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MIS5001 Week 7 Intro to BI
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MIS5001 Week 7 Intro to BI


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Slides from week 7 of MIS5001: Management Information Systems taught by Prof. Steven L. Johnson at Temple University Fox School of Business.

Slides from week 7 of MIS5001: Management Information Systems taught by Prof. Steven L. Johnson at Temple University Fox School of Business.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Week 7 –Managing Project Priorities MIS5100: Management Information Systems PROF. STEVEN L. JOHNSON Twitter: @StevenLJohnson
  • 2. Today’s Agenda   Case Discussion   Blog Discussion Question   Reading Discussion   Measurement Activity
  • 3. Case Study Discussion   What is your assessment of the new process for managing priorities at VoA? Is it better or worse than the old process? Are the criticisms justified?   How should Matulovic respond to his fellow executives who are asking for special treatment?   Is it fair that $16 of $60 million is “set aside” for Matulovic to use at his discretion?   How is it possible that under this new system a “critical” project (global supply chain system) was unfunded? What should be done about that?   Does VoA need a new selection process?
  • 4. 100-Second Reflection 1.  What would you like to remember at the end of the semester about managing IT project priorities? 2.  What would you like to know more about? 3.  Any other comments?
  • 5. Blog Discussion   Prioritization Process (Janice Fraser, Adaptive Path)   “Big List of Things to Do”   Dependencies and Baseline   Feasibility and Importance   Graph: 4 quadrants 1. Do First (F+, I+) 3. Maybe Not (F+, I-) 2. Maybe Later (F-, I+) 4. Don’t Bother (F-, I-)   Similar to: Must Have, Nice to Have, Future
  • 6. Reading Discussion   What is the IT value measurement problem?   What is “The Clarification Chain”?   “Anything is measurable in a way that is superior to not measuring it at all” – Tom DeMarco
  • 7. Measurement Activity (4 Groups)   Each group is assignment one of these scenarios: 1.  Every student enrolled of Fox School of Business is given an iPad and all textbooks are delivered electronically. 2.  Temple U. has all student feedback forms completed online. 3.  SEPTA allows riders to use a single electronic fare card for bus, rail, or subway fare. 4.  Temple U. library provides online access for students to all books in its collection (e.g., full page Google Books)   Identify 4-6 ways things organizational outcomes that will be different after than before.   Propose ways to measure these differences. Be specific.
  • 8. For More Information PROF. STEVEN L. JOHNSON EMAIL: STEVEN@TEMPLE.EDU Twitter: @StevenLJohnson