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A Guide to Lean Coffee
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A Guide to Lean Coffee


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A short guide to running a Lean Coffee session.

A short guide to running a Lean Coffee session.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Ask for categories of ideas / focus areas on the wall (take 6-8)Ideas: by role, by project type, by frustration2. One vote3. Split into 2 groups4. #LeanCoffee instructions5. Other rules (specific to today)Law of two feetMinute taker? (optional)Minute taker for takeaways (mandatory)In your takeaway, please identify a topic you’d like a session on. We’ll post these on the wall.Reset after 45 minutes.At the end: put topics in IdeaScaleAmir: Introduce the IdeaScale
  • Slides will have links** NOW Ask them to Group (SILENCE)Show them how to vote (on a post-it)Number the groupsVoteTally
  • Transcript

    • 1. A Brief Guide To #LeanCoffee * Instructions for finding coffee and a table not included
    • 2. Step 1: Create your board
    • 3. Step 2: Ask your group to populate the “Ready” column with ideas
    • 4. Step 3: Identify yourself In turn, ask each person to introduce themselves in 1-2 sentences.
    • 5. Step 4: Review the topics – Have each person give a 1-2 sentence intro to their topic
    • 6. Step 5: Vote on the ideas. Each person gets two votes (tick marks)
    • 7. Step 6: Prioritize your backlog
    • 8. Step 7: Set a timer for 8 minutes Tip: for iPhone, Untime is a great #LeanCoffee timer
    • 9. Step 8: Move the first topic into “Doing” and start talking!
    • 10. Step 8: When 8 minutes is up, do a quick “Roman Vote” Up = Keep talking Middle = Unsure Down = Next topic
    • 11. Mostly up = Another four minutes
    • 12. Half up / Half down = Another two minutes
    • 13. Step 9: Thumbs down = Next Topic
    • 14. Step 10: <Repeat>
    • 15. Step 10: <Repeat>
    • 16. Step 11: 5 min before ending: Takeways In turn, ask each person to say 1-2 sentences on their takeaways from the session.
    • 17. Summary 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 3 columns: Ready; Doing; Done Put ideas in “Ready” Introduce yourselves Topic reviews: 1-2 sentences Vote (2 votes each) Prioritize the “Ready” column Set an 8 minute timer Move the first item into “Doing” and start talking “Roman Vote”. Up = keep going (4 minutes) , Middle = ambivalent (2 minutes) Down = next topic 10.Repeat 11.5 minutes left? 1-2 sentence takeaways
    • 18. For more information: Thanks to Adam Yuret for all the #LeanCoffee teachings and tips. Steve Rogalsky @SROGALSKY WINNIPEGAGILIST.BLOGSPOT.COM PROTEGRA.COM