HackU Dundee 2011: Tools to Hack With


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HackU Dundee 2011: Tools to Hack With

  1. 1. TOOLS TO HACK WITH @SteveMarshall Dundee HackU 2011
  2. 2. select  *  from  internetYQL uses a SQL-like query language, allowing you to create simplequeries from one API or really easily chain queries together so you onlyget the data you really want, and fast.All of this, using one language, against one endpoint that gives youeverything on the Internet.But how do you build your queries? To the console!
  3. 3. This is the console. You can enter queries here…
  4. 4. We can do simple things like ‘Search flickr for 10 cat pictures’.http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=cat&w=all&m=&s=
  5. 5. By selecting from flickr.photos.search where the text is cat.But what if we want to do something more complex?
  6. 6. Let’s start by finding tweets about Egypt…(select * from twitter.search where q=egypt)
  7. 7. And now, let’s make them all Spanish…select * from google.translate where q in (select text from twitter.searchwhere q=egypt) and target="es";)That’s pretty cool. What else can we do?
  8. 8. And now, let’s wrap a UI around that…And we have a hack!(http://isithackday.com/hacks/twitter-translate-form.php?search=egypt&amount=20&language=es)
  9. 9. select  * from  query.multi where  queries  in (‘query  1’,  ‘query  2’,   ‘query  3’)One of the most useful tables you can use, query.multi allows you tocombine multiple parallel queries into one, saving you making separatecalls to YQL for each!
  10. 10. social dopplr instapaper nmsi sparqlamazon dostopsi intuit noaa spotifyamee edu ip npr sunlightanswers ericssonlabs kiva nyt tarpipeappdb esme lastfm openaustralia testapple etsy limewirestore opencalais textarxiv eyefi livedoor opencontext themoviedbauth facebook local openid thetvdbavatars fantasysports longurl opensocial timeoutaws fcc maps paypal tinysongbasecamp filemd5 mediawikiapi pidgets tumblrbatlas finance meetup pikchur tvragebbc fitbit meme plos twfybible flickr mendeley pubsubhubbub twitterbit folderscrape microsoft query ukparliamentbizrate foursquare misc recovery ukpostcodeblackcountryhi friendfeed mixi rss upcomingstory gdacs movies rtm urbanesiaboston geo mozillalabs salesforce usgsbrazil github museumoflond seafoodwatch victoriaandalbebritishmuseum google on search rtbrooklyn gov music sears vimeobungie gowalla mybloglog seomoz weatherchristies greader mynewsdesk shelfari wesabecomicvine greenbookings ncbi shipping whitepagescouprecoup guardian nestoria shopping wordpresscraigslist hackernews netflix shoppingcart worldbankdarkhelmet hatena newegg simplegeo wufoodelicious ign nextbus slideshare wundergrounddigg imdb ngmoco socialgraph yahoodigitalnz infochimps nmm socialmention yahoojpHundreds of APIs… all in one place. Accessible to your app…Make your own!
  11. 11. Yahoo has myriad location technologies open for use, from Yahoo!Maps’ ajax and Flash interface widgets through geocoders to services toallow users to control how they share their location. Here are some ofmy favourites:
  12. 12. Placemaker identifies places mentioned in text, disambiguating themand returning unique identifiers (WOEIDs).
  13. 13. PlaceFinder is a geocoding Web service that converts street addresses orplace names into geographic coordinates (and vice versa).
  14. 14. Fire Eagle is a service to allow developers to access users’ location datain a safe, secure way.
  15. 15. YUI is a collection of CSS and JavaScript components to help people buildricher, more robust web applications.It includes tools to help you build CSS and JS, along with a library ofwidgets you can drop into your app including things like autocompletewidgets, sliders, table sorting controls, and much, much more.
  16. 16. FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT (BUT DO MAKE IT EVENTUALLY)If you can’t find an API or library to do what you want (and it doesn’thave to be from Mozilla or Yahoo!), fake it until you absolutely musthave real data.Work on the core of your hack, not on infrastructure for it.
  17. 17. developer.yahoo.com/everything.html