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This is the rough version of a presentation that Steve Trash gave to at the Hilton Hotel in NYC Monday January 14, 2013. Obviously my Mac KEYNOTE app is not communicating well with POWERPOINT. I'll try and redo the spacing ASAP. Enjoy.

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SteveTrash APAPLeanGreenMean -1.14.13

  1. 1. Lean Green Mean copyright concrete dream inc.
  2. 2. copyright concrete dream inc.
  3. 3. copyright concrete dream inc.
  4. 4. what issustainability? copyright concrete dream inc.
  5. 5. Sustainable - Meet today’s needs withoutcompromising the ability offuture generations to meet theirs. copyright concrete dream inc.
  6. 6. 1. renewable2. no pollution copyright concrete dream inc.
  7. 7. systemdesigncopyright concrete dream inc.
  8. 8. 1. reduce risk 2. cut costs 3. build brand4. grow revenue copyright concrete dream inc.
  9. 9. copyright concrete dream inc.
  10. 10. Performing Arts Focus Areas1.  Pre/Post Production 2. Production 3. Touring 4. Outreach 5. Venues copyright concrete dream inc.
  11. 11. GET BUY IN -• INSENTIVIZE EVERYONE TO REDUCE IMPACT - build a culture that looks for ways that your organization can reduce it’s impact. Have contests with REAL PRIZES for suggestions that will save money and reduce the impact you have on the planet. • USE MONEY FROM RECYCLING FOR MONTHLY BIRTHDAYPARTIES - Parties are fun, they give people the opportunity to celebrate and reinforce their appreciation for one another and “green efforts” copyright concrete dream inc.
  12. 12. 1. PRE-PRODUCTION/POST PRODUCTION• DfE - ALL SCENIC MATERIALS - Design scenery for the environment. Design sets that reduce construction materials and will make less waste at the END of the project. • Dfe - ALL LIGHTING - Design lighting for the environment. Design with LED lighting (or another energy efficient alternative) in mind. • REUSE SETS & COSTUMES - Reuse sets or costumes from previousproductions during design phase of show. Look at inventory and see how that stuff might be repurposed. • BUY IT LOCAL - Utilize local vendors as opposed to having products shipped across the country. • REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE IT - Make sure any waste produced is sent to a local recycling facility. copyright concrete dream inc.
  13. 13. 1. PRE-PRODUCTION/POST PRODUCTION • CHOOSE A GREEN CZAR - Put someone in your operation in charge of green procedures as a resource for all your employees and clients. • GREEN IT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - Implement green practices in through-out organization.• MAKE SURE YOUR WASTE HAULER IS A RECYCLER - Utilize a local waste management company that is committed to recycling, then fill their trucks. • CHOOSE LOW OR NO ENERGY - Utilize LED lighting when possible. • DO NOT USE DISPOSABLES - Use rechargeable batteries in battery- operated devices and recycle any non-rechargeable batteries. copyright concrete dream inc.
  14. 14. 2. PRODUCTION • BUILD A GREEN MINDSET FROM THE START WITH CAST & CREW - At first call let actors and staff know that greener practices will be incorporated into the production. Start this from the beginning. • PROVIDE BOTTLES 4 ALL - Offer cast and staff reuseable bottles instead of disposable,plastic water bottles. Ensure that cast and staff have labels for water bottles and mugs, as well as access to natural/organic dish washing solution.• RECYCLE BIN BESIDE EVERY TRASH CAN - Explain that recycling is mandatory and make the recycling containers easily accessible. Make sure a recycle bin is next to EVERY trash can.• MOTION SENSORS SAVE ENERGY - Install motion sensor lights. In rooms where this isn’t possible, post notices by all light switches (especially in bathrooms) reminding people to turn off the lights when leaving a room. copyright concrete dream inc.
  15. 15. 2. PRODUCTION • RECYCLE AND REUSE ALL PAPER - Point out that the paperwork the company is given, if any, has been printed on either post-consumercontent recycled paper or reused scrap paper - print on both sides where possible. This is greener and saves $$$.• E-MAIL INSTEAD OF PAPER - Remind colleagues, company membersand outside parties that they will receive their notices by email instead of hard copies, unless requested otherwise. • TURN OFF ENERGY VAMPIRES - Use power strips and turn off allcomputers, printers, sound systems and any other electronic equipment in rehearsal room at the end of the day. Also make sure any A/C units are turned off at the end of the day. copyright concrete dream inc.
  16. 16. 2. PRODUCTION • TELL CREW WE’RE STILL GREEN - When a production moves into the performance space, remind everyone green practices will continue. • RECYCLE HERE - Point out recycling receptacles during initial backstage tours.• MUGS & BOTTLES HERE - Make sure the cast knows where their mugs and water bottles are located. • POST REMINDERS - Post strategically placed reminders in dressing rooms, reminding cast members to turn off lights and electronics • PRINT POST CONSUMER - Use only 100% recycled paper, with a goal of minimum post-consumer content of 30%. Print on the back of scrap paper whenever possible. Use old inserts and stuffers as note pads/scratch pads. copyright concrete dream inc.
  17. 17. 3. PRODUCTION • COLD WASHING SAVES ENERGY - Use eco-friendly detergents. Wash clothes in cold water. • USE WIND ENERGY TO DRY CLOTHES - Airdry clothes when possible. • RECHARGE ‘EM - Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible and Recycle used batteries. • CUT DOWN ON THE TOXINS - Use environmentally-sound versions paints, glues, solvents, etc.• DON’T DUMP IT - Properly dispose of hazardous liquids, such as paint, paint thinners, glues, etc. • TRASH CAN + RECYCLE BIN = MORE RECYCLING Point out recycling centers to new company members when they get their tour of the theatre. copyright concrete dream inc.
  18. 18. 4. OUTREACH • TELL YOUR STORY & SHOUT IT OUT LOUD - Communicate about your greening actions because greening actions are contagious. Audiences care aboutgreening efforts. Communicate about greening actions in multiple ways: Include inPlaybills or other programs. Post signs in lobbies, restrooms, mention in electronic and other marketing communications. Announce from stage. • BATHROOM ETIQUETTE - Use eco-friendly paper products in bathrooms, let people know. Or switch to air dryers. Remind people to use only what they need. • LOBBY RECYCLING - If youre separating recyclables in your theatre, make those signs clear and noticeable. Recycle bin next to every trash can. Ifconcessions are selling in cups that CANNOT BE RECYCLED... consider switching to ONLY recyclable containers. (aluminum, glass, plastic) copyright concrete dream inc.
  19. 19. 4. OUTREACH • TELL AUDIENCE WHAT THEY CAN DO - Communicate about what audience members can do at home and at work.• DIGITAL SAVES RESOURCES - Communicate with your audience via email, text, etc. reducing the need for paper and mailing. • BEST KIND OF PAPER IS 100% POST CONSUMER WASTE RECYCLED- Print flyers, inserts, and other paper products on recycled paper and/or FSC certified paper.• GREEN PATRONS SHOULD SAVE MONEY - Create green promotions likediscount tickets for carpooling or people cycling to the theatre. Encourage the use of public transit or biking/walking. Create dialogues about the issue between casts and audiences. copyright concrete dream inc.
  20. 20. 4. OUTREACH• PRINT GREEN - Use print shops that use eco-friendly inks and paper. • CAST CHANGES - Replace paper inserts with signage orannouncements when possible - otherwise, use best efforts to combine multiple inserts to single inserts. • SOURCE LOCALLY - Buy office supplies and equipment locally.• GREEN CELEBS - Use electrics or hybrids when using a car service for celebrities or press events. • DIGITAL MEETINGS - PowerPoint presentations or pdf/emailed charts/figures instead of handouts at marketing meetings. copyright concrete dream inc.
  21. 21. 5. TOURING • THE “G” TEAM - Establish a green team responsible for identifying and implementing greener practices on the road. • TEAM - THEM- 2 EXPECT GREEN - Communicate in advance with shows and personnel appearing at your venue your greening practices and requirements. Implement a green rider to contracts that sets out requirements for greener conduct in your venue.• SIGNS OF THE TIMES - Take appropriate and re-useable traveling signage and communications with you or on site that make “green” easy. • DFE TOURING - Design and produce touring sets and equipment to minimize energy usage for operating and transporting the show.• COLLECT FOR REUSE - Work with organizations that can use your waste materials. • REDUCE CARBON FOOTPRINT - Reduce the number and or size of vehicles that go out on tour. copyright concrete dream inc.
  22. 22. 5. TOURING • CLOUD CONTRACTING - Implement electronic processing of contracts, using PDFs rather than mail, where possible.• DESIGN FOR GREEN TRAVEL - Develop efficient tour schedule and packing plan. • GREEN TRUCKS - Use transportation companies committed to greenerpractices, such as proper tire inflation and reduction of idling or use of biofuels. • BUY OFFSET CREDITS - Invest in wind power and other high quality programs to offset the remaining impact of transportation.• SHOUT IT OUT LOUD - Have press agents let local media know in advance about your greening efforts. copyright concrete dream inc.
  23. 23. 6. VENUES• ENERGY AUDIT - Seek out a local utility to complete an energy audit, to provide a baseline for energy and cost saving improvements. • REPLACE LAMPS - Convert all facility lamps to more more efficient bulbs. • GREEN FACILITY ETHIC - Encourage everyone to turn off lights when not needed. Add motion sensors to areas that are unused for large periods of time. (restrooms, etc.)• GREEN HVAC - Invest in more energy-efficient HVAC systems as venues are restored/upgraded.• BE A ZERO WASTE FACILITY - Commit to a more aggressive recycling policy, including waste and refuse from production, concessions, maintenance, and patrons. Look for ways to PRE-CYCLE. copyright concrete dream inc.
  24. 24. 6. VENUES• BUY GREEN - Convert to green cleaning products, which alleviate staff and patron environmental health exposures AND liabilities.• DEMAND = MORE - Use recycled paper products that contain at least 30% post consumer content. • RENOVATE GREEN - Make environmentally informed choices during theatre renovations as facility projects arise. • WATER CONSERVATION = SAVINGS - Conserve and manage water consumption and sewer waste. Examine investment in water-efficient bathroom fixtures, including low-flow sinks and waterless urinals. copyright concrete dream inc.
  25. 25. copyright concrete dream inc.