Better Self Esteem starts with Parenting


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Ideas on how to become a better parent today.

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Better Self Esteem starts with Parenting

  1. 1. ==== ====Here are some great parenting ideas ====Self esteem is a key ingredient in maximizing childrens potential in academic achievement, socialsuccess, and personal happiness. This statement alone, was the inspiration behind the motivationfor Childrens Story Book The Magic Sunglasses written by Auriel Blanche.(also known asAngela Buck)We all want to protect our children, keep them from harms way and safeguard them from danger.Fundamentally it is the childs own inner beliefs and self esteem that is the only thing that can actlike armor and create a shield to protect them from the challenges the world has to throw at them.For a child to reach their full potential: self esteem is the primary and most crucial tool. This is thedevise that Angela Buck has focused on throughout her child literacy program. She prides herselfon actively infusing inspiration to children across the world. By sparking imaginations through herliterature, Angela gives the children the freedom to learn and the ability to overcome the negativeslife may throw at them. Angela encourages the use of attributes a child has within to enable themto live with independence and self worth.Angela Buck successfully taps into many childrens spirits on a global scale, making themvisualize desirable outcomes and make positive connections with their inner purpose. She doesthis through her skill of creative and innovative writing which engages children of all ages. Alongwith her interactive workshops and programs, The Magic Sunglasses, her acclaimed childrens funfantasy book is a must read for all children in todays society. Especially for those who aresaddened with a low self esteem. Samantha is a character a child with a lack of confidence canrelate to. She too hasnt fully discovered that she has a special value all her own. Throughout thestory she finds a power that the reader will be inspired to find in themselves. The books motivationis to show we all have that special value, which we can use to help us live the lives we really wantand to be happy. The magic sunglasses in their physical form mysteriously find their way toSamantha. They have wonderful powers which support her and show her what you can do if youreally try! The important notion behind the story is that these possibilities are still achievable whenshe no longer has them. The results this book entails is seen in the readers improvement ofpersonal motivation, their positivity for their own capabilities, their respect for their own specialvalues and the optimisms for their own self worth.Children with low self-esteem may not want to try new things, and may frequently speak negativelyabout themselves; they may be over critical, lack confidence and miss out on the fun and learningthat other children benefit from. It is known that the use of a childs imagination helps children todevelop their unique personality, beliefs, and strengths. Children work through their problems andexplore their feelings while reading this book. Through their new limitless view they are now ableto set meaningful and purposeful goals or intentions. Samantha hasnt any limitations to herdreams; she tries new things and can reach goals without an aid. This can then be relayed in thelife of the reader.
  2. 2. Patterns of self-esteem start very early in life. This is why Angela Bucks book is aimed at 7-12year olds, this age is crucial for developments; emotionally, physically and intellectually. Learningnew skills and gaining belief in their potentials are great ways to improve self esteem in children.This is exactly what the themes throughout The Magic Sunglasses inspires to do. They teach thereader to praise themselves and use their imaginations to motivate all welcomed possibilities.Angela Buck understands that Children with low self esteem need a positive role model. For thisreason she created the amazing Samantha. She is always polite and friendly. She is playful andimaginative. She enjoys making her dreams come true and strives to reach her potential. She is ahappy child, enthusiastic and charismatic. She is respectful of others and through self discoverylearns how to cope with the challenges she faces with optimism and self worth. All of which areattributes that a role model should inspire.To overcome self esteem issues and lack of confidence we need to Identify and redirect the childsinaccurate beliefs. Self-esteem is all about the way you judge yourself. Angela strives to promotethe ethos of creating a worldwide community of children who have learnt how to value themselvesand to use their potential, to live personally successful lives and contribute to the success ofothers. These aspects are explored through the characters in the book as well as through herinteractive workshops, and her new ventures and material. Inaccurate beliefs are created by otherinflicting methods surrounding children, i.e. other adults, other children, television, magazines ormany other reflective methods. The Magic Sunglasses compromises these inaccurate beliefs andoffers a more positive and preferable aspect to life. Samantha the main character doesntembellish in perfection, attractiveness or being the best at everything but instead appreciates herown abilities, enjoys her own imagination and strives to promote her own specialties. Along withpromoting childrens individual self-discovery and self-esteem Angela has the aim of teaching theimportance of discovering others self worths and becoming respectfully aware of others. To notonly understand their own specialties but to seek and understanding the positives and strengths ineveryone. Angela hopes a generation of individuals who grow up with a natural respect for othersregardless of race, religion or cultural will one day exist. The practice of imagining themselves inSamanthas situation is very important for developing compassion, empathy and understandingothers fully, by discouraging flawed beliefs and offering inspiration for positive healthy ways ofthinking, the childs self-esteem and confidence will inevitably improve. This will benefit theacademic, social and personal development needed at this age.It is known that a child needs affection and love. Without this it is inevitable that a low self esteemwill occur. For this reason The Magic Sunglasses would be a great read to improve the esteem. Itis a warming and touching storyline that will be extremely heartfelt by the reader, making them feelhappy inside. The transparent messages throughout the book are to teach the children to lovethemselves. This book will surely strengthen the childs heart. Positive feedback is always cravedby children and important in their learning, for this reason the book encourages own thought andpersonal creativity. It also encourages using imaginations for possibilities and the motivation forachieving those opportunities. The Magic Sunglasses provides imaginary situations which allowthem to practice creative solutions and transcend challenges. Both of which are tools that will setthem for life.A happy living environment is essential in areas of personal confidence and personal valuation. Ifa child has been constantly criticized, bullied or ignored during early childhood they will have much
  3. 3. less child self-esteem than children who are praised, encouraged, listened to and valued. Often itis the case that a child hasnt had or cannot respond to the praise or encouragement from a parentor teacher alone. This means that it is important that every child has the confidence withinthemselves to appreciate their own self worth and specialties. All of which are creativelydemonstrated with fantastic illustrations in Angela Bucks book. Another aspect to think of is that ifa child is experiencing a troubled time they may need an embracive distraction. By reading TheMagic Sunglasses an escapism is created for them. An inspirational and imaginative place ofpositivity and hedonism. A place of fun, friendship and endless possibility. Worry, fear, panic andanxiety are all counteracted with positive images by reading the magic sunglasses, all fantasticallycreated by the amazing author Angela Buck.Children with unhealthy self-esteem tend to fear interacting with others. Theyre uncomfortable insocial settings and hate group activities as well as independent pursuits. When challenges arise,they feel negative toward finding solutions and belittle themselves. Children with low self esteemare afraid to say "I dont understand this." And therefore do not learn and develop as the othersdo. They dont know their strengths and focus on their weaknesses. The Magic Sunglasses give asense of optimism throughout the story line. An interactive workshop is available just by contactingthe author. This is where children can benefit from the participational activities and make friendsthrough the interaction. They are encouraged to have fun, be creative and play imaginatively inorder to explore the themes. In small groups the children can concentrate on the issues andcommunicate openly in discussions. This will enable the individuals within the groups to challengeand understand their own and others fear and problems. They will learn to inspire themselves andothers to explore passions and dreams. All children in the previous workshops, enjoyed, learnt andbenefitted from them. Many parents noticed differences in their children. Many children improvedtheir self-esteem. Teachers were impressed and as a result were inspired to re-book again andagain.When these stories actually transform a childs life, bringing joy and happiness to it, you know thestory is a winner. This touching, inspirational and heart-warming plot has repeatedly beentransformed into optimistic true life stories for many children who have read it. From some ofwhich, Angela has been inundated with positive testimonials, rewarding reviews and written lettersof compliments."I was told by a friend of mine to get the magic sunglasses for my daughter who is 7, she loved itand I did too. I try to make her realize how special she is and this book was great in explainingthis, the pictures were great and Katie loved to read it. In fact shes read it again and again, I willdefinitely recommend this to children with lack of confidence and parents who think their childrenmay need help in self esteem. " Barbara Deaglee"I used to hear my 8-year-old daughter putting herself down, saying things like "Im so ugly" or "Icant do anything right." I tried to assure her that none of these things were true, but nothing I saidseemed to make any difference. I gave her The Magic Sunglasses and she loved it. Shes read it afew times now. She is now so much happier, she comes home from school and tells us what shesbeen good at and she has even joined a dance club. Id recommend this book to every mum whois worried about their child being down." Julie Jacobs - Melton Mowbray"Dear Angela, Thank you very much for your workshop at my childs school last month. She camehome excitable telling me about her day, playing games and learning about the magic sunglasses.
  4. 4. I thought nothing more of it until I went to a parent teacher meeting. I was told my daughter who is7 had come out of herself. I know she was a little shy, would be afraid to talk out in class andwould shy from asking the teacher for help sometimes, but I was told that she is now much chattierand participates in the classroom discussions more. Im amazed she has even auditioned for theschool play. This I have been told has resulted in her grades improving. I have also seen a happierchild, she is a lot chattier, has had many new friends round for tea and is very keen on keeping upto date with the website..." David Harper - OldhamAs you can see from these views, Angela Buck is a very inspirational lady, not only to children butto adults and parents over the globe. She shines beacons of light, inspires lasting change andempowers emotionally happy children to reach endless possibilities!!! How refreshing anddelightful to benefit from The Magic Sunglasses and see it empower our childrens minds and freetheir spirits to become flourishing children and ultimately successful adults! To get involved in herquest or to introduce your child to Samantha, Angela or The Magic Sunglasses purely click on thelink - me on Source: ====Here are some great parenting ideas ====