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Honeymoon questionaire

  1. 1. © 2014 Vacation Side Travel Honeymoon Questionnaire Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Client Questionnaire Different people select resorts for very different reasons. During your honeymoon, you want to focus on each other and on your new life, together! From the room, food and service to the activities and destination – we want to experience be close to perfect which is why it’s very important that you take the time to fill out the following questionnaire – so that we make sure your experience is exactly the absolute best! 1. Our ideal honeymoon setting is… a. Tropical Beach b. Big City c. European Countryside d. Crisp Mountain Air e. Other - 2. For our honeymoon, we’re hoping to get away for… a. Quick 2-3 Night Getaway b. Extended 4-5 Day Weekend c. Full Week d. Celebration of more than 10 Days e. Other –
  2. 2. © 2014 Vacation Side Travel Honeymoon Questionnaire 3. A perfect day on our honeymoon would look like… a. It would begin with… b. During the day, we would… c. Our day would end with… 4. Our preferred activities would include… a. Art, History, Local Culture b. Boating, Fishing c. Golf, Tennis d. Skiing, Snowboarding e. Sightseeing, Shopping f. Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Snorkeling g. Zip-lining, Riding ATVs h. Culinary Classes, Wine Tasting i. Sun Bathing, Beach Reading, Socializing at the Swim-up Bar j. Horseback Riding, Hiking, Climbing, Repelling k. Other - 5. At night, we would typically rather… a. Listen to live music, dance, socialize b. Take long walks in moonlight c. Stay in with a movie d. Other – 6. Are there any particular destinations that interest you and that you’re already considering? 7. Do you want to use a honeymoon registry service that allows friends and family to contribute towards your honeymoon costs, as their wedding gift to you, either by contributing dollar amounts to the total cost of the honeymoon, or by purchasing extras for you while on your honeymoon? (Excursions, room upgrades, spa treatments, private candlelit dinner on the beach, limo ride from the airport, etc.)
  3. 3. © 2014 Vacation Side Travel Honeymoon Questionnaire 8. There are adults-only resorts as well as couples-only resorts, do you have a preference here? a. Adults Only could translate to– group activities, games, contests, lots of socializing b. Couple Only could translate to – lots of downtime, not much nightlife, feel like you’re the only couple at the resort 9. Would you like to stay at one resort or move from place to place? 10. Do you have a preference for the size of the resort? a. Small Resort with maybe 10-50 quaint rooms/suites/villas, 1-2 restaurants, 1 bar b. Medium/Mid-Sized Resort, perhaps a bit more lively, 100-300 rooms/suites/villas, 3-5 restaurants and 2-3 bars c. Large Resort, 500+ rooms, 9-10 restaurants, 7-8 bars, 24/hr room service, lots of things to do 24/7 d. Mega, Multiple Resort Complex, usually consists of a single resort brand with 3-5 different resorts all next door to each other ranging in class but honeymooners would be in the honeymooner/adults only resort but have access to the restaurants, activities, amenities and services at all the resorts, typically giving access +10 restaurants, +10 bars, +10 pools, 2+ spas, etc. 11.Would you like a luxurious resort with lots of amenities like spas, turn down service, unpacking service, butler service, etc. or would you prefer something off the beaten path, quaint and charming but not as many services, extras and things to do?
  4. 4. © 2014 Vacation Side Travel Honeymoon Questionnaire 12.How much time will you spend in your room? Do you envision getting out and seeing the destination or participating in the resort’s activities or celebrating with each other in the privacy of your own room most of the time? 13.Do you have separate “must-do” activities that you want to do on your honeymoon (i.e. groom wants to play golf; bride wants a spa day)? 14.How important is a patio, balcony, terrace? Do you want a spectacular view? Are you really hoping for full ocean front, or are you happy with a partial ocean view? Maybe you prefer a tropical/jungle or garden/resort view? 15.Do you want a private hot tub inside, on the balcony, both? What about a private plunge pool or a swim up suite where can jump right into a semi- private pool area linked to a larger pool for easy access to a swim up bar? Is the bathroom important to you – outdoor shower, multi-shower heads, steam shower? 16.Are there any other details I should know about your honeymoon, your like, dislikes?