Product Promotion Giveaways And Why They Fail


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Product promotion giveaways can be a boon or a boondoggle for the company that sponsors the giveaway depending on the giveaway guidelines the company sets

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Product Promotion Giveaways And Why They Fail

  1. 1. give awaygat o m http://giveawaygato m/pro duct-pro mo tio n-giveaways-and-why-they-fail/Product Promotion Giveaways And Why They Failby Steve Po tsHave you considered sponsoring productpromot ion giveaways?Product promotion giveaways can work wonders toget the word out about your products or services butif done wrong can be a total waste of time andmoney and could even damage your bottom line.You have probably seen many companies sponsorproduct promotion giveaways and you have probablybeen contacted by a f ew bloggers eager to dogiveaways f or your company .Truth of the matter is that many Product PromotionGiveaways f ail to do anything but gain the sponsor af ew extra unresponsive (zombie like) Facebook f ansand Twitter f ollowers. Sad but true so let’s take alook at where the mistakes are made.The Blame GameFirst let’s start at the source of Product Promotion Giveaways. T he sponsors.In f ull disclosure I’m writing this post because I have had a somewhat odd experience with a sponsor. T heodd experience got me thinking and so this post was born. I’ll get into the odd experience a bit later in thispost.In another post we will take a look at the bloggers but f irst I need to deal with the sponsors.I’m talking about sponsors who are contacted by bloggers who are eager to do Product PromotionGiveaways f or them and sponsors who reach out to bloggers to do the Product Promotion Giveaways f orthem. I’ll deal with companies that run their own giveaways in another post too.As a sponsor of product promotion giveaway you should be aware of a f ew problems you could create f oryourself by either over restricting the bloggers in how they do the giveaways or by not setting sound andwell thought out guidelines in place at all.I believe there should be guidelines in place so the bloggers will know what is expected of them. We need ahappy medium where both blogger and sponsor gain.So what guidelines should you have in place?NofollowFirst of all the most important thing you need to add to your guidelines is that the bloggers add therel=”nof ollow” meta tag to any links that point to your website. T his is important f or SEO (Search Engine
  2. 2. Optimization) f or your site. About three years ago you could pay f or links to your site to boost your site’sSERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking but today this is no longer advisable. Granted, 3 years ago itwas f rowned upon too but today Google and many other search engines regard this as unnatural links orpaid f or links and will punish a sites SERP ranking f or having too many (or any) unnatural links pointing to it.If you don’t tell the bloggers to “nof ollow” your links there is a good chance that they will not do it and thiscan lead to your site dropping of f the map in search results. If you are dependent on search traf f ic f or salesthis little gem could kill you.You can learn more about it here. Link schemes – Google Webmaster Guidelines The following are examples of link schemes which can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results: Buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a linkAsk for moreIf lef t to their own devices giveaway bloggers or bloggers that do product promotional giveaways will simplyadd your Facebook Page link and your Twitter link in the promotional giveaway f or the entrants to Like andFollow. If you are sponsoring a giveaway make sure you get more out of the giveaway. You should pick some of your products and ask that the blogger add those to the giveaway to be pinned on Pinterest. You should provide the blogger with a link to a promotional post on Twitter f or the entrants (the people who enter to win the product) to ReTweet. Ask that the entrants be sent to your Facebook Page to comment on a post on your wall so that you may engage them there. If you make use of YouTube, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, or any other social media or book marking sites ask that the entrants f ollow, like, subscribe and vote f or you on those sites. If you have a mailing list ask that the link be included so that entrants can subscribe to your mailing list.T here are many other things you can ask f or to increase your social media f ootprint. Just having entrantsclick like on your Facebook page is not going to do anything f or you other than give you f ake f ans that willprobably unlike you af ter the giveaway anyway. Make use of your product promotion giveaways to put you intouch with people who have an interest in your product. If they don’t like your product why would they wantto win it?Ask that your entries carry more weightOkay look, if you and the blogger work together on a giveaway you should know that the blogger is going toadd his or her social media links and possibly other promotional entries in the giveaway too. T his is not abad thing f or the sponsor because you want the blogger you are working with to have a large social mediaf ootprint and readership because this is what the blogger uses to promote you. How do you think I gotnearly 11,000 Facebook f ans and 5,000 Twitter f ollowers?
  3. 3. I f ound the f ollowing point structure works well with Giveaway Tools and Raf f lecopter (the two top giveawaywidgets or tools) Ask that each entry in the giveaway that promotes or f avors you be worth 2 points and allthe other entries be worth only 1 point.Also ask that there be no f ollow pages or Facebook Farm pages where hundreds of other blogger’sFacebook Like buttons could be lurking.(I have done Follow pages too I admit I’m not perf ect but I don’t dothem anymore)If you don’t know what a Follow page is it is basically a long list of Facebook or Twitter buttons that arecollectively worth a great deal of points or entries in the giveaway. T he entrant is asked to like or f ollow allto qualif y f or (usually) 25 points.What you might not know is that Facebook only allows you to like 2000 Facebook pages. If the bloggersFacebook Page or Facebook Farm is worth more than yours the entrant will likely like the blogger’s FacebookPage and skip your Facebook Page to gain the entries.You should understand that Bloggers work in groups and of ten bloggers will share giveaway posts within thegroups. To gain the support the bloggers who help out are going to gain something in return f or theirhelp.It’s a small price to pay f or the additional promotionJust ask that the bloggers entries not be bundled together on f ollow pages so the entrants can pick theones they want to f ollow or like and gain only one entry f or each like or f ollow as apposed to 25 points f orall.Don’t restrict the bloggers too much just guide them (a case study)As I have said bef ore I had an odd encounter with a sponsor, or to be more clear PlaSmart. T his is a casestudy so try to learn f rom it.My wif e contacted PlaSmart and asked if we could review the Perplexus. PlaSmart contacted us back withsome reasonable guidelines and at least one that made me f eel uncomf ortable and a f ew that were just notsmart.Simply put, I was given very strict guidelines as to what my review of their product should look like. T he veryf irst thing they insisted on was that bef ore they approve a giveaway they wanted to see my review post. I’mokay with this but to me it would seem that if I did not give them a shining review that they would not beinterested in doing a giveaway with me.I have to be honest here, as a product promotional giveaway blogger I sometimes sugar the product just abit so that the bad points don’t leave a bitter taste. As a blogger I still need to be honest with my readers soif I don’t like something I will say so but I will not dwell on the negative things and rake the sponsor over thecoals f or them.I don’t see the point in negative reviews. If you don’t have something nice to say say nothing is my motto.In the past I have declined a f ew sponsors f or product promotion giveaways because their products werenot suitable f or my blog or something was terribly wrong with the products they sent f or review.Two weeks ago I declined two sponsors. One candy maker and a cookie maker because the candies weremarketed and priced as gourmet while being cheap and bland and the cookies smelled and tasted like paint.I’m prepared to sugar a review but I will not outright lie to people in a product promotion giveaway.Other than basically (as I interpret it) asking f or a shining review PlaSmart asked that I do not use any oftheir images or videos on their site in the review and that the giveaway post be posted only on my blog.
  4. 4. As f or the photos I agree to a point but I’m used to using product photos f rom sponsors sites along with myown because those photos are usually f ar better than mine. I also use the sponsors f ull logo.T here is such a thing as branding and incorporating the sponsors logo in the review and giveaway helps thereaders and entrants in recognizing the sponsor’s logo. Telling me I can’t use your logo is just silly on yourpart and not allowing me to use your photos might result in my poor quality photos making your product lookbad. I’m not stealing your photos and as I’m already talking about your product and linking (“nof ollow”) toyour site I don’t see the problem here.As f or only posting the giveaway on my blog, PlaSmart is missing out on an opportunity to put their producton more monitors and gain more traction and possibly more clients f rom the giveaway. Why restrict me onwhere I post your promotional giveaway? More blogs = more readers = more traction. I network withhundreds of of bloggers to gain my sponsors more exposure. I also use a paid service that shares myproduct promotion giveaways on 117 giveaway linky blogs and at least 7 giveaway directories.PlaSmart insisted on only having one entry per entrant. So…they don’t want me to provide Pinterest entries,Twitter f ollows, Facebook page comments, ReTweets, shares and posts likes or any entries f or myself ?Interesting!How am I going to educate my readers about their products? Let’s take a look at a ReTweet in one of theProduct Promotion Giveaways I’m doing now.Let’s take a look at the reach …Ooh back at 117 ReTweets we already had a reach of 81,000 Twitterusers. Nice!Not only did I just educate 127 readers (the giveaway is not over yet) that Lugz sells kids shoes, thosereaders promoted Lugz to their Twitter f ollowers. How cool is that?T his Lugz giveaway already has 1600 people entered and it still has a week to go bef ore it ends. Myself andthe Bloggers I work with are rock star promoters, end of story!Here is the kicker… in PlaSmart’s restrictive guidelines. If I dont f ollow their guidelines they will decline thegiveaway.All I can say is this: T he giveaway benef its one of my readers (the winner) and the sponsor. I don’t getanything out of the giveaway so if PlaSmart pulls out of the giveaway I don’t lose anything. PlaSmart justopened a slot f or one of many sponsors who are waiting f or me to promote them.
  5. 5. Guidelines should not be self restrictions. Let those that know how to promote do what they do and benefit fromit.Last but not leastSponsors should ask the bloggers that want to promote them f or examples of their work. You can spot a“I’m in it f or the f ree stuf f ” Blogger a mile away so take a look at their blogs and the Product PromotionGiveaways they have done.I promote alot of other bloggers Product Promotion Giveaways so I know that 90% of the bloggers outthere are only doing reviews and giveaways f or the f reebies. Look around on my blog some of thegiveaways here will make your hair stand on end (not mine lol) but compare them to giveaways we doourselves.You can tell our Product Promotion Giveaways f rom the others because we mention ourselves as hosts inour giveaways. If is does not say the giveaway is hosted or brought to you by Giveaway Gator on it it is notmine.Spo ns o rs , if yo u wo uld like t o ha ve P ro f e s s io na l P ro duct P ro m o t io n G ive a wa ys do ne by us e m a il us ; G o he re t o co nt a ct usCheck out our Giveaway Blog Giveaway Gator