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Social Media Marketing Portfolio
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Social Media Marketing Portfolio


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social Media Project Portfolio
  • 2. Social Media Press Room At the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, I partnered with member company MarketWire to create a social media newsroom. The social media newsroom was developed with the intent to integrate our association’s web and social media content (photos, videos, social media channels, board member info) and make it easier for our members, nonmembers, journalists and bloggers to find and share our news. In addition to our social media newsroom, we utilized MarketWire’s media distribution services. Features of the social media newsroom included: •Link to Flickr photo sharing site •Link to featured YouTube videos • Social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Slideshare) •RSS feed to industry specific topics •Key contact information •Location map
  • 3. WOMMA Slideshare In advancing WOMMA's mission and members as thought leaders in ethical and effective word of mouth and social media marketing, I solicited member companies to participate in timely and relevant topic specific webinars. Only member companies were able to lead the webinars. I created the WOMMA Slideshare account to spotlight our work, share our knowledge, promote our member companies, and utilized the content as a membership lead generating tool.
  • 4. Croudsourced Campaign For the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s 2010 Annual Summit, I partnered with member company Zooppa to create a brand–sponsored video and graphic design contest. The campaign was designed to reach new audiences and share crowdsourced content with our member and non-member community. Additionally, the campaign provided us insight into the public’s perception of WOMMA and our mission. I enlisted WOMMA member company Brains On Fire to judge and choose the winning entry. The creators of the winning entry were invited to attend our annual fall conference all-expenses paid.
  • 5. WOMMA SocialPix As part of WOMMA’s annual conference strategy, we always looked to integrate offline word of mouth with online word of mouth to generate awareness and interest around our event. I developed a plan to share real- time conference photos and stories by partnering with member company SocialPIX . We created a designated photo area at the conference where attendees could create and share photos via the SocialPIX platform. The platform allowed our attendees to instantly upload photos to Facebook and share those images within their social network. The goal was to visually communicate the fun and excitement of our event and demonstrate to non-attendees that this was a must attend conference. We updated and shared these social images in a photo album on the WOMMA Facebook page throughout the duration of the conference.
  • 6. School of WOM Conference As part of our annual spring conference, School of WOM, we wanted to create something unique for our keynote speakers and session leaders to share on their blogs and within their social media network. Using an old school identification card, I had our designer mock up a conference id badge that we could use to generate interest and word of mouth conversations. As keynote speakers and session leaders were confirmed, we invited them to send us an old school photo for us to create their official School of WOM id. These virtual id badges generated a lot of curiosity and interest in our event. The badges created such buzz that people who could not attend our conference requested School of WOM id’s to help promote our event. In addition to the badges, we created a Twitter list of conference speakers for attendees and non-attendees to join and follow the conversation.
  • 7. WOMMA YouTube As part of the WOMMA’s social strategy, we utilized YouTube to help advance WOMMA's mission as thought leaders in ethical and effective word of mouth and social media marketing. We created and shared a variety of video content including: •Board president annual welcome message •Key takeaways from WOMMA members on the value and importance of our educational offerings •Promote our conferences •Industry news and best practices •Insights into what it means to win an industry WOMMY Award •Interviews with conference attendees, sponsors and exhibitors •Behind the scenes content from the WOMMA staff
  • 8. WOMMA Twitter Along with creating the WOMMA Twitter account, I also developed a content strategy to ensure our content was timely, relevant and updated on a regular basis. The WOMMA Twitter channel was developed with the intent to follow members and nonmembers, share knowledge, retweet industry related topics, and promote our educational offerings. In addition to advancing our mission, we utilized Twitter as a listening platform where we could: •Identify and follow brand advocates •Identify and follow industry influencers •Identify industry speakers •Identify new member prospects •Answer industry related questions •Participate in word of mouth and social media marketing related conversations •Stay on top of industry trends
  • 9. Keeping Up With Trends Infographics In order to keep up with popular data presentation trends in social media, I proposed and solicited bids from member companies to create a Word of Mouth Marketing infographic. The infographic was utilized in helping promote WOMMA's education events, conferences and membership recruiting efforts. Food Truck Craze Prior to my departure from WOMMA, I conceptualized, proposed and budgeted for a WOMMA food truck campaign to promote our fall conference. The event was designed to attract sponsors as well generate word of mouth conversations around the association in a non-traditional approach.
  • 10. Fox Chicago News on A nightly feature on Fox Chicago News is a segment called The Talker. The Talker is designed to entice viewers into sharing their opinions about a hot topic trending in the news and online. In addition to capturing “man on the street” interviews, I proposed enhancing the engagement level of The Talker topic segment by soliciting comments on Fox Chicago’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We then selected comments to be read on air by the evening anchors. To further enhance and reach new audiences, I proposed using short form video service to solicit video responses that could be shared on air alongside our Facebook and Twitter comments. By soliciting Talker comments in short form video, we were able to broaden our audience beyond our current DMA and add an element of viewer participation not utilized by our competitors.
  • 11. Social Media Branding One of the first priorities I was tasked with at Fox Chicago News was to conduct a social media audit. After reviewing Fox Chicago's social media channels, I proposed redesigning Fox’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels to be consistent with the overall look and feel of the station’s brand. Additionally, I wanted to highlight our news anchors on our pages so that our online efforts mirrored our traditional media branding initiatives. I worked closely with Fox’s graphic designer to update the Facebook timeline images for Good Day Chicago, Fox Chicago News at 9, Fox Chicago weather, Bob Sirott’s One More Thing and Fox Chicago sports. In addition to updating the graphics, I proposed adding viewer comments to the Good Day Chicago Facebook timeline in order to 1) share viewer endorsements and recommendations, and 2) to recognize our fans for their support. Our fans loved the "viewer billboard" and were surprised and delighted to see their unsolicited comments prominently featured at the top of our Facebook page.
  • 12. Anchor/Reporter Branding Another component of my social media audit at Fox Chicago was to update the station’s branding of individual anchors/reporters social media pages. I personally worked with each individual anchor and reporter to update the visual branding of their Twitter account, but to update their bio to ensure the inclusion of key words, a web link back to the Fox Chicago Website and the inclusion of the main Fox Chicago twitter handle. I worked closely with anchors/reports on: •How to tweet and share stories •Best use of hashtags •How to find news conversations •How to use Twitter as a news feed •How to identify story sources •Use of photos to enhance storytelling •Conduct a live Twitter chat
  • 13. Social Media Branding As part of my social media audit process at Fox Chicago News, I updated the branding on the Fox Chicago YouTube channel and devised a plan to add content to the channel on a regular basis. Prior to my arrival, the Fox Chicago YouTube channel offered little in consistency with regards to branded or shareable content. As part of my overall engagement objective, we began adding content to the page on a more consistent basis. The content plan included: •Behinds the scenes interviews with guests •NATO footage captured by reporters’ smart phones •Funny or interesting anchor moments •Celebrity segments •Thanksgiving holiday message •Prep star highlights
  • 14. Viewer Participation An idea that was discussed while I at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association came to fruition during my time at Fox Chicago News. An obvious play on the Flat Stanley character, we designed something called the Weather Bear. Our morning meteorologist, affectionately known as the Weather Bear due to his rather large frame, was very popular with morning viewers. Working with the morning producer, we conceptualized a plan to get viewers to take the Weather Bear with them and to share with us information about the weather during their everyday adventures. Viewers were then invited to share their Weather Bear photos with us, including a brief description, which we would then upload to the Weather Bear photo gallery and show select images on air during the morning weather segment. The segment was so popular that viewers began calling the news desk asking when their photo would be shown on air as well as asking for copies of the video segment featuring their photo.
  • 15. Behind The Scenes with Instagram There is nothing viewers love more than a behind the scenes look at the magic of broadcast television. As one of my objectives to keep fans and viewers engaged throughout the day, I implement a behind the scenes approach in promoting Good Day Chicago’s schedule of guests and news segments. Working closely with the morning producer, I presented my idea of using Instagram as a means of promoting celebrity and guest appearances prior to and after their scheduled appearance. Capturing photos via the Instagram app, I would share photos on Fox Chicago’s social media channels as “Coming up at 9:30am: Tavis Smiley will be joining us to talk about his new book” or “Tune in at 9:00am for a LIVE performance from Haley Reinhart!” In addition to posting teaser photos of upcoming guests, we would share additional behind the scenes photos throughout the day to keep fans engaged.
  • 16. In the fall of 2012, I worked closely with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey brand team to review and recommend a live video streaming platform for their upcoming Boss Clown elementary school debate series. I recommended using the Livestream video platform and coordinated the platform logistics with the public relations teams, web manager and director of broadcast services. We live streamed four events (Pittsburgh, Boston, Denver, Chicago) to correspond with the national presidential election debates. We supported the Livestream efforts via social media by creating an event page on Facebook, developing pre/live/post event support messaging and use of photography to help share excitement of the event. Live Streaming Video
  • 17. In support of the 143rd edition of the Greatest Show On Earth, I developed a content strategy plan to share photos and videos throughout Winter Quarters rehearsals process. Working closely with the photography services team, I created a plan on how to share behind the scenes content in order to generate interest, excitement and ticket sales for the January 2012 launch of the BUILT TO AMAZE! and FULLY CHARGED! Circus shows. Campaign results: •Total of 39 posts made to Facebook throughout Winter Quarters. •Total of 9 photo galleries were added to Facebook with a total of 120 photos throughout Winter Quarters. •Comments made: 88 •Image Likes: 1,688 •Images Shared: 257 • Ticket sales were up 12% from the previous year’s opening week performances. In addition, I created and documented the photography and videography approval process for future use. Behind The Scenes
  • 18. Instagram Created and managed Instagram content for Ringling Bros., Disney On Ice and Disney Live! Worked closely with brand marketing team, public relations and local promoters in developing a content plan to ensure images were added to the channel on a consistent basis.
  • 19. Writing Samples
  • 20. Word of Mouth Marketing Association Announces 2011 Strategic Partners WOMMA Partners With Companies to Advance Word of Mouth and Social Marketing CHICAGO, IL -- (Marketwire) -- 01/26/2011 -- The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) today announced its initial strategic partners for 2011. WOMMA is the premier non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and advocating the discipline of credible word of mouth marketing, and holds strategic partnerships with industry companies to aid in the development of the word of mouth discipline. WOMMA's 2011 strategic partners include: • coBRANDiT provides engagement strategy and tactical execution for video based social media and word-of-mouth marketing programs through video production, distribution and strategy. More information: • ConnectMedia Ventures provides mobile marketing services and technology that enable companies to leverage the mobile channel to increase the effectiveness of traditional media campaigns. More information: • Context Optional arms Fortune 500 brands with the tools and services to help them build, monitor and measure their brand presence across the social web. More information: • Marketwire is a leading newswire service offering press release distribution, media contact management, media monitoring services and other workflow solutions for public relations, investor relations, journalists and other communications professionals. More information: • Room214 helps businesses connect to the people who matter most, creating online social experiences that integrate business intelligence, social network & mobile technologies. More information: More information about WOMMA's strategic partnerships can be found at About WOMMA WOMMA,, is the leading trade association in the marketing and advertising industries that focuses on word of mouth, consumer-generated and social media platforms -- or marketing techniques that include buzz, viral, community, and influencer marketing, as well as brand blogging. The organization is committed to developing and maintaining appropriate ethical standards for marketers and advertisers engaging in such marketing practices, identifying meaningful measurement standards for such marketing practices, and defining "best practices" for the industry. Strategic Partners Press Release
  • 21. WOMMA Releases 2010 Annual Report March 21, 2011 – Chicago, IL —The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) recently released its 2010 Annual Report, outlining the work the association accomplished in 2010 and its plans for 2011. In 2010, WOMMA was dedicated to its goal of creating Talkable Brands through credible word of mouth marketing. 2010 was a year of great growth for WOMMA, with membership reaching more than 300 companies both domestically and internationally. WOMMA members were provided more opportunities than ever to actively participate as speakers, authors and volunteers for WOMMA’s content, resources and educational events. The annual report lays out WOMMA’s highlights from 2010, including the successful annual conferences Summit and School of WOM, strides in advancing ethical word of mouth marketing, the formation of the Healthcare & Pharma Taskforce, and many more accomplishments in word of mouth research, measurement, and in-person educational and networking events. View WOMMA’s 2010 Annual Report here: About WOMMA WOMMA,, is the leading trade association in the marketing and advertising industries that focuses on word of mouth, consumer-generated and social media platforms -- or marketing techniques that include buzz, viral, community, and influencer marketing, as well as brand blogging. The organization is committed to developing and maintaining appropriate ethical standards for marketers and advertisers engaging in such marketing practices, identifying meaningful measurement standards for such marketing practices, and defining "best practices" for the industry. Founded in 2004, WOMMA members include marketers and brands that use word-of-mouth marketing to reinforce their core customers and to reach out to new consumers, agencies that deliver word-of-mouth services and technologies, researchers that track the word-of- mouth experience and offline and online practitioners. Annual Report Press Release
  • 22. E-Newsletter and Copy for WOMMA Education
  • 23. Hello WOM-COMM Ethics Instructors -- Here are a couple of things you can do to help to drive attendance and contribute to the success of the WOM-COMM Ethics series. 1) Please Tweet, Blog, Facebook, or update your Linkedin network about the WOM-COMM SOCAP program. The more people we have talking about WOM-COMM the better. As an instructor, here is a suggested Tweet (feel free to modify or craft your own): Sample tweet: I'm teaching a @WOMMA online certificate course on #Ethics. Classes start Sept 14. Please join me or tell a friend 2) Video: We would love it if you were to create a simple video talking about your WOM-COMM session. Simply send us a link to your video and we'll share it with our audience. The following WOM-COMM instructor video might help you with ideas: 3) We ask that you send an email to your contacts about the program. Below is a sample email that you can use/send to your contacts. Hello Friend, I am contacting you today to let you know about an online certificate course I am teaching for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. The program is called WOM-COMM Ethics and classes start September 14. WOM-COMM Ethics is designed to teach the best practices for staying within the ethical boundaries of word of mouth and social media marketing. • More information about the program can be found here: • I invite you to share this program with your marketing team or legal counsel. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss this program in greater detail. Sincerely, [WOM-COMM Instructor Name} Email to Online Certificate Program Instructors
  • 24. E-Newsletter Design and Copy for School of WOM 2011
  • 25. School of WOM 2011 Announcement Email Subject Line: School of WOM: Agenda Pickup Day We invite you to join us for WOMMA School of WOM. The agenda is up, the instructors secured; we hope you’ll be on hand as we teach you the Art & Science of Creating Talkable Brands. From Building Brand Intimacy to Why Consumers Talk, we’ll show you how to engage social consumers instead of ignoring the squawk. About School of WOM We’ve lined up great brands from ConAgra to Yahoo! and FedEx to Quicken, we’ve got Best Buy and UNO with a dash of Olympic competition. Our instructors will help you learn as much as you can, so you can graduate from School of WOM with a Talkable Brand plan: •How to build strong customer evangelists •Using inbound marketing to generate qualified leads •When and where to engage employees as brand spokespersons •How to turn complaints into compliments •Learn to integrate WOM and social media throughout your organization Keynotes Speaker • Jeanne Bliss, Best-selling Author, Chief Customer Officer Jeanne will teach you how she focuses companies on how they can transform themselves by uniting their operation, inspiring their people, and delivering memories customers want to repeat and tell everyone they know about. Plus, you’ll get a copy of her new book, “I Love You More Than I Love My Dog.” We’ll have more surprises and keynotes to announce, including stories that Stick and pictures that Klick (hint hint). We’ll keep you informed and up to date with our weekly newsletter that you’ll think is great. Who Should Attend Whether you are the CMO responsible for strategy or a front-line employee in charge of making customers happy, the following folks should look to attend or be left behind looking at your competitors rear end.
  • 26. Who Should Attend? Why Attend? Web Copy for WOMMA Summit 2010
  • 27. Web Copy for WOMMA Summit 2010 Registration
  • 28. E-Postcard to Announce Participation in Social Media Day
  • 29. Shareable Tweets In Action
  • 30. Social Media Community Participation I enjoy public speaking, connecting with like-minded people and sharing my passion for social media and word of mouth marketing. Social Media Day Chicago 2011 Trending in Chicago School of WOM Promo Video FOX Chicago Tout Talker Topic Personal Branding Presentation WOMMA Webinar Moderator