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A Short Customer Experience Journey

A Short Customer Experience Journey



To stand out as a company in saturated markets products and price are not enough. They way out: turning into a experience company.

To stand out as a company in saturated markets products and price are not enough. They way out: turning into a experience company.



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    A Short Customer Experience Journey A Short Customer Experience Journey Presentation Transcript

    • A Short Customer Experience Journey Presentation for customer experience pioneers | helmut.kazmaier@stimmt.ch | February 2011
    • TADA! | The success story of Amazon: They beat S&P 500 by8000% +8000 % Amazon S&P 500 +50 %Why is Amazon so successful? Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 2
    • TADA! | The boss says: Focus on customer experience made thissuccess possible «I believe that the success we had over the past 12 years has been driven exclusively by that customer experience.» Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon.comWhy does that work so well? Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 3
    • TADA! | Customers by products but they pay for experiencesSell products Offer experiencesNokia Mobile Apple iPhone35% market share 2.5% market share Profit 09 Profit 09 USD 1.6 bn. USD 1.1 bn.Apple sells a way of life and solves many problems for their customers.That pays back. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 4
    • WHY? | Many industries face a buyer’s market in whichtraditional differentiation doesn’t work very wellAbundant supply Price wars High product qualityProduct or price are not the most important factors for buying decisions anymore. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 5
    • WHY?| Traditional push marketing gets less effective –customers are well informed and connected Social Media Comparison and recommendations «If in the old world you devoted 30% of your attention to building a great service and 70% of your attention to shouting about it, in the new world that inverts.» Jeff Bezos, Founder AmazonThe goal: make customers your loyal ambassadors. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 6
    • WHY? | 8 benefits from competing on experience – 1 reason tostart becoming an experience company: profitability Top Line Bottom Line New segments, new offering Smart cost cutting Because you can configure your offering Because you know where to save without and expand it to new experience segments. hurting your customers. Higher Margins High protection of investment Because people pay more for experiences Because experience strategies are much than for products or services. harder to copy than products. Higher recommendation rate Cheaper Development Because your customers become Because you can develop what customers your advocates. really want and need. Higher customer loyalty Fewer Complaints Because customers feel listened to and feel Because you fix problems before you cared for. go live. More revenue More profit Less costHow to get there? Forget about your company and yourcompetitors for a while and focus on your customers. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 7
    • WHAT? | Good customer experience = being customer-centric «We seek to be Earth’s most customer-centric company...» Corporate Mission, Amazon.comThat means: Making decisions from a customer’s point of view. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 8
    • WHAT? | To become an experience company: Put yourcustomers first Know your stakeholders Configure your offering Analyze what they expect, what they think, how Break down your silos and reassemble to they act, what they feel. And how they would enable the desired experiences. like to feel. Then you know where to go. Design your interactions Orchestrate your touch Design for the user, not for the company. And prototype, prototype, prototype. points Make yourself consistent and integrate seamlessly into your stakeholders’ lives.Design for your customers not for your company. They will thank you. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 9
    • WHO? | Examples from the US: Amazon, BestBuyIs it good for the customer? Best Buy launches store for and by womenThese companies gained market leadership by focusing on customerexperience. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 10
    • WHO? | Examples from the Customer Experience NetworkIt is time for good customer experiences. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 11
    • HOW? | The overall customer experience is defined bymemorable experiences with a companyRemembered experiences influencefuture buying decisions Forgotten experiences have no impactTherefore the important questions are: what creates positive or negativememories, why is that so and how can we influence this process? Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 12
    • HOW? | Approach and methodology Trans- Set-up Understand Focus Create Verify fer focus on customer motive interviews focus groups prototype testing customer journey site visits prototypes process testing shadowing personasuser & task analysisOur approach ensures that we tackle the right topics and implement themwell from a customer as well as a company point of view. Stimmt AG | Customer Experience 13
    • Good customer experience don‘t happen by accident.Stimmt.Stimmt AG | Korneliusstrasse 9 | CH-8008 Zürich | +41 44 562 10 10