Oregon physical features
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Oregon physical features

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Some of the physical features of Oregon

Some of the physical features of Oregon

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  • 1. Timberline Lodge is a ski resort on Mount Hood, Oregon that was build in 1937 by the US government in order to provide jobs.
  • 2. The Painted Hills in the eastern Oregon near the town ofJohn Day are made of sedimentary rock colored by manydifferent minerals.
  • 3. Painted Hills is in a semi-arid climate that createsbare hills subject to wind erosion in this chapparal biome.
  • 4. This blue colored canyon of sedimentary rock contains many Ice Age fossils like the sabre tooth tiger and is named Blue Basin.
  • 5. This beautiful blue lake, Crater Lake, wasformed in the remnants of the explosion ofMount Mazama, and ancient volcano.
  • 6. The Wallawa Mountains in northeastern Oregon are granite, uplift mountains containing many beautiful lakes.
  • 7. Timberline Lodge is located on the slopes ofthe volcano named Mt Hood or W’east as themountain is known to native Americans.
  • 8. The wind in southern Oregon has eroded the hills into interesting shapes that gave these hills the name of The Pillars of Rome.
  • 9. From a distance The Pillars of Rome look like the ruins of an ancient city.
  • 10. Smith Rocks in central Oregon are oneof the most popular climbing areas in the USA
  • 11. On the western side of Oregon is the Pacific Ocean where you can have fun on all the beaches and enjoy wonderful sunsets.
  • 12. Fort Rock in south central Oregon is theremnant of a volcano that exploded in the middle of a lake.
  • 13. The Three Sisters are part of a series of volcanoes that for the Cascade Mountains dividing Oregon from the north to the south into a variety of biomes.
  • 14. The Oregon Cave is a small limestone cave insouthwest Oregon that is filled with fantastically shaped formations.
  • 15. Hot and cold are represented by the glaciers clinging to thesides of the Cascade volcanos and the ancient lava flow onthe lower left of the mountains.
  • 16. Kieger Gorge is a huge half-pipe shaped valley carved out of a plateau by glaciers during the Ice Age.
  • 17. Steen’s Mountain is the results of plate tectonicswhich lifted up this plateau in southeastern Oregon tocreate this escarpment. On this side of the mountainis the Alvord Desert, but on the other is a chaparralbiome
  • 18. The Columbia River is the largest river in thewestern USA and this gorge was carved out by the Missula Floods 75,000 years ago.