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TSCG Brochure

  1. 1. TSC Global
  2. 2. About us01 What We Do We enable organizations struggling with the world- wide housing crisis to build quality, affordable homes, rapidly and inexpensively. We sell to the thousands of government agencies, NGOs, and developers who want fast, inexpensive, and scal- able solutions. We make blocks for sale and build homes using lightweight concrete. We accelerate construction three-fold, at lower cost, using local materials and labor. Our homes are safe, comfort- able, and made to last 100 years. 02 Solutions For our customers, rapid progress, stretching construc- tion budgets, building safe structures and demonstrable results are the keys to reducing risk, keeping their orga- nizations healthy and growing, and maintaining the support of stakeholders like donors, stockholders and investors. Our core business proposition is that we sell products, and expertise, that allow construction to be done faster, better, with less financial risk, and at lower cost than our competitors. Our non-profit and public sector customers also make three other demands on vendors: 1) job creation and training of the workforce; 2) purchasing raw materials locally; 3) bringing foreign direct investment into the country. TSC Global is superbly positioned to meet all three requirements. 03 Our team TSC Global is a limited liability company located in Denver, Colorado, USA. There are three principals: Stephen Riley, President; Brad Wells, Executive Stra- tegic Director; and Randal Parsley, Executive Director of Construction. Stephen comes from the corporate world and has deep experience in international project management, finance and marketing. Brad is an entre- preneur and small business owner. Randal is the inven- tor of our Featherstone cellular lightweight concrete products, a concrete construction expert, and has 20 + years experience as corporate executive in commercial construction firms. Randal is also a licensed General Contractor in the US. We have attracted a strong advisory team with expertise in engineering, finance and business planning, and venture capital marketing. In each project country the company has business partners, construction profes- sionals, and mentors helping guide us to success in the local marketplace. www.tscglobal.org www.tscglobal.orgwww.tscglobal.org
  3. 3. Our expertise 01 Blocks & Pre-Cast Our core product is cellular lightweight concrete block. The size and shape of the block, combined with our CLC mix design, is what makes them unique and superior to our competitors. Our blocks require less labor to erect, can be laid by unskilled workers and volunteers, are less expensive to transport, and promote rapid construction-often three times the rate for regular cinder blocks. This means, while the cost per square foot of wall is the same as cinder blocks, our work proceeds at triple the normal speed of construction. Our Featherstone cellular lightweight concrete product line also includes pre-cast panels and other architec- tural shapes. The company produces tilt-up and clad- ding panels to meet any specifications. 02 Grouts & Surface Coatings The design of our wall assembly, combined with our proprietary high-strength grouts and stuccos, makes a wall that is lighter yet stronger than regular cinder block walls. This means, in high wind and earthquakes, buildings made with our blocks are safer than buildings made with competing products. Selling our own grouts and renders, and providing customer training, gives the company important quality control safeguards for our wall assemblies. 03 Construction It is the composite decking and cast-in-place CLC products that give the company an advantage over competitors in the contracting sector. At scale, 500+ units, there is no other building material that competes on speed, cost or quality. Through our own staff of construction and project management professionals, and the support of our network of engineers and architects, the company has the capacity for lightweight and regular reinforced con- crete construction projects large and small. www.tscglobal.org www.tscglobal.orgwww.tscglobal.org
  4. 4. Our customers 01 Contracting Authorities • Commercial Builders • Government • NGO’s • Multi-lateral Organizations • Bi-lateral Organizations • Non-profits • Developers 02 Dealers • Building Materials • Block Manufacturers 03 Building Professionals • Contractors • Architects • Engineers www.tscglobal.org www.tscglobal.orgwww.tscglobal.org
  5. 5. Our capabilities 01 Non-Profit • Affordable Housing • Medical Clinics • Schools • Reconstruction • Base Camps • Churches 02 Public Sector • Affordable Housing • Medical Clinics • Schools • Reconstruction • Multi-Family Housing • Government Buildings 03 Private Sector • Commercial Buildings • Hotels • Guest Houses • Bed & Breakfasts • Home construction • Reconstruction • Repairs www.tscglobal.org www.tscglobal.orgwww.tscglobal.org
  6. 6. TSC Global, LLC 1205 Osage Street Denver, CO 80204 USA +1.720.549.9303 www.tscglobal.org