Stop Stellar Recovery, Inc! Call 877-737-8617 for Legal Help.


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Don't pay anything to Stellar Recovery, Inc. without calling a lawyer first. For more information about Stellar Recovery, Inc., you may call Attorney Vicki Piontek, 877-737-8617. Consultation is always free.

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  • This is stupid. Flat out. People go on and on about how the consumer is hurt and they need legal help. You want to know something heres reality you put yourself in debit because you couldnt manage your life. Then you call these collectors and complain about what they didnt even do to you and call them everything in the book but your suing them because your poor feelings were hurt? why cant collectors do the same? why is it that they get to get treated unfair but its okay its not frowned apon... this is ridiculously it doesnt make any since to me.. and the people who think they are getting harassed are sincerely stupid because the message clearly says if you are not this person person 3 or what have you... and then if they would remain on the line it says.. now please hold so i can have a live representative remove the number.. or something such of that nature... you people crack me up.. you make money because a bunch of un-knowledgeable consumers who have had their feelings hurt once believe that you really want to help them... while you guys sit on your butts collecting money your self... think about it.... your collectors your self... the only difference is you dont care about them... or their hardships... you care about you.. i bet this comment gets deleted... because you dont want people to know the real truth .... you guys dont make sense to me... quit being babies and grow up and understand that some laws will change... the tcpa was for telemarketing not collection agencies when you owe a fricken debit that you did yourself you have a moral and legal and ethical obligation to fricken pay it.. so yeah their going to call you.. because you accrued the balance.. how does that not make sense???? thats the dynamics of collections to obtain a balance that you rendered in your some people.. this website doesnt make sense... try being legal help for something that matters.... why dont you listen to 500 calls and see whos worse the collector or the consumer.... collectors on a day to day basis get treated like crap and you wonder why they sometimes dont want to be as chipper and grand customer services for all these wonder consumers they have.. consumers say things such as sexual marks.... cussing.... i pressed three.... collectors are not computers .. how are they to comput you pressing the number three... you have got to be kidding me..... all im saying is this website is ridiculous it says stop stellar but look at the millions of other collection agencies.. its not like its a couple you want to shut down you just want to sue them all what happens when you shut them down.. and your left with a couple what will you do then? who will you sue then... if you ask me your all a bunch of babies need to get jobs... and pay your bills and quit reading all this crap.... accept responsibility for your own actions.. heres a hint for you... this website is childish,.... get a real job..
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Stop Stellar Recovery, Inc! Call 877-737-8617 for Legal Help.

  1. 1. Stellar Recovery, Inc.does not want you to see this message.
  2. 2. Stellar Recovery, Inc. Is an aggressive money oriented bill collector. Is regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which gives you rights that your lawyer can explain.
  3. 3. If you have been contacted by Stellar Recovery, Inc. , you should contact an attorney immediately
  4. 4. Do Not Pay Anything to Stellar Recovery, Inc. Unless: All payment terms are in writing. You review the writing with a lawyer first.
  5. 5. Federal and state laws mayprotect you from having to pay anything to Stellar Recovery, Inc.
  6. 6. Do not discard and phonemessages, letters or envelopes fromStellar Recovery, Inc. Saveeverything, and bring it to yourlawyer.
  7. 7. Before you make anypayment, GET THE FACTS!
  8. 8. For more information about Stellar Recovery, Inc., you maycontact Attorney Vicki Piontek. The consultation is free, and of course, there is no obligation. Toll Free: 877-737-8617
  9. 9. Piontek Law Office is a debt reliefagency. Services include but are notlimited to civil rights, lawsuits againstbill collectors, bankruptcy, credit repairand credit counseling.
  10. 10. Call 877-737-8617 (toll free)for legal help against Stellar Recovery, Inc.
  11. 11. PIONTEK LAW OFFICE Vicki Piontek, Esquire Consumer Attorney 951 Allentown Road Lansdale, PA 19446 877-737-8617 (Toll Free) Fax: 866-408-6735