Stimmtag Company Presentation

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Stimmtag Company Presentation



This presentations shows what we do, why we do it and who we are.

This presentations shows what we do, why we do it and who we are.



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Stimmtag Company Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Stimmt AG | Company and project examplesStimmt AG, February 2011Helmut Kazmaier | helmut.kazmaier@stimmt.chStimmt AG | Company and project examples 1
  • 2. ContentStimmt AGWhat we do, why we do it and who we areProject examplesWhat we did for our clientsStimmt AG | Company and project examples 2
  • 3. We believe that unique experiences will be a powerful way forcompanies to stand out in saturated markets ExperienceDifferentiated ServiceCompetitivePosition ProductUndifferentiated Commodity Market Pricing Premium Source: Adapted from Pine, J. and Gilmore, J. (1999). The Experience Economy. Harvard Business School Press.In saturated markets it is very difficult to stand out by products and services alone. Doing soby offering a unique experience is an attractive alternative.Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 3
  • 4. Stimmt optimizes interactions, products and services to support adefined experience Understand stakeholders Configure offering To evoke the desired experiences, silos need to What do they think or expect? How do they go about their be broken down so that the offering can be tasks and how do they follow their goals? Which impact do reassembled along the customer journey. positive or negative experiences have in this process?Design interactions Orchestrate touch pointsDesign for customers, not for the company. The company presents itself in a consistent and desirableThe golden rule: Prototype, prototype, prototype. way and integrates seamlessly in the stakeholders lives.All activities are based on a sound understanding of the stakeholders, their goals and needs.The offering will be adapted, interactions between stakeholders and company designed toevoke a desired, consistent experience along all touch points.Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 4
  • 5. A structured process and sound methodology help us to develop elaborate, high impact concepts Trans- Set-up Understand Focus Create Verify fer focus on customer motive interviews focus groups prototype testing customer journey Site visits prototypes process testing shadowing personasuser & task analysis Our approach ensures that we tackle the right topics and implement them well from a customer as well as company point of view. Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 5
  • 6. Team | We are an interdisciplinary team and work for a broad range of industries and clientsStefan Leuthold Helmut Kazmaier Gudrun Moeller Lorenz Ritzmann Anita StähliPartner Partner Senior Consultant Consultant Specialist for Design &Dr. Phil. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Sc. Nat. M. Sc. Psychology Research Methods Design Manager, B.A.Lukas Karrer Marc Blume Johanna Elster Anke FresePartner Senior Consultant Senior Consultant ConsultantDipl. Ing. ETH Certified Psychologist Certified Media Scientist M.A. International Information Management A selection of our clients: Actelion | Coop | Credit Suisse | Helsana | Kuoni | Mettler Toledo | Migros | NZZ | Raiffeisen | Schweizer Fernsehen | Swiss RE | Swisscom | Zürcher Kantonalbank | Michael Svoboda Patrick Keller Zürich VersicherungGlenn OberholzerPartner Senior Consultant ConsultantDipl. Ing. ETH M. Sc. Business Informatics M. Sc. Psychology Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 6
  • 7. ContentStimmt AGWhat we do, why we do it and who we areProject examplesWhat we did for our clientsStimmt AG | Company and project examples 7
  • 8. Mettler Toledo | Corporate WebsiteEmotion und Conversion Task New concept for the design of the website and the most important workflows through the site. Increase of the conversion rate through focusing on customer needs and a higher emotional value. Approach   Competition screening   Two concepts elaborated based on software-ergonomic principles«We have never been able to   Iteration and refinement of the concept in several workshops with allimplement a web project so stakeholdersswiftly and with such highinternal acceptance like this one.   Visual design of templates (external design-agency)This is mainly due to Stimmtssound methodology.» ResultMichael Ries, Project Manager   New concept for the homepage as well as the product pages for numerous divisions   High acceptance of the concept in the entire organization   Easy to implement screen-designs with a focus on usability, emotionality andProject-Team high conversion-rate.Lukas KarrerGlenn OberholzerPatrick KellerPeriodAugust – November 2009Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 8
  • 9. Raiffeisen | The Future of Online BankingCreate Online Banking from a customer perspective Task One of the largest retail banks in Switzerland wanted an e-banking concept for the year 2013. The goal: develop an e-banking strategy with a concrete roadmap. Approach   Analysis of relevant societal, e-banking and IT trends   In a series of workshops with ca. 15 people, worked with the client to develop “future personas” as well as an e-banking vision«The collaboration with Stimmton this project was both inspiring   A series of “get togethers” were also held during and after the project withand profitable. The concepts we employees from all parts of the banking groupdeveloped allow us to plan thefuture of our e-banking over and Resultabove the operative level.»   Aligned cross-divisional strategic options from the user perspective with theThomas Etter, Head E-Banking firm’s stated strategy for the next 5 years   Produced a brochure outlining the vision and roadmapProject-TeamHelmut KazmaierGlenn OberholzerMichael SvobodaPeriodSeptember 2008 – April 2009Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 9
  • 10. Swisscom | Process designProcess optimization in the telco industry Task Comprehensive concept for the design of processes for a big telecommunications company. Approach   Interviews focusing on emotions with 20 customers   Deduction of experience guidelines for processes   Elaboration of optimal process«Focusing on customer motiveswas well worth it: With the   Implementation and Testing of a prototype (Swisscom)resulting guidelines we are now   Implementation of a pilot (Swisscom)designing processes that allow aconsistently good customer Resultexperience.»   Understanding customer motives within the context of the processesProject Manager   Personas based on the motives   Guidelines for the design of processes   Optimized process with fewer callsProject-TeamGlenn OberholzerJohanna ElsterMarc BlumePeriodOctober 2009 – January 2010Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 10
  • 11. Swisscom | New cross-channel productCustomer Value Evaluated through Comic Strips Task Definition of the most valuable features from a customer‘s perspective in order to prioritize implementation and marketing efforts. Approach   Definition of personas and relevant customer journeys   Iterative elaboration of two customer journeys within the eco-system   Testing of the features through comic-strips through various methods (Swisscom and an external company)   Evaluation and prioritization of the results (through Swisscom) Result   Prioritized features from a customer‘s perspective   New business ideas   Augmented customer eco-system   Comic-strips of the features for two main personasProject-TeamGlenn OberholzerLorenz RitzmannPeriodDecember 2009 – February 2010Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 11
  • 12. Insurance | Better Experience with Customer3 Months Walking in Customers‘ Shoes: 9 Initiatives Task Customer Service of a large Swiss life insurer needs to improve. However: A common understanding about customers and the most effective areas of improvement is missing. The goal is to define initiatives that improve the customer experience while keeping costs under control. Approach   Understand: Qualitative client study with a total of 23 interviews leads to 3«The project has re-opened our distinct user groups.eyes to understand our clients. Wehave worked out concrete   Ideate: In a 1.5d offsite workshop, design thinking methodology is used toimprovements – I would do the create 150 ideas and scenarios. Focusing on 3 main areas.project again in a second.» Project   Prototyping: 20 prototypes are used to test ideas with clients and refine them.manager   Transfer: 9 are on a roadmap and are being implemented. Result   Clear definition of distinct client groups based on behavior and high acceptance within customer service   More than 150 ideas for a focused optimization of customer service for theProject-Team target groups – «enough for the next 5 years»Michael Svoboda   Roadmap for 9 initiatives. 5 of which being implemented by the end of 2010.Glenn OberholzerPeriodApril – July 2010Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 12
  • 13. Good customer experiences don‘t happen by accident.Stimmt.Stimmt AG | Company and project examples 13