TMA World: Performance Improvement Tools and Collaboration


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In today’s corporate environment, everyone is looking to use tools to improve performance, including social networking tools, performance management tools and project management tools.

This TMA World presentation explains how effective collaboration and a sense of purpose, trust and direction within a team is key to making these tools work.

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TMA World: Performance Improvement Tools and Collaboration

  1. 1. Performance improvementtools and collaboration Nigel Alphonso TMA World │ Global Account Director
  2. 2. Performance improvement toolsand collaborationIn today’s corporate environment,everyone is looking to usetools to improve performance,including social networking tools,performance management toolsandproject management tools.
  3. 3. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration It seems that whatever the managerial challenge, someone will have devised a tool to address it.
  4. 4. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration This point was brought home to me when I recently facilitated a session for a large financial services firm. The team leader was keen to understand the best tools to use in order to maximize the performance of his team.
  5. 5. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration When I replied that the most effective tool was his own ability to foster a sense of purpose, trust and direction within the team, there was a momentary silence.
  6. 6. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration “But my team is all over the world” he replied “in different time-zones and operating within different cultures, we need some tools to help us collaborate.”
  7. 7. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration Of course, I was quick to remind him that without theappropriate collaborative mindset, tools will only make a marginal difference.
  8. 8. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration This dilemma seems to be a common theme across all global organizations.
  9. 9. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration Indeed when senior managers were questioned in a recent AMA (American Management Association) survey about theiremployees’ collaborative and team work skills, only 46% were rated above average.
  10. 10. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration In order to address these gaps, firms are increasingly experimenting with a variety of initiatives, all of which have at their core the creation of a corporate culture where command and control structures are being replaced with trust-based workplaces.
  11. 11. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration Google is a notable example of this, where outcome based objectives supersede any measurement based on time or volume of work.
  12. 12. Performance improvement toolsand collaborationTechnological advances have meant evengreater tendencies towards virtual andremote working which in turn hasshone a powerful light on poormanagement practice.
  13. 13. Performance improvement toolsand collaborationIn my experience, an average manager of a co-located team will struggle immensely if theirteam is subsequently dispersed acrossmultiple locations andtime-zones.
  14. 14. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration So, are tools unimportant?Of course not (and next time we can discuss their uses).However, as a manager, always be thinking: “What can I do to promote greater trust, convergence and improved coordination in my team?”
  15. 15. Performance improvement toolsand collaboration To learn more about how TMA World can help your organization, please contact us at or visit