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Stratadigm Key Profiles

  1. 1. Profile A learning organisation
  2. 2. Stratadigm was formed in March of 2005 by professionals from the financial services industry to meet the education needs of industry. Our mission is to enhance and maintain competitive advantage of the Indian IT, ITES and Financial Services sectors by providing context-relevant education tailored for the participants. This mission statement represents our desire to pay back our society which has nurtured us and invested in making us highly competent professionals. In pursuit of this mission, we have conducted seminars for most of the Indian banks, in the private and public sector. We have also anchored the training function for select clients in the ITES space, enhancing productivity and organisational effectiveness. We have also conducted overseas seminars. Background
  3. 3. We are founded on principles and value systems shared by all the associates who form this organization. We will deliver to customers a value which exceeds client expectations. We will consistently redefine the customer experience in delivery. We will seek clients who seek the growth and development of vendors. We will meet the intellectual, professional and financial aspirations of our associates. We will not deal with clients who would have us behave in a manner that we individually would not do. Our organization will adhere to its business principles. Values & Principles
  4. 4. It is important we continue to do the right thing on an ongoing basis. This applies internally, externally to customers and to our social conscience as well. The Advisory Board’s role is to ensure that we invest in ourselves, focus on the appropriate areas so that value is delivered to customers. The Advisory Board is the custodian of the values and principles of the organization. The Advisory Board is founded with Mr. Pramod Vaidya heading it. He is a respected and senior banker of over 30 years experience, most recently as the Corporate Head- Risk Management at the combined IDBI entity. The other member is Mr. Brian Ford, a banker of over 35 years experience including positions in Treasury at Bank of America where he established their London commodity and derivatives desk. Gradually and eventually the Board will expand to reflect the roles, responsibilities and the financial service areas we serve. The management of the company binds itself to the counsel of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board
  5. 5. Our mission vis-à-vis customers, is to facilitate investment in human resource capital through a superior learning experience. Stratadigm programs incorporate following key elements to deliver this experience: - Academically rigorous, yet lucid - Practical orientation - Faculty who are Practitioners - Variety in Instructional Methodologies - Testing methodologies - Separation of Academic needs from commercial considerations Superior design and delivery has enabled us to acquire customers of national and international repute. We operate as business enablers for our customers, planning with them as a part of their business to the extent possible and permissible. Customers
  6. 6. We recognize the need to constantly update our skill set to remain relevant to our customers. This also fulfils the intellectual aspirations of our associates. To do so, we engage in selective consulting engagements the world over, which allow us to gain further experience and exposes us to best practice. These learnings find their way back to the classroom. We constantly seek engagements that would drive this purpose. Our work leads us to writing papers on insights achieved; for example we wrote a paper on the emerging US housing market crisis in April 07 which explains the dynamics in great detail. Other serious papers cover financial services marketing strategy and channel and product development in financial services. Consulting
  7. 7. We believe that knowledge, in its purest form is universal and freely available. Stratadigm’s learning programs are the bridge between a participant’s needs and the body of knowledge. Design is the key to building an effective bridge. We use a variety of instructional design methodologies in developing learning programs. Business objectives / learning needs are built into the design. Class room sessions are combined with simulation, games and case studies. Case studies used by us are not standard business school case work; they are cases written around the organizational context. Our testing methods vary based on the subject matter and client needs. Design & Methodology “ If I had teachers like this early in life I would have gone for higher education” - a Stratadigm course participant
  8. 8. Sushil Sharma, Managing Director ACA, PGDM, ACII UK 20+ years experience Banking, general insurance, asset management, venture capital In India and abroad. Over the years he has been in sales and marketing of financial services and held senior management positions in the companies he has served in. He is a leading expert in London in the “Markets in Financial Instruments Directive” (MiFID). Sushil heads the company as a whole, leading strategy, organisation building and the organisation’s own learning process. Key Profiles
  9. 9. B.T. Rajan , CEO Key Profiles B Sc., MBA Fin, CAIIB 15+ years experience Banking experience 10 years Software and Industry 6 years Training and teaching over 10 years Rajan continues to consult for banks in risk and Basel II even as teaches wherever his skills are in demand. He heads the Operational Management of the company.
  10. 10. Vasantha Seshadri, Director- Network & Relationships Key Profiles PG with special focus on International Law & Public Administration 10 years of Banking experience in an MNC bank. Experience in business intelligence, portfolio relations and treasury operations at strategic investment division of Intel Trained over 2000 persons in Retail banking and mortgage areas, Wholesale banking/Cash management Vasantha builds the network of professionals with whom we engage, onboarding them over a period of time, assessing their alignment to the value systems and the philosophies in play at Stratadigm.
  11. 11. Pramod Vaidya, Strategy & Corporate Planning, Key Profiles Head of the Advisory Board Mr Vaidya is a banker with over 25 years experience. Most recently he was Corporate Head – Risk Management at IDBI Bank (the combined entity). Mr. Vaidya has significant business experience in banking in India and has been active in the training space for several years both domestically and overseas. He consults with banks in india and overseas, including in the area of risk management. He oversees the strategic direction and organisation building at Stratadigm, guiding us and ensuring integrity with the value system we subscribe to.
  12. 12. Brian Ford , Member of the Advisory Board Key Profiles Over 30 years banking experience. He successfully headed London derivative trading for Bank of America and initially set up their global commodity business then went on to run the  global exotic option trading and structuring and, finally, helped to set up the credit derivative business. He has worked extensively in trading, risk management and client services area. His  strengths have revolved around innovative thinking and carefully planned product development. He served clients such as ABN Amro, ANZ, Armour Security, British Petroleum, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Evalue SA, etc. Brian is based in London.
  13. 13. Our Associates Key Profiles Persons associated with Stratadigm in conducting classroom sessions are carefully chosen for their - knowledge - communication ability - willingness to conform to Stratadigm’s methodology and design - shared value systems With their invaluable support, we are able to run enough sessions at peak demand levels as well. Our resources carry out sessions for no more than 14 to 16 days a month; the rest of the period is for reflection, re-energising and relaxing. The result is enthusiasm in the classroom.
  14. 14. List of Programs Categories Risk Management Core Banking Programs Strategy, Marketing and Planning Insurance
  15. 15. List of Programs <ul><li>The Economics of Risk and the Basics of Basel II </li></ul><ul><li>Asset Liability Management </li></ul><ul><li>Credit Risk Management </li></ul><ul><li>Market Risk </li></ul><ul><li>Operational Risk </li></ul><ul><li>Risk Management Strategy </li></ul><ul><li>Risk Rating of Banks </li></ul><ul><li>Recovery Management </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Risk aggregation and reporting standards </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Risk model calibration </li></ul></ul></ul>Risk Management
  16. 16. List of Programs Corporate Banking & Portfolio Management Options and Derivatives : Basics/ Advanced/ Accouting/ Documentation processes Recovery Management Retail Hubs for Housing Finance Consumer banking   including Credit Cards Forex: Basics / Advanced Trade Finance: Basics / Advanced Mortgages – US focus Commercial Real Estate – US focus Wholesale Banking Investment Banking: Basics/ Markets / Operations Banking
  17. 17. List of Programs Other Programs Financial Services Marketing Personal Financial Planning Innovations in financial services Strategic issues in channel and product management Channel Management Establishing a distribution network Risk and Insurance Consequential losses / Business interruption insurance Sales Productivity
  18. 18. We seek growth through quality relationships. We would value an association with your organisation THANK YOU