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4/11 internet based

  1. 1. Human TraffickingOverviewSex Trafficking in the U.S.Fake Massage BusinessesInternet BasedResidential BrothelsStreet ProstitutionHostess & Strip ClubsEscort ServicesTruck StopsLabor Trafficking in the U.S.Recognizing the SignsInternational TraffickingTrafficking FAQsState-by-State ResourcesCalendar of EventsThe NHTRC Human Trafficking Report a Tip Access Training Resources Map Get Involved ContactThe internet has been identified as the numberone platform that pimps, traffickers, and johnsuse for buying and selling women andchildren for sex in the United States.Pimps use online classified ads to sell womenand girls who they have forced orcoerced into the sex industry."I was first forced into prostitution when I was 11 years old by a 28-year-oldman. I am not an exception. The man who trafficked me sold so many girls myage, his house was called "Daddy Day Care." All day, other girls and I sat withour laptops, posting pictures and answering ads on Craigslist. He made $1,500a night selling my body, dragging me to Los Angeles, Houston, Little Rock --and one trip to Las Vegas in the trunk of a car. I am 17 now, and my childhoodmemories arent of my family, going to middle school, or dancing at the prom.They are of making my own arrangements on Craigslist to be sold for sex, andanswering as many ads as possible for fear of beatings and ice water baths.”– An Open Letter from MC to Craigslist.The internet has beenidentifiedas the number one platformthatpimps, traffickers andjohns currently use for buyingandsellingwomenandchildrenfor sex inthe UnitedStates. Victims traffickedthroughpimp-controlledsex trafficking, escort services, in-call andout-call services, chat rooms, pornography, andbrothels disguisedasmassage businesses are commonly marketedonwebsites suchasBackpage.com, Eros.com, andothers. Individuals advertisedonlinefor commercial sex are oftenmade to appear that they are workingindependently, wheninfact they are victims of sex traffickingmoreoftenthanis recognizedor understood.Ateacherbecame concernedafterone of her14-year-oldstudentsfailedto show upto classes forseveral weeks. The teacherspokewith several of the students high school friends who indicatedthat the student hadanolderboyfriendwho sometimes pickedherupfromschool. The friends also directedthe teacherto multiple postingsadvertisingthe student forcommercial sex onBackpage.com, Craigslist.org, andalocal datingwebsite. The teachernoticedthat several ads featuringdifferent younggirls listedthe same phonenumber, andshe suspectedthat this numberbelongedto apimp. The teacherreportedtheinformationto the National HumanTraffickingResource Center(NHTRC)hotline afterspeakingwith the students father, who indicatedthat the student hadrecently runaway andwasbelievedto be stayingwith herboyfriend. The NHTRCconnectedthe fatherandthe teacherwith aspecializedtaskforce who beganinvestigationinto the case.*Basedoncalls receivedby the National HumanTraffickingResource Center. Identifyingdetailshave beenchangedto protect confidentiality.When does it become trafficking?Sex traffickingoccurs whenthe pimpor trafficker uses force, fraud,and/or coercionto maintaincontrol over anadult andcause himorher to engage incommercial sex acts. Whenthe individual providingcommercial sex is under the age of 18, force, fraud, andcoerciondonot needto be present for the situationto be consideredtrafficking.Commonmeans of control for this type of sex traffickinginclude:Force–Physical or sexual abuse, ofteninthe formof repeatedrapes by one or more people to create submission;confinement to aInternet Based E-mail PrintShareSIGN UP BLOG SEARCH LOGINABOUT USABOUT US WHAT WE DOWHAT WE DO HUMAN TRAFFICKING TAKE ACTIONTAKE ACTION RESOURCESRESOURCES MEDIAMEDIA GIVEGIVEconverted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. Top ResourcesHumanTraffickingNational HumanTraffickingResourceCenterSex TraffickingintheU.S.RecognizingtheSignsTheVictimsClient Quotesresidence;restrictions onmovement, andcommunicationto family andfriends.Fraud–False promises of abetter life throughthe trafficker presentingas aboyfriendor caretakerfigure;convincingthe victimthat lawenforcement/service providers will only see the victimas a"prostitute" andwill arrest andnot assist the victim.Coercion –Threats of harmto the victimor victim’s family;threats to shame the victimby revealingthe commercial sex to his or her family andothers inthe community;verbal, psychological andemotional abuse;nightly quotas;confiscationof birthcertificates andother identificationdocuments;forceddependency onthe pimpor controller;exploitationof victims’ shame or lowself-esteem;rumors of or witnessedviolence at hands of traffickers;cycle of rewards andpunishments;threats ofdeportationif victimis aforeignnational.*The above list is not comprehensive orcumulative. One element of force, fraudorcoercionmay bepresent, ormany.Unique Characteristics of Trafficking via the InternetCode Language–Traffickers oftendisguise the age of minor victims of sex traffickinginadvertisements. A 15 year oldmight be listedas 19 or 20 or simply as “young,” to avoiddetectionfrompolice. Insome cases, traffickers findways to indicate that commercial sex canoccur withoutexplicitly statingit. Inother cases, traffickers may use the photo of anadult inthe online ad, andthensendthe minor to the buyer who calledabout the ad.Anyone Can Post –Ads whichappear to be postedby anindividual who is independently inthe sextrade are oftencreatedby, or under the directionof, traffickers. Traffickers oftendisguise themselvesas the personinthe adwhencommunicatingwithjohns viathe internet, text, or phone calls.High Volume–While some websites try to screenads for trafficking, this is made difficult by thesheer volume of ads as well as the difficulty of knowingif the personadvertisingis independently inthesex trade or under apimpor trafficker.Statistics SnapshotWhenthe U.S. Craigslist Adult Services Sectionwas available, there were 10-16,000 adultservices postings/day inthe U.S. alone. This was estimatedat 40 percent of the total online sexads inthe U.S. eachday at the time.Lawenforcement across the U.S. have identifiedonline sex ads as the number one platformfor thebuyingandsellingof sex withchildrenandyoungwomen.AnFBI investigationfoundthat more than2,800 ads of prostitutedchildrenwere postedonCraigslist in2008alone.For more resources onsex trafficking, click hereContactPolaris ProjectP.O. Box 53315Washington, D.C. 20009Tel: 202-745-1001Fax: 202-745-1119Email Polaris ProjectWhat We DoNational Human Trafficking HotlinePolicyAdvocacyClient ServicesTraining and TechnicalAssistancePublic Outreach and CommunicationsFellowship ProgramConnect Search Join Our Networksearch the site enter your emailMore Client Stories"Many things have changed forme since coming to PolarisProject. I now believe it’s nevertoo late to begin again."converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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