t Know
  9. 9. Social Media: Personal vs. BusinessBusiness GuidelinesYou should be alright Beware ofAsking Friends to “Like” a Page Asking Friends to “Like” a Page 10 x’sSharing Staff News Sharing Personal Staff Info.Explaining Differentiation Bashing the CompetitionOffering Valuable Content Asking People to Buy RelentlesslyConnecting with a Potential Repeatedly Spamming a PotentialCustomer Customer
  10. 10. Facebook
  11. 11. Facebook: Business FundamentalsConsumer-centric site840 million usersOne of the top three most-visited websites in the worldSocial media channel wheremost amount of time is spent
  12. 12. Facebook:Business FundamentalsYou must have a personal Facebook account in order to create a Facebook fan page
  13. 13. Facebook: Business FundamentalsPersonalNetwork of personal friendsMust accept their connectionYou can filter what they see
  14. 14. Facebook: Business FundamentalsBusinessCommunity of fansPotential followers can ‘like’your pageFans can read all contentPrivacy settings determinetheir level of interaction
  15. 15. Facebook:Elements for Success
  16. 16. Facebook:Elements for Success
  17. 17. Facebook:Elements for Success
  18. 18. Facebook:Build Your Stadium (Page)Add a cover photo and a profileimageSet Permissions & Privacy tabsAdd content about the businessand be sure to include all contactinformation
  19. 19. Facebook:Fill the Stadium with FansInvite relevant personalfriends to ‘like’ the pageAdd “Like” box to websiteRetrieve URL and add to: Business Cards LinkedIn Profile Email Signature
  20. 20. Facebook: Make Them CheerGenerate exclusive offersAsk open-ended questionsEncourage sharingHold ‘fan-only’ contestsOffer value
  21. 21. LinkedIn
  22. 22. LinkedIn: Business FundamentalsBusiness networking site -Not just a ‘resume’ site100+ million usersSmaller reach than Facebook,but targeted reach ideal for B2B
  23. 23. LinkedIn:Elements for Success
  24. 24. LinkedIn:Elements for Success
  25. 25. LinkedIn:Elements for Success
  26. 26. LinkedIn:Build Your Office (Profile)Complete profile to 100%Have a photo and a strongheadlineUse all three website linksComplete summary andspecialties
  27. 27. LinkedIn: Fill Your RolodexStart ConnectingJoin GroupsUse Advanced SearchCustomize Profile Link and addto business cards/email signature
  28. 28. LinkedIn: Deliver ValueParticipate in groups and offerhelpful informationUse the answers tool torespond to questionsProduce content on newsfeedSend valuable information totargeted connections
  29. 29. Let’s Rock!
  30. 30. Connections and Resources Website and Blog: StrellaSocialMedia.com Facebook:Facebook.com/StrellaSocialMedia Twitter: Twitter.com/RachelStrella LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/RachelStrella
  31. 31. Questions
  32. 32. Announce Gift Card Winner Tian Shi Acupuncturewww.harrisburgacupuncture.com
  33. 33. Announce Gift Card WinnerFrame from Balloons and Morewww.balloons-and-more.com