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What is Human Trafficking


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What is Human Trafficking

  1. 1. Human TraffickingOverviewWhy Trafficking ExistsThe TraffickersThe VictimsThe FacilitatorsMyths & MisconceptionsAnti-Trafficking EffortsSex Trafficking in the U.S.Labor Trafficking in the U.S.Recognizing the SignsInternational TraffickingTrafficking FAQsState-by-State ResourcesCalendar of EventsThe NHTRC Human Trafficking Report a Tip Access Training Resources Map Get Involved ContactLabor traffickingoccurs indiverse contexts that encompass allforms of labor or services. Commonplaces where forcedlaborhas beenfoundinthe UnitedStates include domestic servitudeandsmall-scale "momandpop" labor operations, to more large-scale operations suchas farms andfactories. Certainlaborbrokers that supply labor to multinational corporations havealso beenidentifiedas anemergingtype of labor traffickers.Sex traffickingincludes commercial sexual exploitationofchildren(CSEC), as well as every instance where anadult is inthe sex trade as the result of force, fraud, or coercion. Sextraffickingoccurs withinnumerous venues inthe broader sexindustry, commonly foundinstreet prostitution, online escortservices, residential brothels, andbrothels disguisedas massagebusinesses. Under U.S. andinternational law, commerciallysexually exploitedchildrenfoundinthe sex trade areconsideredto be victims of trafficking, evenif no force orcoercionis present.Victims of humantraffickinginthe UnitedStates include U.S.citizens or foreignnationals, adults or minors, andmenorwomen. Foreign-bornvictims inthe U.S. may be eitherdocumentedor undocumented.Because humantraffickingis consideredto be one of the fastestgrowingcriminal industries, the U.S. government andacademicForms of forced labor have been found innumerous places in the United States,including cases of people forced to work inrestaurants.It is estimated that there are 100,000 children inthe sex trade in the United States each year.Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery where people profit from thecontrol and exploitation of others. Asdefined under U.S. federal law, victimsof human trafficking include childreninvolved in the sex trade, adults age 18or over who are coerced or deceived intocommercial sex acts, and anyone forcedinto different forms of "labor orservices," such as domestic workersheld in a home, or farm-workers forced to labor against their will. The factorsthat each of these situations have in common are elements of force, fraud, orcoercion that are used to control people. Then, that control is tied to inducingsomeone into commercial sex acts, or labor or services. Numerous people in thefield have summed up the concept of human trafficking as "compelled service."Every year, human traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits by victimizingmillions of people around the world, and here in the United States. Humantrafficking is considered to be one of the fastest growing criminal industries inthe world. Click here to access human trafficking resource packs.Human Trafficking E-mail PrintIndividuals are forcedto prostitute onthestreets andinhotels inorderto meet nightlyquotas andturnmoney overto theirtraffickers.ShareSIGN UP BLOG SEARCH LOGINABOUT USABOUT US WHAT WE DOWHAT WE DO HUMAN TRAFFICKING TAKE ACTIONTAKE ACTION RESOURCESRESOURCES MEDIAMEDIA GIVEGIVEconverted by
  2. 2. Top ResourcesHumanTraffickingNational HumanTraffickingResourceCenterSex TraffickingintheU.S.RecognizingtheSignsTheVictimsMost Visited: GiveGiveDonateNowGiveFAQsImpact of Your GiftVision2020National LeadershipCouncil |Membersresearchers are currently workingonanup-to-date estimate ofthe total number of traffickedpersons inthe UnitedStatesannually. With100,000 childrenestimatedto be inthe sextrade inthe UnitedStates eachyear, it is clear that the totalnumber of humantraffickingvictims inthe U.S. reaches into thehundreds of thousands whenestimates of bothadults andminors andsex traffickingandlabor traffickingare aggregated.Click here for informationabout humantraffickingstatistics inthe U.S andabroad.Click here for informationabout state, federal, andinternationalanti-traffickinglaws.Click here to report atipContactPolaris ProjectP.O. Box 53315Washington, D.C. 20009Tel: 202-745-1001Fax: 202-745-1119Email Polaris ProjectWhat We DoNational Human Trafficking HotlinePolicyAdvocacyClient ServicesTraining and TechnicalAssistancePublic Outreach and CommunicationsFellowship ProgramConnect Search Join Our NetworkPrivacy Policy | Copyright 2013 Polaris Project.Sitemap Loginsearch the site enter your emailconverted by