Intro to Adv - Week 1


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Intro to Adv - Week 1

  1. 1. Intro to AdvertisingSM 103Week 1
  2. 2. AdvertisingWhat is ADVERTISING?
  3. 3. Advertising is…What is ADVERTISING?
  4. 4. Advertising is…What is ADVERTISING?“… the NON-PERSONAL communication ofinformation usually paid for and usually persuasivein nature about products, services or ideas byidentified sponsors through the various media”(Bovee, C.L., (1992), “Contemporary Advertising”,McGraw Hill Publishers, New York)
  5. 5. Advertising is…‘…the action of calling something to the attentionof the public especially by paid announcements’- Merriam Webster definition.
  6. 6. AdvertisingSo what is ADVERTISING to you?
  7. 7. AdvertisingSo what is ADVERTISING to you?Advertising should be about:- The MESSAGE- The MATERIAL- The MEDIUM/MODE
  8. 8. Defining AdvertisingThe MESSAGE:What does it say?What is the conveyed/communicated meaning?
  9. 9. Defining AdvertisingThe MATERIAL:What is the displayed item/service?
  10. 10. Defining AdvertisingThe MEDIUM:How is it portrayed?Where and how do you get it?
  11. 11. Advertising is…Construct of advertising:Having the CORRECT/RIGHT MESSAGEShowing the CORRECT/RIGHT MATERIALUsing the CORRECT/RIGHT MEDIUM
  12. 12. Advertising is…Construct of advertising:“Advertising is the COMMUNICATION of ideas”“Advertising MOTIVATES consumers to purchase”“Advertising is the origination and/or thecommunication of ideas about products inorder to motivate the consumers towardsPURCHASE”David Bernstein, Creative Advertising
  13. 13. History of Advertising:Timeline:
  14. 14. History of AdvertisingBC era:Basic tools for writing, communication- Cuneiform, hieroglyphs
  15. 15. History of Advertising
  16. 16. History of Advertising
  17. 17. Evolution of AdvertisingBetter technology – new advertising mediumBut it all starts from the need to COMMUNICATE.Signs & symbols  Paper  Printing  Visual enhancements Technology ‘boom’ = Telephone, TV, Radio, Internet CURRENT ERA = focusing more on content development,themes, style, culture etc.
  18. 18. Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first paid ads:- Radio- Television- Print ad- Internet ad
  19. 19. Evolution of AdvertisingRadio:First paid-for-commercial: Hawthorne CourtApartments in Jackson Heights, New York. Thecompany bought 10 minutes for $50
  20. 20. Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first TV ad:Bulova Company
  21. 21. Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first TV ad:
  22. 22. Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first print ad:Not really the first, but Pear Soaps’ ads wereamong the first print ads.
  23. 23. Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first Internet ad:Banner (then known as HotWired)
  24. 24. Evolution of AdvertisingEach ad contained a MESSAGE, a MATERIALand went through a MEDIUM.Each ad also had the same qualities ofCOMMUNICATING the idea to MOTIVATEconsumers to PURCHASE/CONSUME.
  25. 25. Evolution of Advertising Radio Ad (Jingle):
  26. 26. Evolution of AdvertisingCurrent Print Ads
  27. 27. Evolution of AdvertisingBrand extensions – another form of advertising
  28. 28. Advertising FunctionsAdvertising fulfills four basic functions in society:serves as a MARKETING function -- helpscompanies sell products or servicesadvertising is EDUCATIONAL-- people learn aboutnew or improved products or servicesadvertising plays an ECONOMIC role --encourages new competition and lower pricesit performs a SOCIAL function -- helps increaseproductivity and raises the standard of living
  29. 29. Types and perspectives ofadvertising Brand – selling the ‘brand’ power (Mac, LV, Levi’s) Retail/Local Advertising – Jack’s Fish & Chip’s inUxbridge, West London. Direct-response Advertising – Smart Shop [CALL NOW!] Business-to-business Advertising – specific type ofproduct or service only catering to their business. Institutional Advertising – Sell uplifting message Non-profit Advertising – Red Cross, etc. Public Service Advertising – don’t drink and drive, etc.
  30. 30. ExerciseIn groups:What are you wearing now and why are youwearing the brand? How did you come to beexposed to the advertisements of these brands?Discuss.