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Working on making this a reality. If you're from Charlotte contact me.

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Q.C.S.C. pitch deck

  1. 1. Q.C.S.C. Queen City Soccer Club Q.C.S.C. The Savages
  2. 2. Charlotte is a constantly changing and growing city and it needs a soccer club that will embrace growth with it.
  3. 3. The Disconnect Different Environments call for Different Strategies
  4. 4. The Happy Medium Evangelism
  5. 5. Hooliganism
  6. 6. The alternative to Evangelism is not Hooliganism...
  7. 7. It’s Tailgating
  8. 8. The Current Landscape
  9. 9. The Opportunity
  10. 10. Q.C.S.C.
  11. 11. Sustainability Through Property and Asset Ownership
  12. 12. The Stadium Danbury United - Danbury, CT (USASA 5th Division club)
  13. 13. The Stadium • Property is club owned to ensure long term survival • Minimum one self contained soccer specific field with optional second training field • site with room for expansion of clubhouse, bar, and club shop facilities • Fence with controlled entry to ground for admission purposes • Within the city limits of Charlotte, NC • Preferably with access to public transportation and near HDHA • Natural Grass playing surface for purists
  14. 14. Merchandising • urban culture oriented • distinctive • black / purple / white / silver only
  15. 15. Colors QThe Savages Q.C.S.C.
  16. 16. Merchandising More fashion forward than typical soccer apparel. We will mainstream and Americanize the branding while maintaining distinctive soccer elements like scarves and track jackets while adding in fitteds, bandanas, hoodies, etc.
  17. 17. Marketing • All Matches streamed live on the internet • Highlight packages available for every game • web and social focus
  18. 18. The Community
  19. 19. 2011 Mecklenburg County Demographics WE WILL NOT IGNORE THIS HALF OF THE PIE
  20. 20. The Community Forming deep, mutually-beneficial relationships with all key soccer playing communities in Charlotte will be a central goal of the organization.
  21. 21. The GameDay Experience
  22. 22. Keep It Real Multiple Groups of Underserved Passionate Supporters who just want soccer and supporter culture without the Evangelism. Its not just kids and moms either. You present the package in the right way, and you will tap totally overlooked populations.
  23. 23. The GameDay Experience • Supporter Culture Driven: SG’s built off AO & QC Army Outreach Programs • No Limit Larry as PA announcer • Pre/Half/Post Game urban entertainment • JCSU Marching Band & Dancers JCSU Student Outreach
  24. 24. #QueenCityArmyT#QueenCityArmy
  25. 25. #QueenCityArmyT#QueenCityArmy
  26. 26. T#QueenCityArmy
  27. 27. The International Institution of Sound Drum Line
  28. 28. The Ladies of Blue Satin
  29. 29. The Ladies of Blue Satin & The International Institution of Sound
  30. 30. The Ladies of Blue Satin & The International Institution of Sound
  31. 31. The International Institution of Sound Drum Line
  32. 32. Supporter Culture meets Urban Culture Why not have a QCSC Car Show at a home game? Enter the QCSC Wrapped Promo Truck? Real Charlotte Cultures coming together NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS
  33. 33. Charlotte Based & National Urban Artists that resonate in the market Halftime & PostGame Entertainment
  34. 34. Strategic Media Partnerships No Unrealistic Expectations from sports establishment, just game times and results on sports headlines in and out of breaks Creative Promotions with unlikely partners
  35. 35. Strategic Media Partnerships Highlight reels for local news affiliates after every game
  36. 36. The Voice of Charlotte No Limit Larry Stadium PA Announcer
  37. 37. Revenue Streams - B2C •Season Ticket Sales •Game Day Ticket Sales •Alcohol •Concessions •Merchandise Sales
  38. 38. Season Tickets distributed as tickets not a pass to build culture
  39. 39. Charleston Atlanta Edmonton Detroit Lower Division Merchandising Best Practices
  40. 40. Revenue Streams - B2B •On Field Signage (On Fences) •Web Site Advertising Opportunities •Radio & Video Ads on Broadcast Streams •MatchDay Programs •PA Announcements •Truck Wrap Sponsorships
  41. 41. 18-34 Men (all races) 18-24 Men & Women 14-17 Teen (all races) 25-54 Hispanic (Men & Women) 25-44 Asian Men Key Demos NOT 35-54 White Women & U12’s
  42. 42. The Teams First Team - NPSL, US Open Cup, & Aggressive Friendly Schedule Reserve Team - (Charlotte Premier Soccer League, US Amateur Cup & US Open Cup Qualifying)
  43. 43. Reserve Team matches scheduled for saturday afternoon kicks immediately following EPL morning television slate.
  44. 44. Establish the tradition of going directly from the soccer bar to the QCSC game.
  46. 46. The Strategy There are many well established youth development clubs in the Carolinas. We do not want to threaten or compete with them. We do want to develop long term strategic partnerships to funnel their top youth players directly on to our reserve and first teams when they mature out of the youth development pyramid.
  47. 47. The Strategy There are 23 Division 1 Soccer Programs in North and South Carolina serving 4 PDL & NPSL sides. There is still A LOT of room for growth and A LOT of players falling through the cracks
  48. 48. The Strategy The Region III Amateur Scene is a hotbed of activity, that goes largely unnoticed because it is underrepresented in US Open Cup Qualification due to the centralized location and distant travel to the Region III Tournament usually in Texas, Louisiana, or Florida. A well run team with revenue streams from the NPSL can afford the qualification process. Locally the USASA affiliated league scene is THRIVING across the state, and developing relationships within these communities will provide access to a larger player pool.
  49. 49. The Strategy Fielding a Reserve Team will allow the club to play in front of fans for a much longer full season, providing a year round presence in the community. This is crucial because of the short NPSL season. We have all seen how teams can manipulate the cup qualification procedures by fielding First Teams as Reserve Teams in cups anyway. Reference Fresno Fuego & Rhode Island Reds in 2013.
  50. 50. The Competition Mid Atlantic Division
  51. 51. Q.C.S.C. The Savages The Competition The Mid Atlantic NPSL scene is obviously flourishing. RVA FC is the closest current comparison to our model, but there are key differences around marketing and positioning. QCSC is going to take the region to the next level, a la DCFC
  52. 52. NPSL has the fastest growing and most vibrant Supporters Culture of any lower division league
  53. 53. The Autonomy of the clubs and the flexibility of the business model > The restrictive PDL
  54. 54. Success Stories
  55. 55. Success Stories
  56. 56. Next Steps • Prepare 3 year budget and cash flows • Locate appropriate stadium • Complete Business Plan & Marketing Plan • Raise Capital ($50,000)
  57. 57. Who is Steve Bayley?
  58. 58. Work Sentry Auto Group •Unique selling style led directly to highest customer satisfaction scores in the dealership. •Masterful use of CRM tools to maintain relationships in what is typically thought of as a one-off transactional business. •15% of all customers were repeat customers within a three year span, an exceptional achievement in the auto industry. •Handwritten letters and chats in the service lounge, allowed me to become trusted resource for my customers. •One of my Lincoln customers told me I lie outside the third standard deviation of human excellence. Beasley Broadcast Group / Clear Channel Boston •Rent-A-Center - Developed a regional agency buy starting with a cold call, executing a multi location regional radio marketing plan for district.Worked in conjunction with Carat USA - NewYork. •Founded Kiss Street Team and identified talent for hire in street team roles. Responsible for first monetizing of street team services. Id grown in their roles with the company. Triple Gz Entertainment •Built the brand and career of a new artist from the ground up. •Established consistent branding through all print and digital communications. •Developed a strategy for regional expansion and organic growth through targeting secondary cities and radio markets. •Integration of branded elements across street, digital, social, and radio. The PARAGRAPH Project •Assisted in developing a segmentation study using the agency’s proprietary research methods •Assisted in analyzing the results of an ethnographic research project for a large regional retailer •Spearheaded development of an online learning initiative. Organized ecommerce, marketing funnels, email marketing, and Google adwords campaigns SmartRevenue •In-Store Quantitative Ethnography & Shopper Marketing Research
  59. 59. Education Bootcamp for Account Planners BA - Communication African American Studies MBA - Business Administration with Marketing Certificate
  60. 60. Social Me!a •Personal Use and Address Booking •Cultural Research •Youth Marketing Academy blog •Occasional Cultural insight and brand blogging •slideshare.net/StevenBayley •slideshare.net/TheLincolnKing •Miami Ad School & Youth Marketing Academy strategy & research decks • Planning Portfolio •830 presentation views •deepinthepyramid.blogspot.com •An offbeat investigation into the emerging American soccer culture, emphasis on the 4th and 5th Divisions (USL PDL & USASA) of the American Soccer Pyramid •99% culture, 1% game action. Focus on ethnic leagues in New England: Luso, Irish,West African, and Caribbean •High quality content including video and pictures •Increasingly international audience, read in over 30 countries across 5 continents •25,000 pageviews •SoccaBallinNE •Promoting the fusion of hip hop and soccer supporter culture in America through video •Production of video content for Deep In The Pyramid, my increasingly influential blog of nonleague American groundhopping •Occasional Advertising Planning content •1244VideoViews •Professional Networking, occasionally will post an article highlighting a professional accomplishment. I leave most link curation for twitter. •Love to manage my Amazon Reading List here, write reviews of planning, research, and social science books. •300 Connections •@TheLincolnKing •The glue that holds together my social media presence. •Link to articles, both original and shared content. •Thought Leadership in: Strategic Planning and Consumer Insights,American Soccer Culture, Automotive Trends, Multicultural Communication •1250 Followers