"It's the telephone stupid" - why Facebook is not new at all


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A presentation about Social Media and the alternate reality telephone infrastructure.

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"It's the telephone stupid" - why Facebook is not new at all

  1. 1. “It’s the telephone,stupid!” *The ultimate attempt to explain why aFacebook page and the use of the socialweb are nothing new – at least not in theway they are currently used. airbros / photocase.com By the way, this is an alternate realitymodel…but more about that later.By: Björn Eichstädt, Storymaker GmbH
  2. 2. 顔本
  3. 3. Kao Hon
  4. 4. 顔本 Istockphoto.com
  5. 5. Let‘s do thealternate reality warp
  6. 6.
  7. 7. In Germany alone, there are 40 million fixed line telephone connections robertmichael / photocase.com Worldwide, almost 2 billion
  8. 8. People spend a lot oftime on the phone dorosblack / photocase.com
  9. 9. women! Especially erdbeersüchtig / photocase.com
  10. 10. Foto: Promo Lady Gaga gets a lot of calls through the telephone network
  11. 11. And Obama‘sELECTIONcampaignwould beunthinkablewithout a telephone
  12. 12. „The solution to all our problems! We ALSOneed to be listed in the Kallejipp / photocase.com telephone book!“
  13. 13. „The ability to reach 40 million people!Everyone will call. We need to hire a Chief Telephone Officer.“ Bild: Wikimedia Commons
  14. 14. „But first we haveto create ourprofile. We need alisting....in thetelephone book.And then we canlook forward to callsfrom lots ofcustomers andapplicants.“
  15. 15. muffinmaker / photocase.com
  16. 16. muffinmaker / photocase.com
  17. 17. muffinmaker / photocase.com
  18. 18. http://comicallyvintage.tumblr.com „But no one calls me!“
  19. 19. Telephone rule 1: You call first. kallejipp / photocase.com But don‘t just callanyone.
  20. 20. Telephone rule 2: Tell the world you have a telephone, too! Foto: Promo
  21. 21. Foto: Promo The world on the line – or telephone rule 3: Be exciting, be unique, spread some fun, listen, inform others, share your knowledge, besexy and irresistible. Then others might call you. Or call back.
  22. 22. Telephone rule 4: Create call cascades by communicating content that will want to know Foto: Promo
  23. 23. „Our telephone isringing like mad! But what about text, Kallejipp / photocase.com photos and signatures?“
  24. 24. The extended communications architecture with telephone, fax,mailbox and overhead projector Communication Corporate Hosting Foto: Promo
  25. 25. Let‘s do the real reality warp
  26. 26. The digital communications architecture with Twitter, Facebook,e-mail, blogs, websites, YouTube, etc. Communication Corporate Hosting Foto: Promo
  27. 27. „But that‘s the same as with our telephone!?“ Kallejipp / photocase.com
  28. 28. 1. Right. The communications principles are very similar. 2. „Traditional“ social networks hardly offer anything new. 3. But: everything is linked today and moving closer together 4. Anyone can use the infrastructure 5.You don‘t need to go from one medium to another. And thereare no more „whisper down the lane“ games. 6. Users can do things on all the media – communications isgetting a lot faster view7 / photocase.com 7. I can find anyone who wants to play along 8. And there are barely any global barriers 9. But: most companies still use the social web like a telephone
  29. 29. Unlike the telephone Everything is seamlessly linked. Everything is close together. Foto: Promo
  30. 30. You can use everything, everywhere. The place of use is irrelevant. Foto: Promo
  31. 31. Outside on the runway: data + data = social seating +
  32. 32. The seamless combination of A and B: storywheel +
  33. 33. As for content, everything with everyone: Farfromhomepage… + + + + + +
  34. 34. Content: everything with everyone…or Storify + + + + + +
  35. 35. Everything is at a glance with these platforms: about.me
  36. 36. airbros / photocase.com Getting started in the social web is as easy as the telephone! The real challenge, however, is taking advantage of all its potential
  37. 37. Bjoern Eichstaedt has years of telephoneexperience and is, among others, ChiefTelephone Officer at PR agencyStorymaker in Germany. As an advisor, he s a sought-after expertin the telephone scene . He collected his first telephoneexperiences at the ripe age of 3 and can,without exaggeration, be described as a Foto: Promo Dialing Native. At age 10 he ventured into the field ofinternational telephony. Björn can be reached in the telephonenetwork at: +49 7071 93872-0.