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  • 1. European citizenship Web app prototypes!
  • 2. TARGET AUDIENCE Why young people ? They are future of Europe Fresh minds and energy
  • 3. TARGET AUDIENCE Why age 20 - 25? In study or just finished They are open to opportunities Looking for direction Freedom to choose their future Limited exposure to EU activities
  • 4. TARGET AUDIENCE Why students and recent graduated? There are many possibilities They have skills Interested in learning and building
  • 5. ProblemEU are missing out their younger audience. 50%
  • 6. Problem Short survey at campus
  • 7. Problem Negative Boring Distrust old fashion , , Unknown Bad Slow , ,Unimportant, Crappy, Useless, Serious, Dry, Crisis, Hopeless, No future, Blue, Ties,, Confusing, inaccessible, restricted, out of date
  • 8. Problem PositiveHappy, energetic, friendly, dynamic, acce young, simple, hope, dream, ussible,seful, opportunities, moder n, up todate, human, good, beautiful, unite, open minded, enthusiastic,
  • 9. Problem statements “How can we expose students andrecent graduates, age 20-25 to their opportunities and rights within the European union in such way it inspires participation and engagement?“
  • 10. Solution How can we generate interest in an appealing way?
  • 11. Vision mission goal Our Vision Improve the quality of European living. Our Mission Get good experiences in Europe. Our GoalMake rights and opportunities clear to young Europeans
  • 12. Concept“A website that helps young students orrecent graduates in Europe find projects that include cooperation of participants from different European countries.”
  • 13. Message “Europe is never adestination, but a new way of seeing things.”
  • 14. Design
  • 15. Design
  • 16. Design
  • 17. Design
  • 18. Design
  • 19. Demo + structure
  • 20. Responsive webdesign Reach a big audience Importance mobile users Platform independent
  • 21. Technicalities Database
  • 22. Technicalities My code HTML5 CSS3 jQuery
  • 23. Technicalities Features to add More jquery Php Adjust structure Stop being wet, go dry
  • 24. Conclusion Appealing to target audienceIncreasing the knowledge of EU
  • 25. Conclusion Mission Vission Goal
  • 26. Any questions?
  • 27. Thank you for your attention!
  • 28. Team Yellow