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Intro to Adv - Week 1




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    Intro to Adv - Week 1 Intro to Adv - Week 1 Presentation Transcript

    • Intro to AdvertisingSM 103Week 1
    • AdvertisingWhat is ADVERTISING?
    • Advertising is…What is ADVERTISING?
    • Advertising is…What is ADVERTISING?“… the NON-PERSONAL communication ofinformation usually paid for and usually persuasivein nature about products, services or ideas byidentified sponsors through the various media”(Bovee, C.L., (1992), “Contemporary Advertising”,McGraw Hill Publishers, New York)
    • Advertising is…‘…the action of calling something to the attentionof the public especially by paid announcements’- Merriam Webster definition.
    • AdvertisingSo what is ADVERTISING to you?
    • AdvertisingSo what is ADVERTISING to you?Advertising should be about:- The MESSAGE- The MATERIAL- The MEDIUM/MODE
    • Defining AdvertisingThe MESSAGE:What does it say?What is the conveyed/communicated meaning?
    • Defining AdvertisingThe MATERIAL:What is the displayed item/service?
    • Defining AdvertisingThe MEDIUM:How is it portrayed?Where and how do you get it?
    • Advertising is…Construct of advertising:Having the CORRECT/RIGHT MESSAGEShowing the CORRECT/RIGHT MATERIALUsing the CORRECT/RIGHT MEDIUM
    • Advertising is…Construct of advertising:“Advertising is the COMMUNICATION of ideas”“Advertising MOTIVATES consumers to purchase”“Advertising is the origination and/or thecommunication of ideas about products inorder to motivate the consumers towardsPURCHASE”David Bernstein, Creative Advertising
    • History of Advertising:Timeline:http://www.nonlineagency.com/multimedia/the_history_of_advertisin
    • History of AdvertisingBC era:Basic tools for writing, communication- Cuneiform, hieroglyphs
    • History of Advertising
    • History of Advertising
    • Evolution of AdvertisingBetter technology – new advertising mediumBut it all starts from the need to COMMUNICATE.Signs & symbols  Paper  Printing  Visual enhancements Technology ‘boom’ = Telephone, TV, Radio, Internet CURRENT ERA = focusing more on content development,themes, style, culture etc.
    • Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first paid ads:- Radio- Television- Print ad- Internet ad
    • Evolution of AdvertisingRadio:First paid-for-commercial: Hawthorne CourtApartments in Jackson Heights, New York. Thecompany bought 10 minutes for $50
    • Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first TV ad:Bulova Company
    • Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first TV ad:http://youtu.be/8JenAyMmZ68
    • Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first print ad:Not really the first, but Pear Soaps’ ads wereamong the first print ads.
    • Evolution of AdvertisingThe world’s first Internet ad:Banner ad:Wired.com (then known as HotWired)
    • Evolution of AdvertisingEach ad contained a MESSAGE, a MATERIALand went through a MEDIUM.Each ad also had the same qualities ofCOMMUNICATING the idea to MOTIVATEconsumers to PURCHASE/CONSUME.
    • Evolution of Advertisinghttp://youtu.be/TwQLm_A5qJMCurrent Radio Ad (Jingle):
    • Evolution of AdvertisingCurrent Print Ads
    • Evolution of AdvertisingBrand extensions – another form of advertising
    • Advertising FunctionsAdvertising fulfills four basic functions in society:serves as a MARKETING function -- helpscompanies sell products or servicesadvertising is EDUCATIONAL-- people learn aboutnew or improved products or servicesadvertising plays an ECONOMIC role --encourages new competition and lower pricesit performs a SOCIAL function -- helps increaseproductivity and raises the standard of living
    • Types and perspectives ofadvertising Brand – selling the ‘brand’ power (Mac, LV, Levi’s) Retail/Local Advertising – Jack’s Fish & Chip’s inUxbridge, West London. Direct-response Advertising – Smart Shop [CALL NOW!] Business-to-business Advertising – specific type ofproduct or service only catering to their business. Institutional Advertising – Sell uplifting message Non-profit Advertising – Red Cross, etc. Public Service Advertising – don’t drink and drive, etc.
    • ExerciseIn groups:What are you wearing now and why are youwearing the brand? How did you come to beexposed to the advertisements of these brands?Discuss.