Web 2 At Nwtc Final

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Web 2.0 at NWTC

Web 2.0 at NWTC

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  • 1. The Use of Social Networking at NWTC
    Linda Hartford
    Dave Hjalmquist
    Daniel Mincheff
  • 2. Today’s Presentation
    What is Social Networking or Web 2.0?
    Where is NWTC in Social Networking?
    What Can I do with Social Networking Now?
    Cautions of Social Networking
    Safety Tips
    Future Plans of Social Networking
  • 3. So what is Social Networking or Web 2.0?
    "Web 2.0" refers to a perceived second generation of web development and design, that facilitates communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. – Wikipedia
    You Tube "The Machine is US"
  • 4. Where is NWTC in Social Networking?(what are people saying!?!?!?)
    NWTC @ Ning
    NWTCTube @ You Tube
    NWTC @ LinkedIn
    NWTC @ MySpace
    NWTC @ Rate My Professors.com
    NWTC @ Wikipedia
  • 5. What Can I do with Social Networking Now
    In the Classroom
    Twitter in the classroom
    Linked in
    Web influencing
  • 6. Cautions of Social Networking
    Social Engineering
    URL Spoofing
    Identity Theft (both yours and your children's)
    Cyber stalking
    Not just Posting anti establishment comments
    Pictures with Kids names, etc.
    When Will I be on vacation
  • 7. Safety Tips
    Educate yourself about the site before posting any personal information
    The information you post may become the ownership of the site once posted.
    Presume what you write on a social network is permanent
    Type the address of your social networking site directly into your browser or use personal bookmarks
    Exposure to Malware/Virus’/Worms
    Lack of security
    Few restrictions
    Never disclose any Personal Information
    MySpace Safety Page Videos
  • 8. Safety Tips (continued)
    Use caution when you click on links (Approach with Caution)
    Avoid giving away email addresses of your friends by not allowing social networking services to scan your email address book
    Be selective about who you accept as a friend
    People aren’t always who they say they are
    Be careful about installing extras on your site
    Talk to your kids about social networking
    Microsoft Kids and Social Networking Usage Safety
    OnGuard.gov Online Social Networking Parents Guide
  • 9. Future Plans for Social Networking?
    What are other institutions doing?
    Open Office Hours on Face Book
    Virtual Tours on Second Life
    Wikis to build a body of knowledge - Professors Sharing High Tech Teaching Tips
    Class Discussions videotaped and posted on Class Wiki and presented as part of on line Class
    Midterm as online game show
    Locaccino – Friend tracking tool – used to track colleagues, assistants, students, etc
    Post Job-seeking seniors on Listserv, LinkedIn
    Communicating and Learning about your students with Twitter - Teaching with Twitter
    Teaching Via Webcast on UTube - Professors As UTube Stars
  • 10. Future Plans for Social Networking?
    Something to think about…………
    A Vision of Students Today
    The realm of possibilities….What if
    What can NWTC do moving forward with Social Networking? What are your ideas?
  • 11. Questions?
    All links will be on the IIT Intranet Page under Social Networking
    IIT, SOD and LSS are open and willing to assist staff and faculty explore social networking ideas and concepts for instruction and supporting NWTC’s mission and vision
    Attend hands-on training with SOD and LSS on Web 2.0 ToolsWhen: Tuesday, May 26 Register via PeopleSoft