Food Ladder


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Copy of a Basic Food Ladder System I supply people for guidelines. Then I progress to hormone optimization via nutrient timing, combination and dominant metabolic hormone type.

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Food Ladder

  1. 1. EAT TO CARVE YOUR PHYSIQUE Climb Dr. Perrys LADDER Dr. Perrys Ladder is a guideline, but it is up to you to decide. If you only ate from Tiers 1 & 2, you would have a near perfect diet!TIER 1: THE ABSOLUTE BEST FOODS!Artichokes Cereal, whole grain Mangoes PrunesBeans Citrus, fruits & juices Milk, nonfat Rice, brownBeets Cranberry Juice Mushrooms SalsaBlueberries Egg Whites shitake & mitake SpinachBran Fish, cold water Nectarines Sweet PotatoesBroccoli (salmon, mackerel) Oatmeal Tea(green or black)Brussel Sprouts Garlic, fresh Olive Oil Tofu, lightCabbage Grape Juice Onions Tomato, saucesCantaloupe Kale Papayas and productsCarrots Kiwifruit Peas Vegetable juiceCauliflower Peppers WaterTIER 2: EXCELLENT FOOD. YOU NEED IT!Almonds Coffee, black Oysters StrawberriesApples Corn Pancakes, buckwheat String BeansAsparagus Low Fat Cottage Cheese Pasta with marinara Sunflower SeedsBananas Cucumbers sauce, fish or TomatoesBread(rye,marble Eggplant vegetables Turkey Breastpumpernickel Fish, freshwater Peaches Tuna FishBroccoli Sprouts Graham crackers Pears cannedCelery Lettuce, romaine Plums Veggie BurgersCereal Dry (leafy green or red) Raisins WalnutsCherries Lima Beans Raspberrys WatermelonChicken Melon, honeydew Ricotta Cheese Wine, red(skinless) Milk 1% Shellfish Yogurt, low fatMushrooms Soy Milk ZucchiniTIER 3: NEUTRAL BENEFITS & HAZARDSAnimal Crackers Chicken Taco, baked Margarine, fat free Potatoes, whiteApplesauce Chocolate Mushrooms PretzelsAvocados Eggs, whole Portobello Refried BeansBagels English Muffins Nuts (walnuts, pine) low fatBaked Beans French fries, baked Olives Rice CakesBeef, eye round Fruit, dried Pancakes Rice, whiteBeef, London Broil Fruit Juice (orange) Pasta, plain SauerkrautBeef, top rounded Granola, low fat Peanut Oil Soup, canned brothCanola Oil Jam and Marmalade Peanuts Veal CutletChicken (dark meat) Latte, iced mocha Pork Tenderloin Wine, whiteChicken Sandwich w. nonfat milk Popcorn Yogurt(broiled) (no butter)TIER 4: CAREFUL! (EAT IN MODERATION!)Beef, filet mignon Coffee Cake Lunchmeat and Potato or MacaroniBeef, lean ground Crackers Hot Dogs, low fat SaladBeef or Chicken Cream Cheese Macaroni and Cheese Puddingbarbecued (low fat) Mayonnaise, low fat lowfatBeef Sirloin Duck, other game Meat Loaf Reuben SandwichBeef Stroganoff Granola or Mexican Food SherbetBeer Energy Bar (baked not fried) Sloppy Joe; leanButter Grilled Cheese Milk 2% beef or turkeyCaesar Salad, chicken Sandwich Muffins Soup, cannedCanadian Bacon Ham Peanut Butter Soy SauceCheese Hawaiian Pizza Pepper, stuffed SpaghettiChefs Salad Honey Pizza, meatless with meatballsChili Lettuce, iceberg Popcorn, Sub SandwichChinese Food, with Juice, sweetened (with salt and butter) Taco Salad, chickenlots of vegetables Lamb Chops Pork Chop Tuna or Chicken SaladChips, low fat Lasagna, meat (fat removed) Vegetable OilTIER 5: MAY TASTE GREAT…BUT YOU WILL PAY LATER! 5Bacon Chicken or Fish Hamburger, fast food Potato skins, friedBeef, ground regular Sandwich,(fried) Hotdogs Pot PieBeef Taco, fried Chips, potato or corn Ice Cream Refried BeansBreakfast sandwiches Cinnamon Buns Latte, with whole milk Creamy Salad(fast food) Clams (Fried) Lobster Newburg DressingCakes Cookies Mayonnaise SausageCandy Crab Milk, whole Shrimp, friedCereal, sugared Cream Cheeses Nacho Chips Sugared Soft DrinksCharred or Blackened Creamed Veggies with cheese Spareribsfood Creamer Onion Rings Tater TotsChicken a la King Doughnuts Pastries Toaster PastriesChicken, buffalo French Fries PiesWings or nuggets Gravy Potatoes, fried