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Trafficking faqs
Trafficking faqs
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Trafficking faqs


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  • 1. Human TraffickingOverviewSex Trafficking in the U.S.Labor Trafficking in the U.S.Recognizing the SignsInternational TraffickingTrafficking FAQsHotline FlyerState-by-State ResourcesCalendar of EventsThe NHTRC Human Trafficking Report a Tip Access Training Resources Map Get Involved ContactIf yousee any of these redflags, contact the National HumanTraffickingResource Center hotline at 1-888-3737-888toreport the situation. Click here to learnmore about reportingpotential humantraffickingsituations. This list is not exhaustiveandrepresents only aselectionof possible indicators. Also, theredflags inthis list may not be present inall traffickingcasesandare not cumulative.Common Work and Living Conditions: The Individual(s)in QuestionIs not free to leave or come andgo as he/she wishesIs under 18andis providingcommercial sex actsIs inthe commercial sex industry andhas apimp/ managerIs unpaid, paidvery little, or paidonly throughtipsWorks excessively longand/or unusual hoursIs not allowedbreaks or suffers under unusual restrictionsat workOwes alarge debt andis unable to pay it offWas recruitedthroughfalse promises concerningthenature andconditions of his/her workHighsecurity measures exist inthe work and/or livinglocations (e.g. opaque windows, boardedupwindows, barsonwindows, barbedwire, security cameras, etc.)Poor Mental Health or Abnormal BehaviorIs fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive, tense, ornervous/paranoidExhibits unusually fearful or anxious behavior afterbringinguplawenforcementAvoids eye contactPoor Physical HealthLacks healthcareWe encourage community members to "lookbeneath the surface" in all situations theyencounter and to be vigilant for potentialinstances of human trafficking.Knowing the red flags and indicators of humantrafficking is a key step in identifying morevictims.Are you or someone you know beingtrafficked? Is human traffickinghappening in your community? Is thesituation you may have encounteredactually human trafficking?The following is a list of potential redflags and indicators of humantrafficking to help you recognize thesigns.Recognizing the Signs E-mail PrintIndividuals may be forcedto workinhighlyexploitative conditions with little to no pay.ShareSIGN UP BLOG SEARCH LOGINABOUT USABOUT US WHAT WE DOWHAT WE DO HUMAN TRAFFICKING TAKE ACTIONTAKE ACTION RESOURCESRESOURCES MEDIAMEDIA GIVEGIVEconverted by
  • 2. Top ResourcesHumanTraffickingNational HumanTraffickingResourceCenterSex TraffickingintheU.S.RecognizingtheSignsTheVictimsMost Visited: GiveGiveDonateNowGiveFAQsImpact of Your GiftVision2020National LeadershipCouncil |MembersAppears malnourishedShows signs of physical and/or sexual abuse, physicalrestraint, confinement, or tortureLack of ControlHas fewor no personal possessionsIs not incontrol of his/her ownmoney, no financialrecords, or bank accountIs not incontrol of his/her ownidentificationdocuments(IDor passport)Is not allowedor able to speak for themselves (athirdpartymay insist onbeingpresent and/or translating)OtherClaims of just visitingandinability to clarify where he/sheis staying/addressLack of knowledge of whereabouts and/or do not knowwhat city he/she is inLoss of sense of timeHas numerous inconsistencies inhis/her storyTo request assessment tools andfor more informationaboutreportingtraffickingclick here. For resource packs onhumantraffickingandhowto recognize the signs click here.ContactPolaris ProjectP.O. Box 53315Washington, D.C. 20009Tel: 202-745-1001Fax: 202-745-1119Email Polaris ProjectWhat We DoNational Human Trafficking HotlinePolicyAdvocacyClient ServicesTraining and TechnicalAssistancePublic Outreach and CommunicationsFellowship ProgramConnect Search Join Our NetworkPrivacy Policy | Copyright 2013 Polaris Project.Sitemap Loginsearch the site enter your emailconverted by