Roads and Pavements


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Roads and Pavements

  1. 1. Roads and pavements<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Facts and figures<br />32,000 highway openings every year<br />1,100 km / 683 miles of Public Rights of Way (PROW)<br />170 sets of traffic lights (inc. crossings)<br />150 crossings<br />740 bridges<br />440 km / 273 miles of walls<br />1280m / 1960KM of road<br /> in a year we will empty 75,000 gullies (drains)<br />Over 2633miles / 4334KM of pavements and channels (road side gutters) swept every week (which equates to over 140,000 miles each year)<br />4000 litter bins in Kirklees (which equates to over 640, 000 litter bins emptied per year)<br />Over 430,000 square yards of precincts and cobbles swept every week<br />Over 850,000 square yards of grass verges litter picked every week<br />Over 175,000 square yards of shrubs and flower beds litter picked every week<br />
  4. 4. How much things cost…<br />Zebra Crossing : £35,000<br />Pelican crossing : £80,000<br />Pedestrian refuge : £8,000<br />Typical signal junction : £150,000<br />Repair a bridge: up to £1,000,000<br />Retaining wall: £800 per square metre<br />Winter Maintenance grit: £15,000<br />A street light for 40 years: £5,000<br />Build a new typical estate road (250m): £200,000<br />Reconstruct an average road (250m): £100,000<br />Resurface an average road (250m): £30,000<br />Reconstruct a footpath (250m x 2): £50,000<br />Resurface a footpath (250m x 2): £5,000<br />Run a bus: £100,000 per year<br />
  5. 5. Top ten road and pavement related service requests in 2009/10<br />
  6. 6. What residents say / expect <br />50% of Kirklees residents are satisfied with the way roads and pavements are looked after in Kirklees<br />Looking after roads and pavements is one of residents top priorities.<br />48% of Kirklees residents feel that road and pavement repairs most need improving in their local area<br />Residents want roads and pavements that are well maintained, smooth surfaces<br />Residents expect that road repairs will be done once and done well<br />Residents expect joined up working between Highways and any utility companies who might need to dig up the road<br />Residents expect that road works will start and finish on time<br />Residents expect that if traffic signals fail, they will be repaired within a few hours<br />
  7. 7. Residents suggestions for roads and pavements (insight project)<br />Spot checks should be carried out<br />Provide only simple information on road closure signs<br />Have a mini team of pot-holers who just go round and deal with potholes<br />Instead of patching a job – relay it and do the job right the first time<br />Keep checking roads and paths regularly<br />Take the time to cut out a square, take it don to where it needs to be and fill it in, but also put the jointing edge in with liquid tar for a durable finish<br />Road signs need checking every few years to remove inappropriate or obsolete signs<br />(to help improve road safety) get a professional driver to go round, like a driving instructor who knows the roads really well. <br />The Council should consult local people when they are considering installing traffic calming measures<br />
  8. 8. What residents say / expect (vox pops)<br />Resident vox pops<br />Councillor vox pops<br />Visitors to the area vox pops<br />Professional driver vox pops<br />Partner vox pops (police, ambulance service)<br />
  9. 9. Residents suggestions for roads and pavements (your voice)<br />Turn street lights off at night … (link)<br />Why have so many road signs ….(link)<br />Drastically reduce the number of road planners … (link)<br />Stop putting in pointless traffic calming measures … (link)<br />Cut the number of speed cameras in operation … (link)<br />For full text of ideas and any linked comments see<br />
  10. 10. Video /day in the life (ideas)<br />Repairing pot holes<br />Street sweeping<br />Road inspections team<br />Road safety training<br />School Crossing patrols<br />From service request to repair<br />Eco driving tips from driving instructors<br />
  11. 11. Games and quizzes<br />Road safety game<br />Road safety quiz<br />