Mother's Wedding Speech


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Wedding almost always is a happy occasion and a time to celebrate the joys of life. Friends and
family of the married couple gather together and celebrate with the newly-weds a start of their new

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Mother's Wedding Speech

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello are some great wedding speeches idea(s) SPEECHES==== ====The Expected Content of the Wedding SpeechesThe question often arises for those giving a wedding speech, "What do I have to include?" Here isa guide for each speech presenter to inform you of the expected content for your wedding speech.The Father of the Bride SpeechThe Father of the Bride is first to present the formal Wedding Speech. (If father of the bride is notpresent then or close friend or relative of the bride, such as an uncle, will take this role to present aFather of the Bride Speech)What the Father of the Bride will present in his Wedding Speech will depend on the individualsituation, but things he should include would be the following:Welcoming Wedding guestsThank those who have travelled long distance to attend the Wedding.Welcoming family elders (grandparents or great Aunts and Uncles)Thank you to Mother of the Bride and others involved in planning and organizing Weddingcelebration.Speak about the Bride and share a personal story about the Bride.Welcome expressed to the Groom, or the new son-in-law.Welcome to the Grooms parents to the family.Some funny or poignant advice to the newly weds about how to have a long and happy marriage.Well wishes to the newly wed couple.Proposing a toast to the happy couple at the end of his speech.The Mother of the Bride SpeechThe Mother of the Bride is often encouraged to add a Wedding Speech here. This is still optionalbut many Mothers of the Bride now choose this to share their thoughts about the Wedding day,their daughter and the Wedding Party.The Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech should include:Thanks to the Father of the Bride for his speech.Express points of agreement with the father of the bride.Mention the Wedding Party and thank them for their helping make the day special.
  2. 2. Include a funny story or interest story about the Bride and Groom.Welcome the Groom to the family.Welcome to the Grooms family.Share ideas or make a funny reference about the secrets of happy marriage.Toast to the bride and groom.The Grooms SpeechThe Groom traditionally speaks next. The Grooms Wedding Speech include the following:Thanks to the Wedding Guests for attending the Wedding.Thanks to the brides parents for giving him their daughters hand in marriage.Make a point of complimenting the beautiful bride.Thanks to his own parents, the Grooms parents.Thanking the Best Man and Groomsmen for their assistance with the wedding arrangements.Proposing a toast to the bridesmaids. During this toast the Groom should thank the Bridesmaidsand Maid of Honor for their help and support to the bride and thank them for their help in themonths and weeks leading up to the Wedding Day.The Brides SpeechThe next to speak is the Bride. It is still optional for the Bride to give a Wedding Speech, howeverif she chooses to, the Brides Wedding Speech would come after the Groom. The Brides WeddingSpeech should include the following points:Thanking the Groom for his appreciation and/or complimentsMake positive comment about the GroomThank those who assisted in organizing the wedding celebration.Thank Father and Mother of the Bride for their support.Thank the Grooms parents.Thank the Best Man and Groomsmen for assisting the Groom.Thanking the Maid of Honor.Thank the Bridesmaids and other Wedding Party attendants (Flower Girls or Page Boy)Thanks to the guests for their attendance, kind wishes and gifts.Toast the parents on both sides (ask them to be upstanding).The Best Man SpeechThe Best Man is next to present his speech. The Best Mans Wedding Speech is and official duty.His Speech was traditionally to reply on behalf of the bridesmaids. The Best Man responds to theGroom and Bride for the kind words shared in their speeches. Best Man Wedding Speech wouldinclude the following:May begin like this "On behalf of the Bridesmaids...."Thanks to the Groom and Bride for their kind words.
  3. 3. Agreement with the Bride and Groom that the Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids look amazing andmore importantly have helped the Bride to make it a special day.Thanks the Groom for the honor of inviting him to be Best Man.May also include - An informal story about the bride and groom or a "G" rated story about thebachelor party.Toast to the bride and groom.Maid of Honor SpeechThe Maid of Honor is last to speak. The Maid of Honor Wedding Speech is to respond to the BestMans speech and add in some personal insights about the Bride. Maid of Honor or HeadBridesmaid Speech would include the following:Thanks the Best Man for his wedding speech.Thanks the Bride for the opportunity to be Maid of Honor.Share a personal story about her relationship with the Bride or funny story about the weddingpreparations.Toast to the Bride and Groom.More Speeches are invited now.This concludes the formal Wedding Speeches. If the Grooms parents or family wish to make aspeech they would do so before other invited guests. Wedding guests may now wish to make atoast or share their thoughts and are encouraged to do so at this point of the wedding reception.The Author, Bev Langford knows how it feels to present a wedding speech gone wrong, verywrong. To find out more about Wedding Speeches and get free wedding tips and examplewedding speeches visit: http://www.weddingspeechesstore.comArticle Source: ====Hello are some great wedding speeches idea(s)
  4. 4. SPEECHES==== ====