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The possibility of a digital activation path through the eyes of Rebecca.

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  • AMEX POSSIBILITIES The DIGITAL LAST MILE FROM Card Member PERSPECTIVE Meet Jean, a 41 year old divorcee. She runs a medical practice in Harley St, London that provides her with a good income. Her divorce settlement with her ex – a plastic surgeon - was healthy so she is financially pretty comfortable. She is young at heart, a bit of a show-off, and loves to go shopping on her scooter. Jean lives in Kensington with Melinda, her 20 year old daughter, who’s in her second year at Guildford Law School. Jean’s passions are reading, travel, tennis, and shopping. She enjoys good restaurants and is a member and supporter of the Covent Garden Dance Society. She’s enjoys surfing the internet during the weeknights. Like her mom, Melinda is also a keen traveler and reader. For fun she enjoys the occasional skiing trip to Switzerland when has time. Melinda also a bit of an environmentalist, and is concerned about global warming. Good snow is getting harder to find. Melinda is also an avid Second Lifer and her avatar, Bianca, has set up and runs a rather kinky and successful nightclub in-world. But she is thinking of selling. Bianca has mentioned that on her blog. Jean has been an AMEX Card Member for nearly 17 years. She generously provided supplementary Card Membership for Melinda when she started her studies.
  • Meet Rebecca

    1. 1. Bianca (mind your own business) Club Owner Meet Rebecca , a 24 year old student. Got a bright future ahead of her, she lives in Metropolis and goes to University X, taking up a business major. Rebecca loves tennis and it tells as she is part of University X’s triple A squad. Rebecca has a dream of somehow being at the US open. either as a spectator or on the opposite side of the court from the world’s number 1. Rebecca’s world
    2. 2. POSTER / QR CODE Rebecca going to Tennis practice after class – she runs into a poster with Federer on it saying “I’ll be seeing you!” (Poster shows QR code “Snap this and win a spot to see Federer in person! Only 200 entrants allowed”)
    3. 3. AMBIENT RETAIL PARTNERSHIP After practice, she goes to a nearby coffee shop which is also a brand partner of the US open and using the Wi-Fi capability of her iphone, she checks her social blog website that is sponsored by her favorite racket brand which has professionals giving tips to improve her game and keep her in good condition.
    4. 4. Perhaps they might have some recommendations for a good racket? MOBILE A great partnership for ground activation of any type mobile devices can be a simple and effective method of delivering messages that is targeted for the benefit of consumers.
    5. 5. INTERACTIVE KIOSK / PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Rebecca in the train station she notices a interesting kiosk that has videos and music in its displays. This booth will not only attracts but send out digital information via various devices, such as SMS, blue tooth, etc.
    6. 6. DAY EVENT / AMBASSADORS As she leaves the train station, she passes a big outdoor event, promoting the latest Federer Nintendo Wii Challenge. (sound system booming) She is greeted by an very pleasant ambassador informing her... See if you’re a Winner!!!!! Who can last 3 sets with Federer wins two tickets to the US Open!
    7. 7. Retail STORE FRONT At a retail store front, a window display can catch the attention of passerby as well as inform a potential buyer. In this case, Rebecca realizes she has found the right store from the great display informing of the promotion.
    8. 8. INTERIOR DESIGN / POINT OF SALE A well designed store with the proper point of sales can make the shoppers experience both pleasurable and convenient.
    9. 9. PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION Rebecca (thinking as she rushed for the sidewalk) forget the subway, I’m taking a cab…its getting late As she gets in, she sees a barrage of US Open flyers and the whole taxi cab is dressed in a tennis green skin. Even the seats are made of the felt that looks like the tennis balls.
    10. 10. EXCLUSIVE EVENTS Later at home that night, Rebecca logs on to her e-mail box and finds an RSVP invite from her best friend Chloe. It seems Chloe was invited to a Black tie event sponsored by the same tennis racket Rebecca purchased earlier today. She is invited as one of Chloe’s entourage due to Chloe’s online membership with a local sports leisure outlet. (As Rebecca slumbers to sleep that night..she wonders what surprises awaits tomorrow…well you never know…