Week 12 - Technology Dependence


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Week 12 of MIS5001 Information Technology Management course taught by Prof. Johnson at Temple U. Fox School of Business.

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Week 12 - Technology Dependence

  1. 1. Week 13 –Technology Dependence MIS5001: Management Information Systems PROF. STEVEN L. JOHNSON Twitter: @StevenLJohnson http://stevenljohnson.org
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Announcements  Group presentations  IT Awards  Final exam Case Discussion Blog and Reading Discussion Project Work Time
  3. 3. Exam Review: Format Exam topic review to be distributed next week. Take-home: Tues. May 8.  5PM posted to class website, 8PM due via email Open-note: no outside assistance or Internet assistance 4 short answer questions  Multiple bullet point answer or up to 1 paragraph answer  ~ 60% of grade (4 x 15% each)  Example: “What are 3 examples of a good time to fly a kite? What are 3 times when it is a bad idea?” 1 essay question  pick from 2 or 3 choices  multi-part question or more involved question; multi-paragraph answer required  ~ 40% of grade  Example: “Yahoo! is losing money on email data storage. They want your advice: should they start charging users for email? Why or why not? “
  4. 4. Case Study Discussion Describe the security breach experienced by Sunnylake. Why do you think this breach occurred? What would you have done to prevent it? What do you think Sunnylake should do now? Would you make the same recommendation to your manager if all of your office was locked out of its computer systems? What was the underlying cause of the collapse of the CareGroup system? Does the reason a network fails change the nature of the response? For example, in what ways is Sunnylake’s response helped or hindered by receiving a ransom notice? Do you think CareGroup would have reaction differently if they had coincidently received a threatening message?
  5. 5. 100-Second Reflection1. What was your favorite case study of the year? Why?2. What was your least favorite case study of the year? Why?3. Any other questions or comments? Google, STARS, Cisco, Volkswagen, Apple / Amazon eReading, Kodak TopCoder, Been Googled, Cognizant, Wyeth, Hackers / CareGroup
  6. 6. Blog and Reading Recap Personal backup and disaster recovery Incident management in the age of compliance  Prevention – Detection – Response  “...being prepared for incidents via an incident response plan is likely to be one of the most cost-effective security measures an organization takes”  Legal requirements for response
  7. 7. For More Information PROF. STEVEN L. JOHNSON EMAIL: STEVEN@TEMPLE.EDU Twitter: @StevenLJohnson http://stevenljohnson.orghttp://community.mis.temple.edu/mis5001fall10johnson/