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Quantifiable Sentiment in Financial Markets
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Quantifiable Sentiment in Financial Markets


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  • 2. At the commencement of a financial instrument a geomagnetic radiation vibration is implanted and this combined with the current vibrations produce different frequencies that attract or repel investors towards or away from the specific financial instrument. Therefore from prior knowledge of future vibrations, outcomes can be predicted. This foretells of their ability to function as well as how they will be perceived giving way to mass quantifiable sentiment. Stevhan Fox 2008 Quantifying Sentiment
  • 3. There are three common and one rare vibrations: Windfalls: This sends a stock price up. Heart Attacks: This can send a company into a major downward move. Strokes: Similar to a Heart Attack, less severe. Super Success: Very rare, powerful and positive. Geomagnetic Radiation
  • 4. WorldCom  When WorldCom re-incorporated in 1998 they had a major Heart Attack and two Stroke vibrations. When they declared bankruptcy in 2002 the Heart Attack was at its peak vibration.  It was foreseeable in 1998 that WorldCom would peak in late 2000 followed by a spectacular 18 month slide.
  • 5. WorldCom
  • 6. WorldCom CEO  Bernie Ebbers, CEO at the time of re- incorporation and co-founder of the original WorldCom had two Heart Attack and two Stroke vibrations to the newly re-incorporated company in 1998. This meant that he would ultimately ensure that the company was dead and buried.
  • 7. Enron  When Enron re-incorporated on July 19th 1996, it had two Heart Attacks and one Stroke vibration. When they declared bankruptcy on 2 December 2001, the company was having two Strokes. Even more Fatal was that the Heart Attack had reached peak vibration on the exact day.
  • 8. Enron
  • 9. Enron CEO  Kenneth Lay, CEO of Enron had one Heart Attack and four Stroke Vibrations to the newly incorporated Enron in 1996. This again showed us well before the fact that he would pilot the company into the ground.
  • 10. Apple  Apple was re-incorporated in 2004 with one of the strongest Windfall Vibrations of the decade. However it wasn’t without challenges in the last half of 2008 as they had seven consecutive strokes the share price was cut by half. With Windfalls returning in 2009/10 Apple’s share price has increased 400%.
  • 11. Apple Apple with 7 Strokes and few Windfalls to speak of in 2008 lost half of its value in just 5 months. This was visible as far back as 2004 when Apple re-incorporated. Will be a flat period
  • 12. Apple CEO  Steve Jobs in contrast has 4 Windfall vibrations to the 2004 re-incorporated Apple and has been seen as a major contributor to the 1,200% increase in share price since 2004.
  • 13. Hansen These are Type II vibrations that forewarn of major stock price moves. Starting in 2005 this company stock rose over 1,000 % (included a 2 for 1 stock split) in 18 months and fell significantly in 2008. Foreseeable in 1990.
  • 14. Google  Google was re-incorporated in 2002 with three Windfall and one Super Success vibration.  Knowledge available two years before IPO.
  • 15. Google
  • 16. Google Founding CEO  Larry Page co-founder of Google had the very rare Super Success vibration when he was born as well as Google having this same vibration in 2002 when it was incorporated.  What was remarkable however was Larry also had this same vibration to the Google incorporation which this trifecta has yet to be repeated in corporate history.
  • 17. CEO  A company and its CEO’s vibration to one another can give a significant indication as to a companies direction and leadership.
  • 18. iPod A product also has a beginning date. Apple’s iPod was introduced on a major Windfall day vibration. However the iPod division also has a major Stroke that will go exact in 2011. This will cause significant challenges and have an effect on Apple’s share price. Apple and the iPod division had three strokes in 2005 at similar times which resulted in three companies sewing Apple over copyright infringements incurred by its iPod.
  • 19. Windfall Vibrations  eBay, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Apple and Google were all incorporated on multiple Windfall vibration days.  DOS, Windows and iPod were all launched on Windfall days.  A company or product’s success can be known before it happens.
  • 20. Heart Attack and Stroke Vibrations  Enron and WorldCom were both re- incorporated under multiple Heart Attack and Stroke vibrations.  Sony Betamax was released on a Heart Attack vibration day.
  • 21. Multi-Search Thousands of companies can be scanned for multiple positive or negative vibrations to find future effect on companies and their share prices.
  • 23. EURUSD A leading indicator made from Geomagnetic Radiation vibrations shows where the EURUSD will head on a short term basis. No Price data is used in the makeup of this indicator and can be projected years into the future as the next chart shows
  • 24. EURUSD The indicator shows trend and duration only.
  • 25. EURUSD Neural Net linking vibrations to past price performance to forecast future price. Done on July 2, 2010
  • 26. EURUSD Charts from 2008 thesis showing vibration effect BLUE EURO Windfall Type I Forecasts indicate Trend and Duration EUR/USD 2008 RED EURO Heart Attack Type I ORANGE EURO Stroke Type I
  • 27. EURUSD BLUE EURO Windfall Type I Forecasts indicate Trend and Duration EUR/USD 2009 RED EURO Heart Attack Type I ORANGE EURO Stroke Type I Charts from 2008 thesis showing vibration effect
  • 28. DOW BLUE EURO Windfall Type I (1 October 2008 incorporation included) DOW 2000 - 2009 RED EURO Heart Attack Type I ORANGE EURO Stroke Type I Charts from 2008 thesis showing vibration effect
  • 29. DOW BLUE EURO Windfall Type I Forecasts indicate Trend and Duration DOW 2009 RED EURO Heart Attack Type I ORANGE EURO Stroke Type I Charts from 2008 thesis showing vibration effect
  • 30. Forecasting  Basic geomagnetic vibrations give a very good long range forecast. More complex vibrations are able to foretell more accurate short term price movement.  Twelve years of research has produced a tool that to current knowledge has not been acquired by anyone else and gives an inside look into any financial instruments future.
  • 31. About the Creator Stevhan has completed his research and is ready to commence talks with European companies interested in working with him and his new Equity Rating Index.