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  • PUBLIC SPEAKING...This is my offering for how Individuals can become comfortable and what actions that can be taken - to improve your performance relating to your Public Speaking endeavors. Such events can be very stressful to some, but there are actions that you can take in advance to help ease your stress and help you to engage your People. I hope that this presentations offers some 'take-aways' that will benefit someone along the way.
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Public Speaking

  1. 1. “PS…Can You Hear Me Now?” - How to Succeed at Public Speaking<br />Steve Wise August 2011<br />
  2. 2. “PS…Can You Hear Me Now?"<br />“Public Speaking” <br /><ul><li>Can come naturally to some
  3. 3. While being a nightmare to others</li></ul>How you approach such events and the actions that you take to prepare will be critical to your success. <br />This training presentation offers what I have found to be keys to succeed at Public Speaking (PS)…along my way.<br />2<br />
  4. 4. “PS…Can You Hear Me Now?"<br />Be Prepared<br />You are Not the Expert<br />Know Your Media<br />Show Your “Colors”<br />Manage Your Time<br />Get Your People Involved<br />Embrace and Learn from you’re Your Opportunities<br />3<br />
  5. 5. Be Prepared<br />What You Put Into It – will often determine …What Your People Get Out of It<br />
  6. 6. PS… Be Prepared<br />REPEATING…What you put into your Speaking engagement –<br />With this said – how do you go about preparing to Speak to Others?<br />My Offerings  1) Set Goals, 2) Know Your Audience, 3) then Prepare Accordingly.<br />Will often determine what <br />Your People get out of it –<br />** SO BE PREPARED **<br />5<br />
  7. 7. PS… Be Prepared<br />SET GOALS: I believe that as a Speaker on a Topic – you should strive to accomplish the following:<br />Engage Your Audience – Get them Involved<br />Speak about something of Interest / Betterment<br />Talk to your Audience / Be Understandable<br />Add value to the Time that your People spend<br />Strive to give Your People – “Take-aways”<br />6<br />
  8. 8. PS… Be Prepared<br />KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: In order for you to connect with whom you are speaking to – you should know something about them:<br />Makeup – i.e., Company Background, Types / Levels of Positions, & Departments involved<br />How does your Subject relate to what they do or what they are responsible for<br />Mandatory or Willing Attendance<br />What are they seeking to Learn / Hear from You<br />7<br />
  9. 9. PS… Be Prepared<br />PREPARE ACCORDINGLY: Prepare your Talk to address your Goals & Speak to your People:<br />Decide on your Talking Points<br />Set an Agenda <br />Limit your Talk to your Time Allotment<br />Identify how to get your People Involved<br />Be prepared to Speak with Minimal Notes<br />8<br />
  10. 10. PS…Be Prepared<br />9<br />
  11. 11. Know that You are Not the Expert<br />Share what You Know –<br />rather than Show what You Know<br />
  12. 12. PS…You Are Not the Expert<br />One thing that you have to accept before any Speaking Event – is that…YOU ARE NOT THE EXPERT! <br />Even though you may have more / enough Knowledge and Experience on your topic –<br /><ul><li>There is a very good chance that someone in your Audience will know your subject matter…more than you do.</li></ul>Accepting this before you start – should automatically help relieve you of some of the stress that you may face.<br />11<br />
  13. 13. PS…You Are Not the Expert<br />My Example –<br />Shortly after becoming my Division’s Safety Manager – I was conducting a Safety Training Class on “Welding Safety.”<br />I knew this topic well enough to teach from a Workplace Safety standpoint – but it was one in which I have never actually performed myself in live work conditions.<br />My audience was made up of People that did this for a living and had performed such operations 100’s of times before.<br />12<br />
  14. 14. PS…You Are Not the Expert<br />My Example (con’t) –<br />About 5 minutes into my training presentation – one of the most senior Production Mechanics stood up and asked –<br /> “What do you know about this since you haven’t done this job before?”<br />From that incident, I learned –<br />That there will be People in my audience that will know more than me,<br />And that I had to be thoroughly prepared in order to provide my People “take-aways.”<br />13<br />
  15. 15. PS…You Are Not the Expert<br />It can be a common belief that the Speaker of a session, discussion, etc. – is or can be considered the “Expert in the House.”<br /><ul><li>My guess is more often than not – that the above statement is false.</li></ul>Therefore, accept the fact that You Are Not the Expert…<br /><ul><li>But only the Speaker who is presenting a topic to those so attending.</li></ul>NOW strive to make it worth their time!<br />14<br />
  16. 16. PS…You Are Not the Expert<br />My Advice –<br />BE COMFORTABLE – enough to talk about your subject – do your homework in advance and be prepared. <br />Q&A – be prepared for questions and for those that you may not be able to answer. <br />Not being able to answer a question is okay – but commit to finding out the answer and getting back to the person so asking.<br />15<br />
  17. 17. PS…You Are Not the Expert<br />My Advice (con’t) –<br />BE RECEPTIVE TO INPUT – expect, encourage, and accept comments, suggestions, and recommendations from your People so willing to share.<br />Not only will such offers add Value to what you are presenting…<br />But it will encourage others to participate in and pay attention to what is being said.<br />16<br />
  18. 18. PS…You Are Not the Expert<br />My Advice (con’t) –<br />SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE– even though you may not be “the expert” on your topic – seek to share what you know / have experienced with others:<br />Not only will you be helping to improve the performance of others, <br />Such actions could help advance your causes, mission, and responsibilities.<br />17<br />
  19. 19. PS…You are Not the Expert<br />18<br />
  20. 20. Be Familiar with your Tools<br />…to help Ensure a Smooth Presentation<br />Know Your Media<br />
  21. 21. PS…Know Your Media<br />My Example –<br />I was asked to give a presentation on the efforts of my organization’s Quality Improvement Team that I was chairing.<br />My practice before any Speaking engagement was to test out and be familiar with the presentation media in place.<br />I was running a bit tight on time and just assumed that it was the standard that my organization used…Well it was not.<br />20<br />
  22. 22. PS…Know Your Media<br />My Example (con’t) –<br />As I started my talk and presentation, I went to flip to my section and could not.<br />50 + People in attendance were watching me trying to figure it out. <br />I ended up asking a fellow worker that I knew would know –to help me. <br />So I started my talk a bit flustered and embarrassed – especially since I always considered myself computer savvy. <br />21<br />
  23. 23. PS…Know Your Media<br />My Offerings –<br />Make sure to request that your Media (i.e., Laptop, Projector / Video, and Audio) – are set up and working no less than 30 minutes prior to your start.<br />Arrive early (15 to 30 minutes prior) to set up your Presentation and test the Media features – i.e., Slide Advancement, Sound Levels, Toggle Keys, etc. <br />GET & BE FAMILIAR WITH THEM!<br />22<br />
  24. 24. PS…Know Your Media<br />My Offerings (con’t) –<br />Bring a backup Storage Disk containing your Presentations materials – i.e., Flash Drive, extra CD – for the “just in case.” <br />If you are speaking at an unfamiliar place – bring your own Media Tools as a backup – that can interface universally.<br />Find out if the Media Tools lock you in one place – i.e., standing at the Podium.<br />23<br />
  25. 25. PS…Know Your Media<br />My Offerings (con’t) –<br />Compare the Media Tools to the room size and seating arrangements –<br /><ul><li>Can all seats see the Screen – and can it be clearly seen from the back?
  26. 26. How Loud do you have to talk for all People to hear you?</li></ul>Request Remote Media Controls in advance – to allow you to walk and talk…and get your People involved.<br />24<br />
  27. 27. PS…Know Your Media<br />25<br />
  28. 28. “Show Your Colors”<br />Show Your Passion & Energy for Your Topic<br />…“Pass It On” to Your People<br />
  29. 29. PS…“Show Your Colors”<br />Have you ever attended a Presentation that was strictly one-sided and delivered in a very boring manner? Chances are that you have. <br />Next Question – What do you remember taking away from it? Chances are not much.<br />I believe that to be successful at Public Speaking and making Presentations – YOU as the Speaker must –<br />“SHOW YOURCOLORS”<br />27<br />
  30. 30. PS…“Show Your Colors”<br />There are different ways that you as the Speaker can “Show Your Colors” when speaking.<br />Such a suggestion or action is normally personal in nature. <br />One thing for most of us – is that we can remember what Speakers and Teachers that we had – that had the biggest impact on us.<br />And by being impacted – there is a high chance that you took something away from it.<br />28<br />
  31. 31. PS…“Show Your Colors”<br />My Memories….Two of my College Instructors come to mind that left an indelible memory on me –<br />Larry Seits / English Larry was an Instructor that was very animated. He would literally hop around the room and shout what he was teaching. He brought a lot of enthusiasm to the classroom…and NO ONE slept thru his teachings.<br />Mrs. Divegnead / Art Appreciation Mrs. D was the type of Instructor that spoke with so much passion for her subject…that it spread. She could easily transform a classroom of students who did not like Art – to be the hardest working Art Students around.<br />29<br />
  32. 32. PS…“Show Your Colors”<br />30<br />
  33. 33. PS…“Show Your Colors”<br />31<br />
  34. 34. PS…“Show Your Colors”<br />32<br />
  35. 35. Structure Your Presentation to the <br /> Time Frame that You are Given<br />Manage Your Time<br />
  36. 36. PS…Manage Your Time<br />One thing that I learned as my responsibilities increased that impacted and affected other People –<br /><ul><li>Is that I have to tailor my efforts and contributions to the – TIME THAT THEY HAVE.</li></ul>Applying this principle to Public Speaking – Learn to Manage Your Time when you speak.<br />It can be a PS tendency as it was mine – <br /><ul><li>To jam pack your Presentation with all kinds of information that you think would be beneficial to share with those in attendance.</li></ul>34<br />
  37. 37. PS…Manage Your Time<br />The problem when you pack your Presentation is that –<br /><ul><li>You can end up giving your People too much information to either use or remember.
  38. 38. It forces you to talk too fast in order to cover what you want to say.
  39. 39. And prevents you from asking for and receiving input and participation.</li></ul>So when preparing for your PS endeavor – remember that – LESS IS MORE.<br />35<br />
  40. 40. PS…Manage Your Time<br />My Suggestions –<br />Find out in advance – exactly how much Time that you have to speak.<br /><ul><li>If your talk is only a part of the overall session – find out exactly when and where you are slotted to speak.</li></ul>Do your best and whenever possible, to allow time for Questions & Answers.<br /><ul><li>If your time frame is tight – it may be best to hold all Questions until the end – to help ensure that you cover what you want to.</li></ul>36<br />
  41. 41. PS…Manage Your Time<br />My Suggestions (con’t) –<br />When preparing for your talk – do your best to determine how long that it will take.<br /><ul><li>Then pare it down as needed to stay within your allotted Time Frame. </li></ul>Always prepare an Agenda for your Speaking Engagement – AND STICK TO IT!<br /><ul><li>One factor that gets Speakers in trouble is when they veer from their Talking Points.
  42. 42. Be able and aggressive if needed – to redirect your discussion back to your Subject Matter.</li></ul>37<br />
  43. 43. PS…Manage Your Time<br />My Suggestions (con’t) –<br />Always be mindful of Your Time when you are Speaking – it can easily slip by when your words are flowing.<br />Another way to ensure that your People receive all of the information that you want to share in case you run out of time –<br /><ul><li>Is to provide them with Handout Materials that they can review later on – that covers / includes your main items of discussion.</li></ul>38<br />
  44. 44. PS…Manage Your Time<br />39<br />
  45. 45. Engaging Your People = “Take Aways”<br />Get Your People Involved<br />
  46. 46. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />Getting Your People Involved in your speaking engagement – <br /><ul><li>Should be one of your most important goals that you should seek to attain when Speaking.</li></ul>Whether you are conducting a Training Session, giving a Performance Update, or trying to solicit Support for an Initiative –<br />YOU NEED TO GET YOUR PEOPLE INVOLVED!<br />41<br />
  47. 47. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />MY BELIEF –<br /><ul><li>I am the type of Speaker that believes that YOU MUST engage your Audience in order to make your talk & their time…worthwhile.
  48. 48. I have sat through too many sessions where the Speaker used 1-way communication to present their topic.
  49. 49. The problem that I have with this type of public speaking – is that I do not feel that those in attendance – take anything away.</li></ul>42<br />
  50. 50. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />FOR INSTANCE –<br /><ul><li>You are the Chair of a Committee and have requested to give an update on your team’s efforts to Home Office Personnel.
  51. 51. Such Personnel in attendance will number about 50 People and will include both Senior Staff and Administrative Positions.
  52. 52. Your Goal of your talk is not only to acquaint those attending with what your Committee does – but also to solicit their participation.</li></ul>43<br />
  53. 53. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />FOR INSTANCE (con’t)–<br /><ul><li>You have listed with your Committee’s help – the items that you want to cover and share.
  54. 54. Most of those in attendance have heard about your Committee but have not really had any direct contact with nor seen your results.
  55. 55. Your presentation tools will include a Laptop, Projection Screen, and a Podium with Mic.
  56. 56. QUESTION – How Do You Present to not only get their Interest – but to spur their Participation?</li></ul>44<br />
  57. 57. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />MY OFFERINGS–<br />The following are the actions that I recently took at such an event – to engage and solicit participation of those in attendance:<br />Ask Spot Questions– Right out of the gate, I called upon one person – and asked him what our Committee does.<br /><ul><li>I believe such action starts 2-way communication and shows them that you want to hear from them.
  58. 58. Plus People will try to be prepared and pay attention just in case you call upon them next.
  59. 59. If they don’t have the Answer – then you should quickly answer for them to refocus back on you.</li></ul>45<br />
  60. 60. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />MY OFFERINGS (con’t)–<br />Call Upon People by Name– People love to hear their Name as do you. If you know their Name – use it!<br /><ul><li>It helps to put them at ease.
  61. 61. Plus it helps you to come across as personal.</li></ul>Share Direct Examples– It is important for the Speaker to tell their Audience how their topic relates to them and what they do.<br /><ul><li>Doing so will help explain how they can benefit from your efforts and thus obtain their “buy-in.”</li></ul>46<br />
  62. 62. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />MY OFFERINGS (con’t)–<br />Use Other Speakers– I set up this particular event so that all Committee Members had a section to talk about.<br /><ul><li>This not only varied the Presentation Style,
  63. 63. But projected a “Team” approach – and showed that other viewpoints were welcomed.</li></ul>Walk the Audience– When presenting, I love to “walk the audience” – where I simply walk and talk amongst those in attendance.<br /><ul><li>I do so to become “one of them.” </li></ul>47<br />
  64. 64. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />MY OFFERINGS (con’t)–<br />Recognize Those in Attendance– If your Topic directly applies to some of those in Attendance – do what you can to recognize them during your session.<br /><ul><li>Do your best to Highlight their Achievements without embarrassing them.
  65. 65. Not only will such action show that you have that connection with them,
  66. 66. But that their actions and achievements matter and that they are appreciated. </li></ul>48<br />
  67. 67. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />MY OFFERINGS (con’t)–<br />Allow Time for Q&A– Essential to any speaking endeavor – is that you must allow time for Questions & Answers.<br /><ul><li>If at all possible – allow your People to ask questions as you progress with your Talk.
  68. 68. But if your time is tight – my suggestion is to hold them until the end.
  69. 69. Allowing for Q&A will not only answer any Questions that your People may have on your matter – but also helps them to buy into what you are offering. </li></ul>49<br />
  70. 70. PS…Get Your People Involved<br />50<br />
  71. 71. PS Endeavors…should always be<br />Used as a Learning Tool<br />Embrace and Learn from Your Opportunities<br />
  72. 72. PS…Embrace & Learn From<br />I can remember back to my early days – when I dreaded and feared speaking in Public.<br /><ul><li>Not only was I terrified to stand up and talk in front of People,
  73. 73. But I would memorize what I had to say ahead of time – then come off as very stiff when I made my presentation.</li></ul>Now after many PS experiences – I feel that I can do so with my eyes closed.<br />52<br />
  74. 74. PS…Embrace & Learn From<br />If I were asked to only give you one recommendation here, I would say –<br />Take advantage of every <br />Public Speaking Engagement<br />that is offered to you<br />…because the more that you<br />Publically Speak<br />- the easier that it will get for You<br />53<br />
  75. 75. PS…Embrace & Learn From<br />My Memory –<br />Again going back a few years – when I took Speech Class back in College, our Instructor required us to give a 5 Minute talk as our Final Exam. <br />One of my fellow Students did his talk on “How to Roll a Joint.” He demoed his subject with Tabaco while the rest of us sat stunned and watched in amazement.<br />But what I learned from him – was that when you speak publically – HAVE FUN!<br />54<br />
  76. 76. PS…Embrace & Learn From<br />My Suggestions –<br />Solicit Feedback – Shortly after your speaking engagement – ask a neutral party that was in attendance on how you did.<br /><ul><li>Did your presentation style appeal to those in attendance?
  77. 77. Were you able to connect with your People – and did you get them involved?</li></ul>Learn from Others – whenever you attend a session where you are listening to someone else speak – compare their styles versus your own.<br /><ul><li>What did they do differently and did it work better?</li></ul>55<br />
  78. 78. PS…Embrace & Learn From<br />My Suggestions –<br />Personal Notes – Immediately after your talk, take a few minutes and jot down 3 to 5 things that you did well – and 3 to 5 things that need improvement. <br /><ul><li>Then read and use them before your next speaking engagement.</li></ul>Video Your Talk – A true measure on how you did, is to have your talk recorded – <br /><ul><li>Then you can view it later with others and look for opportunities to improve. </li></ul>56<br />
  79. 79. PS…Embrace & Learn from Your Opportunities<br />57<br />
  80. 80. “PS…Can You Hear Me Now?”<br />I hope that this Training Presentation was able to offer you something that you can – “Take Away” and use.<br />My purpose is to pass on any Knowledge and Experience that I can to others – so that they can learn and benefit from. <br />If you have any comments that you would like to pass my way – please do so.<br />58<br />
  81. 81. “PS…Can You Hear Me Now?”<br />Now go out and have fun with your Public Speaking endeavors…<br />…and pass your Knowledge and Experience on!<br />Steve Wise<br /><br />59<br />