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Mobile Site Optimisation and SEO for Your Business
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Mobile Site Optimisation and SEO for Your Business


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. A-Star CreationsAbbey House, Bracknel, RG12 1BPMobile ConceptsMobile SEO
  • 2. Mobile Search
  • 3. Mobile Search is
  • 4. Local is King with Mobile Search
  • 5. Blended Mobile Algorithms
  • 6. Mobile Search 101• Mobile Searchers use “short-tail” keywords!
  • 7. Mobile Search 101• A high degree of mobile search is “local” in nature.
  • 8. Mobile Search DOMINATESRestaurants
  • 9. Think Social “First”• Mobile sites should havesocial media links embeddedon every page, as manysmartphone users areconnected to their socialnetworks 24/7.
  • 10. Build for the Device• Don’t just build a scaled down version of thedesktop site!• Preferably use a mobile version of the site residingon a sub-domain leading with the“”
  • 11. Mobile SEO Basics• Google supports three ways of servingmobile specific content to users and haveprovided distinct recommendations for each.When a mobile user requests a particularURL:1.Serve the same HTML as the desktopversion of the page and use CSS3 mediaqueries to change the look of the site (ideal).
  • 12. Mobile SEO Basics2. Serve HTML and CSS that is differentfrom the desktop version of the page.3. Redirect a user to a different URLutilizing mobile optimized content.
  • 13. “Old School” SEO Principles Apply• Title Tags• Description• Keywords
  • 14. M.Domain name or .Mobi• It Doesn’t Matter – you pick it!• .MOBI has just marketed well!
  • 15. Rich Content – Think Small!• Webpages with rich content (images and videos)are difficult to load on mobile phones/tablets.• Reducing file sizes of rich content ensures thosepages are easy to view on the end user’s mobiledevices and give this highly sharable content bettervisibility.• Use it sparingly!
  • 16. Mobile Site Maps – Nice, but NotRequiredMobile sitemaps can’t hurt, and like traditionalsitemaps, they could help sites get more uniquecontent indexed.They are not necessary for mobile SEO!
  • 17. Cross-linking – Mobile vs. Desktop• Each mobile-friendly page should have a link to themain desktop site — clearly marked — so accessto the full site is not limited.
  • 18. Mobile Keyword Research• Use the AdWords tool:
  • 19. Search Keyword Phrases
  • 20. Use Advanced Options
  • 21. Mobile Search Action Step 1• Build out your content
  • 22. Mobile Search Action Step 2• Simple on-page optimization– Title Tags– Keywords– Descriptions– Content
  • 23. Mobile Search Action Step 3• Share your Mobile Directory socially– Facebook– Twitter– LinkedIn– Pinterest
  • 24. Mobile Search Action Step 4• Simple linking strategies work for mobile search– Press Releases– Social Bookmarks– Directories– Video Syndication– Articles (avoid heavy spinning of text)
  • 25. Save Money – Do It YourselfEDU & Wiki Links - $5 PR Backlinks - $5 (note - this provider periodically offers upsells of $5-$10 more) 22PR8 to PR5 Social Bookmarks MANUALLY Creation - $5 PR Wiki links - $5• Retweets - $5Retweet to 250k Twitter followers, and Add 2500 real followers to your Twitter Account - $5 Message to 1mm followers and Get 2500 real followers to Twitter, and then...Retweet one of our Tweets -- $5•
  • 26. Save Money – Do It YourselfGOV and EDU Wiki Links - $5• +1s - $5110 Google Plus 1s - $5 Followers / Repins - $5300 Unique Pinterest Followers / Repins / Likes - $5 Votes - $5
  • 27. Free Mobile Sample Site& Business Consultation:We offer a free mobile sample site so you can seefirst hand how your website would like as a mobileoptimised site. We also offer a free 1 hourconsultation at your business premises.Simply Visit our website: arrange your free consultation today.