How to stay ahead of new social media platforms in 2014


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6 tips on staying ahead of new social media platforms in 2014 - This deck will give you six practical ideas to help you with social content, connecting with influencers, broadening your sources and getting more from your day.

I also share some of my favourite sources of information in the form of vlogs, podcasts and people I follow on Vine and Twitter. Staying ahead is about being clever with your time.

I would ike to know the best sources of information, whether it be a community, a podcast a blog or a person who is the best aggregator you know so if you have any suggestions please get in touch on Twitter @schtevey

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How to stay ahead of new social media platforms in 2014

  1. How to… Stay ahead of new social media platforms in 2014
  2. The future is… Visual & Social
  3. Stay well read
  4. Read daily blogs on industry and platform changes, read books on wider strategic, economic and technological areas.
  5. 2014 recommended reading: Brian Solis: WTF Jay Baer: Youtility Scoble / Israel: Age of Context
  6. Listen
  7. The podcast is not dead! Listen to podcasts on your commute so you arrive to work feeling fresh and with ideas
  8. 2014 recommended listening: Jay Baer: Social Media Pros Hobson & Holtz: FIR podcast
  9. Stay Connected
  10. Find aggregators and build relationships with them. Aggregating takes time so box clever and let other people do it.
  11. 2014 recommended aggregators: Neville Hobson Kamal Bennani Andrew Grill
  12. Watch
  13. YouTube, Vine and Instagram are blowing up with inspiration right now. You need to immerse yourself in these platforms and find people and content that you like
  14. 2014 recommended YouTubers, Viners: Daz Black (Vine) Savvy, Sexy, Social (YouTube)
  15. Use the Platforms
  16. There is no better way of understanding how platforms work than actually using them yourself. Seems obvious doesn’t it.
  17. Find like minded people
  18. Find communities that share and aggregate valuable information, make sure they are policed well and make sure to contribute.
  19. 2014 recommended communities: Social Media Professionals (Google Plus) Social Media Strategy (Google Plus)
  20. Steve Cole @schtevey +StevenCole
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