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TechCamp Memphis 2013 #tcmem
Post-session slides released with extra slides, notes and annotations.

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Tech campmemphis slides_post_session

  1. 1. TechCamp Memphis 2013 TWILIO VOICE / SMS API: TEACH YOUR APPS TO SPEAK Post-session with extra slides, notes and annotations. Stewart Whaley, Esq. @stewartwhaley => Twitter, LinkedIn Arkansas Children‟s Hospital LogiCurrent, LLC
  2. 2. NON-PROFITS Missed appointments/court dates, etc. can have VERY negative impact on these populations. (> 1,000 outpatient clinic appointments / day.) Mission: Needs: Improve children‟s health. Decrease appointment “No Show” rate Improve patient engagement (drug compliance, other protocols, pre-MRI prep, etc.) Mission: Needs: Access to justice Decrease “No Show” rate and improve/accelerate document procurement Clients at/below 125% federal poverty level!
  3. 3. h?v=Fb8sKFTGNhY Post session note: • This is a humorous example for a developer session. It is NOT intended to make light of the client/patient situations discussed. • Most of us can relate to the PowToon and „recover‟ from a mistake due to insurance, finances, etc. • Missing appointments can be devastating for the population we are discussing.
  4. 4. What the fox say? Call: 501-xyz-abcd Post session note: The demo at this number didn‟t stick around, but slide 11 has the Twimlbin URL‟s with code you can clone to replicate. Place the URL‟s in your Twilio account‟s Voice Request and Message Request URLs. As discussed in the session, this solution doesn‟t actually record the response text. You can easily add with a web handler executing the same TWIml and logging POST params to your db of choice. Ton of examples online.
  5. 5. Awesome! vs. So What?
  6. 6. ACH PHONE SYSTEM 2005 It‟s alive, but… Post session: Initially a very good solution, however, degraded significantly over time and became a support and scalability nightmare with no redundancy/replacement. We did NOT want to deal with telephony internals or hardware again. Ever. Seriously. Period.
  7. 7. FOUND TWILIO Too good to be true? Where‟s the catch…? <?php require_once('/path/to/twiliophp/Services/Twilio.php'); $sid = "AC3094732a3c49700934481addd5ce1659"; $token = "{{ auth_token }}"; $client = new Services_Twilio($sid, $token); $call = $client->account->calls>create("+14158675309", "+14155551212", "http://demo/voice.xml", array()); echo $call->sid; <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Response> <Say>Hello TechCamp.</Say> </Response>
  8. 8. TIME TO CONVINCE THE BRASS <Response> <Say>Not a problem.</Say> </Response>
  9. 9. Post session slide • No hardware! YES! • No telecom knowledge! • We already have a team of web and back-end developers Twilio API perfect match for our skills. • Fast to market! • Massive ROI compared to vendor solutions! • Same platform for adding planned SMS projects. • Leverages most of the non-Twilio business rules, code, architecture of phone system application. The issues with old system were hardware, software compatiblity, 3rd party libraries, etc. • 3rd party solutions amazingly expensive. • We could hire a full-time developer devoted to ONLY voice and SMS for the cost of many 3rd party solutions pitched to us. Of course, very little systems integration, flexiblity, etc. if use vendor.
  10. 10. TWIML Say - Read text to the caller Play - Play an audio file for the caller Dial - Add another party to the call Record - Record the caller's voice Gather - Collect digits the caller types on their keypad Sms - DEPRECATED see Message Send an SMS message during a phone call PS: You can‟t beat the docs/quickstarts and tutorials. Easy to use, code in variety of languages, etc. Development / testing tools are great: test API, logging, usage info, etc.
  11. 11. TWIML continued Message – sends a message to a phone number. Hangup - Hang up the call Queue - Add the caller to a queue of callers. Redirect - Redirect call flow to a different TwiML document. Pause - Wait before executing more instructions Reject Decline an incoming call without being billed.
  12. 12. TWIMLETS + TWIMBIN 501-xyz-abcd Voice public link: SMS public link: Combine to create a free, hosted: a. conference line b. with call recording c. two-level SMS send/receive plus link to Twitter. d. Google analytics (provided by Twimlbin – can be set at Private link) Basic start on lead generation/conversion tracking …
  13. 13. ACH PHONE DIALER 2013 <Say>Thanks, Twilio!</Say> Dramatic improvement. • Virtually no support time; • Scalability; redundancy. • 2% decrease in “No Shows” first 3 months! Internals: • Architecture / rules / Gotchas /lessons learned • 4CHAN rule – protect against hijacking, don‟t let it become evil SPAM machine. • Triggers in API for monitoring real-time. • The “press 1” on voicemail incident. • Static TWIml versus web handler. • READ IT: PS: With 1,000 visits/day a 2% decrease is a major increase in utilization, health outcomes and lost revenue.
  14. 14. PS: Some interesting Twilio use-cases. The Parkinson‟s project is an excellent example of thinking outside the “this is for phone or text reminders” box! All three have “case studies” at and plenty of other pub online. Protect kid‟s online / phone CRM/Call center integration (Wow!) Watch their TED video on homepage. Amazing.
  15. 15. Twilio CookBook ($18 on Kindle, Amazon ~ $29) • Examples are PHP + MySQL +PDO. Should be easy enough for non-PHP devs to port. • PHP code is elementary for experienced PHP‟ers, but check it out for Twilio ideas. At least the table o‟ contents. Pluralsight 2 hour .NET Twilio course. Good stuff, even for non-.NET folks. Free-trial account can download the MVC code (3 projects worth). Best source. Go to API docs, Quickstarts, How-To‟s Google: “devin rader twilio for .NET developers” = 7 part series covering libraries, Webforms, MVC, building an IVR… • Examples and simple apps that can be extended. • Main page offers OpenVBX training for $20. • Seems like a bargain if you need a kickstart. • If you want to white-label OpenVBX this is a great place to start.
  16. 16. OpenVBX - POST SESSION SLIDE • Twilio started, open-source PHP using CodeIgniter. • Mod it, create your own plugins, install community plugins, etc. • Not supported by Twilio, recent development slowed down (GitHub) but being used by a lot of devs as basis for white-labeled customer solutions and you can find support/forum help if work at it. • This is a great place to learn more: PHP, CodeIgniter, Twilio. Search, etc. you‟ll find requests for paid dev help with OpenVBX and for requests to port the “work flow” features from OpenVBX to other types of applications. My OpenVBX running on Windows Azure Ubuntu VM Make calls, SMS in the browser. Set up IVRs, Conference lines, VOICE/SMS routing, etc. Small business with “big boy” telecom features for customers, employees, etc. Remember training offer.
  17. 17. OpenVBX continued: POST SESSION SLIDE Call flows like above can be voice/sms and include routing to individual users or groups in OpenVBX. For example: (step 2) “Call Sales and connect” could ring everyone in group and connect this call to first sales rep that answers.
  18. 18. Contact me here if: • You build something (love to hear about it ) • Need help / have questions • Want to hire LinkedIn / Twitter @stewartwhaley Twitter @LogiCurrent