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Free online marketing pitch
Free online marketing pitch
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Free online marketing pitch


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  • 1. at end of consultation offer a free keyword research and website check It is your job to show them how their current website is losing them potentialcustomers highlight testimonals from clients Free Online Marketing Consultation Pitch If you can show value you can get a can make calls to plumbers or what niche you prefer from 1pm-3pm I find the decision maker most of the time calling during that time...I simply say this 20 times a day between 1pm and 3pm and your get 1-2 20 min. meetings " Free Online Marketing Consultation Pitch my name is Steve and I'm a local business Consultant from ReSEOlve, build rapport hows your website or business going for you I would like to share with you how Online Marketing could enhance customer accessibility to your business and provide you with potentially hundreds of new and returning customers every month."we are offering a FREE 20 mins Online marketing consultation about your current site for you that will enhance your brand and traffic and conversions and get you more exposure on the internet over taking your competitors and getting more customers through the door. its a 20 minute meeting via skype or face to face or any other means you prefer to share the value of Online Marketing in 2013 after the recent updates." “If I were able to help you see how you can get a couple of extra clients every month, do you think you are going to be able to handle the extra business?“ Lets setup a time and day hows Tuesday at 8pm for you?
  • 2. “Hi, it looks like I“ve just missed you. I am just shooting out afew free business analysis reports to businesses in (name ofsuburb/town). I just wanted to make sure I“ve got the rightcurrent address for you. Could you please give me a quickcall back on (phone number) when you have a spare momentor just shoot me a quick email at (email address). Thanks.“ for emails:- I was looking at gardeners in my area today and I cameacross your website. I was trying to view it on my mobilephone and had a few problems. What“s the best number I could call you on and when wouldbe the best time to call? Many thanks, John The subject line of the email is also very important and will have a huge effecton your open rates. The two main subject lines I like to use are: Subject: Website Enquiry“ This subject line works well in getting your emails opened because you areapproaching businesses that already have websites and are likely receivingthe odd enquiry from people who have visited their website. It will be hard forthem not to open an email like this. Subject: Business Owners Name your flyer ==================== Your flyer might say something like this! For the next 2 days I am in the area helping small localBusinesses like yours develop a simple Facebook fanpagefor your business. This service is absolutely free of chargeand there is no catch. All I ask is a simple testimonial fromyou when we are done. Nothing more. If this sounds fair and you want to claim one of the 2 freespots I have remaining call me or shoot me an email asap at: (Sorry, first come, best dressed) 3. They can“t afford it I don“t care what anybody says. Price is NEVER the issue. If someone whoneeds your product tells you they can“t afford it then you have not done agood enough job of presenting the benefits and value to them. As soon assomeone can see the value outweighs the investment they will almost alwaysbuy. People always have a way of finding money when it is needed.Remember, this service you are offering to businesses is an investment, notan expense “ you need to make the distinction very clear. SEO isn“t rocket science! You can rank your business for any term as long as you are willing to get creative. Don“t be afraid to think outside of the box and more importantly be patient as it can take months if not years before you start ranking for competitive terms.