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Martrade Logistics Belgium NV

  2. 2. 27/09/2011<br />Our Strategic Business Areas<br />Shipping Services<br />Ports and Terminals Services<br />Logistics Services<br />2007<br />2008<br />2009<br />81<br />1.66<br />517<br />97<br />3.37<br />512<br />128<br />1.83<br />526<br />Turnover (Mill. €)<br />Transported Volumes (Mill Ton)<br />Employees<br />
  3. 3. 27/09/2011<br />Martrade Offices and Terminals<br /> Our Terminals Our Offices<br />London<br />Hamburg<br />Berlin<br />Düsseldorf<br />Antwerp<br />Odessa<br />Khor Al Zhubair<br />Umm Qasr<br />Basrah<br />Dubai (Jebel Ali)<br />Doha<br />Kolkata<br />Haldia<br />Abu Dhabi<br />Dhamra<br />Mumbai<br /> The main strength of the group: our presence in Europe, in the Middle-East and in India, but thanks to our contacts throughout the world, Martrade Logistics Belgium can also offers you an excellent service whatever is the nature or destination of your cargo.<br />
  4. 4. 27/09/2011<br />Martrade Group<br />Martrade Group<br />Martrade Shipping<br />Martrade Ports<br />Martrade Logistics<br />Martrade Services<br />Odessa, Ukraine<br />J.V. with VoestAlpine<br />Worldwide Services<br />Martrade Shipping,Germany<br />Technical Services<br />Martrade Services, Belgium<br />Worldwide LogisticsMarlog LBG GmbH, Germany<br />Martrade Logistics Belgium<br />Haldia, India<br />TMILL J.V. with Tata Steel<br />Middle East Services<br />MGL FZCO, Dubai, UAE<br />Russian MarketSTT GmbH, Germany<br />Dhamra, India<br />TMILL J.V. with Tata Steel<br />Europe/ UK Services Martrade Log. & Shipping, UK<br />Umm Qasr, Iraq<br />J.V. with GLOW<br />U.A.Emirates MarketMSL – J.V. with Sultan Group<br />Black Sea Services<br />Martrade Black Sea, Ukraine<br />Indian Market, India<br />ISL (TMILL)<br />Khor Al Zhubair, Iraq<br />Berth no. 8<br />Qatar Market, Qatar<br />J.V. with Al-Neama<br />Basrah, Iraq<br />IMM, Iraqi Martrade Maritime<br />Using synergy effects within the Group and our partners we are strengthening our existing market positions in Europe, the Middle-East, India and South-East-Asia.<br />
  5. 5. 27/09/2011<br /> We operated more than 2.000 chartered vessels with more than 30 millions tons during the last 15 years.<br />Martrade Shipping<br />Integrated ocean transport service for bulk, break bulk and project cargo<br />Tonnage ranges from single trips to long-term contracts. <br />Trading worldwide with focus on regular service from <br />Black Sea to Middle East / Indian sub-continent <br />Far East / SE Asia to Middle East and Indian sub-continent<br />Vessel operator with tonnage ranging from 5,000 – 76,000 dwt<br />Clients: From global steel and pipe producers to local traders and engineering contractors<br />
  6. 6. Martrade Group Terminals<br />Odessa, Ukraine: <br />1,9 Mill. Mts handled in 2008<br />470 employees<br />Storage capacities of 7.000 sqm warehouse, 90.000 sqm open storage and 10.000 sqm container yard<br />Haldia, India<br />7 Mill. Mtshandled in Paradip and Haldia between 2008 and 2009.<br />Exclusive Logistics contract for all raw materials and semi / finished products for TATA Steel group<br />Umm Qasr, Iraq<br />Fenced area to secure safe storage of containers and project cargo<br />J.V. with GLOW and IQ Martrade<br />Container berth N°5<br />Khor al Zhubair, Iraq<br />Draft: 7,5 m low tide and 9.2 m medium tide<br />Total Area of 86,000 sqm<br />Multipurpose terminal (project cargo , steel, general BB cargo and containers)<br />Modern handling equipment in the terminal<br />27/09/2011<br />
  7. 7. 27/09/2011<br />Martrade Logistics<br /> Martrade offers you a complete pallet of logistic services to answer your needs by the most efficient and the most economic solution (from single trips to long-term contracts).<br /> Offices offering these various services: <br />DÜSSELDORF, Germany<br />ANTWERP, Belgium<br />DOHA, Qatar<br />ABU DHABI, UAE<br />Maritime <br />Freight<br />Port <br />Operations<br />Port<br /> Operations<br />Inland<br /> Transports<br />Inland <br />Transports<br /> Supplier<br />Consignee<br />Air Freight<br /> Martrade Logistics employs logistic experts to offer you a high-quality service with a personalized follow-up of your projects with prices negotiated at the lowest rates in the whole world. <br />
  8. 8. Martrade Logistics Belgium NV: Activities<br />PRE-CARRIAGE<br />Transport/Positioning of containers at the shipper’s warehouse / factory<br />Organization of various transports<br />Standard Trucks<br />Platform trucks<br />Flatbed Trucks<br />Trucks with integrated crane<br />Organization of out of gauge transports<br /> (inclusive authorizations and police escorts)<br />Organisation of transports per barge<br />Organisation of transports per rail<br />27/09/2011<br /> We organize your pre-carriage from anywhere to anywhere with low prices respecting your delivery deadlines.<br />
  9. 9. Martrade Logistics Belgium NV: Activities<br />PORT/QUAY OPERATIONS<br />Discharging ex-truck/barge/rail car<br />Stuffing / Stripping / transport of any container types<br />Handling of heavy lift cargo<br />Technical support of our own technical department<br />Our experts (port-captains) can supervise the delicate operations<br />Lashing and Securing<br />Packing/ Re-packing<br />Palletization<br />Weighing<br />Fumigation<br />Quays transfer / various transports in the port<br />27/09/2011<br /> We control and handle your cargo very carefully, our regular follow-up of the operations ensures a maximum security for your cargo. <br />
  10. 10. Martrade Logistics Belgium NV: Activities<br />3) INTERNATIONALTRANSPORT<br />A) Maritime Freight<br /> FCL (Full Containers) <br /> LCL (Consolidation – Part shipments)<br /> RORO (Rolling Cargo)<br /> Break-Bulk<br />Cross-Trade<br /> Wherever is the location of your cargo, we will find a solution to send it to the consignee’s place. <br />Air Freight<br /> your time is counted: we can also organize the shipment of your goods on the next flight in order that you can respect your deadline..<br />27/09/2011<br /> Pipes<br /> Coils<br /> Steel<br /> Plates<br /> Heavy lift <br /> General Cargo<br /> Containers<br /> Rolling Cargo<br /> Our network and our excellent relations with the shipping lines permit us to offer you low prices for the imports or exports of your goods.<br />
  11. 11. Martrade Logistics Belgium NV: Activities<br />4) ADMINISTRATIVE FORMALITIES<br />Documentation<br /><ul><li>Establishment of loading permit
  12. 12. Establishment of Bill of Lading (BL)
  13. 13. Establishment of certificates depending on countries and letter of credit requirements.</li></ul>Customs formalities<br /><ul><li>Import and/or export
  14. 14. Establishment of T1, EX,…
  15. 15. Customs clearance</li></ul>Other services:<br /><ul><li>Inspection (assistance)
  16. 16. Transport insurance…</li></ul>27/09/2011<br />
  17. 17. Martrade Logistics Belgium NV: Key-projects<br />27/09/2011<br />EPC Contracts<br />Petrochem Projects<br />Examples of actual projects managed by Martrade Group:<br /><ul><li> BARH STPP: </li></ul> 3x660MW Thermal Power plants for Patua Bihar, india<br /><ul><li> Fujairah – Taweelah pipeline / Dolphin Energy, Abu Dhabi:</li></ul> 245km of 48” gas pipeline<br /><ul><li> STG Moscow: </li></ul> Gas exploitation project South + North - Syria GAS <br /><ul><li>Jindal India: </li></ul> Pipeline in Syria – total : around 200,000 frt<br /><ul><li>Buderus, Abu Dhabi: </li></ul> Special pipes from Antwerp to Abu Dhabi<br />Industrial Projects<br />Infrastructure<br /> We are specialized in project management regarding the logistic part. We ensure you a tailor made organization, and also a precise, regular and professional follow up.<br />
  18. 18. 27/09/2011<br />Martrade Logistics Belgium: Strengths<br />Belong to a strong international group<br />Important partners in the world business<br /> (TATA Steel, Glow, Syriamar,…)<br />High-quality-tailor-made services (precise and personalized follow up)<br />Young, dynamic and flexible team making efficient and fast decisions.<br /> Personalized relations with our customers<br /> (we can speak English – French – Dutch – German – Spanish)<br /> Main Strength: Our location, we are located in one of the biggest port in the world, in the heart of Europe<br />
  19. 19. 27/09/2011<br />Our References<br /> Our experience let us say that our services are very much apprreciated by our customers who entrust their goods with all confidence.<br />
  20. 20. 27/09/2011<br />HSE - Health, Safetyand Environmental<br />We have the commitment to sustainability<br /> in Health, Safety and Environmental<br /> performance, as an integral part of our<br /> business. <br /> The health and safety of our employees and<br /> to safeguard 'ZERO INCIDENTS' is our first<br /> objective: In our offices, in the ports, on the<br /> ships or at the sites.<br /> Our goal always is to protect the<br /> environment for the entire duration of a<br /> project, and thereafter. <br />  As a logistics provider, we attach great importance to safety issues in all work we do.<br />
  21. 21. 27/09/2011<br />ISO<br />
  22. 22. 27/09/2011<br />Contact<br />If you have any questions or if you want a price indication, do not hesitate to contact us :<br />MARTRADE LOGISTICS BELGIUM NV<br />Cuperusstraat 5<br />2018 Antwerp<br />Belgium<br />Phone: +32 3 205 71 62<br />Email:<br />Visit Our Website:<br /><br />