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IVS Brand Partnerships Toolkit for Event Owners
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IVS Brand Partnerships Toolkit for Event Owners


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Make your event more attractive and valuable to brand partners and sponsors.

Make your event more attractive and valuable to brand partners and sponsors.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. INTEGRATED  TECHNOLOGY  SOLUTIONS   FOR  ENHANCED  AUDIENCE  ENGAGEMENT       Brand Partnerships Toolkit Empowering  event  organisers  to  deliver  greater  value     to  brand  partners  and  increase  revenue  
  • 2. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   Introduction     Intelligent Venue Solutions is leading the way in the delivery of connected live event technology from access control and event management solutions to cashless payment services and audience engagement tools. Our audience engagement technology offers event owners a powerful competitive advantage in securing sponsorship income, whilst presenting additional revenue opportunities for the event. Our technology has powered groundbreaking activations for brands including: Our  solutions  will  make  your  event  more  attractive  to  brand  partners:   √ By offering something brands have never had before, but long dreamed about: a measurable return on their investment, with detailed analytic reports, plus an intelligent understanding of the event environment and audience √ By extending your brand partners’ audience engagement period to create a fully connected campaign running before, during and after the event √ By amplifying their reach far beyond the ticketed audience to include its online social group, creating a connected audience of millions √ By providing ‘wow factor’ engagement opportunities that bring brand and audience much closer whilst providing enhanced experiences for your customers √ By facilitating unique and entertaining content creation and delivery √ By allowing your brand partners to associate with an innovative event at the forefront of the market, and to gain additional publicity by adopting the latest trends in live consumer engagement
  • 3. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   > Capture IVS Technology bridges the gap between the real and digital worlds, creating a new dimension of audience engagement possibilities. It all begins with registration, which creates the communication channel with the end-user. Registration  Apps   √ A white labelled online facility for the event or brand used to capture customer data and create an engagement activation channel √ Can be hosted on the event or brand’s website or mobile app to capture registrations before the event, or used on a tablet (or unattended kisok) for on-site data capture √ Can capture data automatically using Social Login (where the user logs in using their Facebook or Twitter credentials) or by manual user entry √ Can also capture user permissions for future communications (via email and social media – such as automated Facebook status updates) √ Collected data can be mapped to a user’s wristband for on-site interaction (such as content delivery, gamification, competition entry, Facebook posting, etc.) Increase  your  event’s  sponsorship  revenues  beyond  just   branding  rights   As  well  as  being  able  to  offer  more  lucrative  propositions  to  sponsors,  our   solutions  can  be  white-­‐labelled  and  sold  directly,  allowing  the  event  to  gain   from  the  activation  budgets  as  well  as  the  rights  budgets  of  those  partners.    
  • 4. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   > Engage IVS offers a variety of new and innovative touch-points through which brands and events can connect directly to festival-goers during the event and provide an enhanced experience to attendees. The audience engagement possibilities from this technology are limited only by the imagination. This document outlines some of the solutions we have delivered to date to create powerful, pioneering activations for the brands we work with, and we are always excited at the prospect of developing new concepts with our clients. Tap  To  Like   This is simply a device that will read a user’s barcode or RFID wristband (or other form factor) and trigger a communication between the brand partner and the user. These communications can include: √ Instant data capture for the brand √ An automated Facebook check-in or status update posted to the user’s Wall √ Content delivered to the user via email, such as a music track, video or information √ The user being entered into a prize draw or instant win competition Gamification   By linking a series of Tap To Like points in a set or random order, brand partners can offer challenges and rewards to influence attendee behaviour and movement, promote messages and to deliver a fun, interactive customer experience that builds audience affinity for the brand.
  • 5. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   Social  PhotoBooth   IVS has developed a groundbreaking photo sharing system for use at live events which provides an instant branded print and a digital copy that can be automatically broadcast to the user’s social network of choice or email address.   √ Fixed (booth or kiosk) or mobile (handheld) solutions available √ Customer can browse and approve their favourite shot √ Instant, branded paper print using mobile Polaroid printer √ Integrates with the user’s Facebook or Instagram account √ Supports multiple friend tagging Electronic  Questionnaire   Fixed or mobile interface presents user with a series of multiple choice questions. √ Responses can be linked to a Wristband ID for additional data capture and reward redemption √ Ideal for placing in queuing environments where people are waiting √ Response data can be aggregated to create valuable market research √ Users can be given rewards redeemable on-site √ Can be connected to the user’s Facebook account
  • 6. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   Interactive  Table/  Seat  Finder   √ A fun, interactive display system that helps customers locate their seat or table at an event, in a user-friendly way √ Users simply tap their RFID wristband, ticket or card to use the device √ Can be configured to present a personalised message or greeting to the user via the screen or sent as an email √ Supports Facebook Connect √ As used at the UEFA Champions League Final, The Mercury Prize, the UK and European Festival Awards   Smart  Cloakroom   √ Enables users to store their valuables at your event with the use of RFID, QR codes or Bar Codes √ Checked-in items are linked to the user’s ticket or wristband, eliminating the chances of lost cloakroom stubs or fraud √ Supports events of any scale from a small indoor networking gathering to a major outdoor music festival √ Supports Facebook Connect   External  Engagement/  Redemption   IVS technology now allows brands and events to extend their audience engagement beyond the event itself and into the wider retail environment. √ For example, attendees could receive an email containing a QR code which they can present in a high street shop to redeem a gift or special offer √ Alternatively, they could scan their festival wristband in the shop
  • 7. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   > Amplify As well as improving customer experience, interactions with any of the above touch-points can trigger digital communications between the user and the event or brand partner with valuable, powerful consequences for brand amplification.   IVS offers the capability to link a user’s wristband or ticket to their Facebook account to create a whole new dimension of powerful engagement possibilities that can significantly increase the reach and value of any associated brand activation. Our experience shows that each Facebook broadcast triggered by an on-site user engagement at a music festival reaches an average of 476 Facebook viewers (friends and friends-of-friends). Enables interaction with any of the above engagement solutions to trigger: √ Instant, rich data capture (one click can provide name, D.O.B., location, occupation, likes and interests for the user and all of their connected friends) √ Status update with branded link to event and/or brand and messaging √ Locational check-in √ Photo upload (via PhotoBooth solution)
  • 8. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   User-­‐Activated  Content  Delivery   When a user interacts with one of the above touch-points, content can be automatically sent to them via email. This content can be personalised according to data on their wristband profile (such as age, Facebook likes, address, etc.) It could also vary according to other factors such as time of day, act on-stage, conference session in progress, etc. It’s a great way to remind visitors of all the experiences they had, connecting them to more information so they can continue their relationship with the brands, attractions or acts that they discovered at the event. Content could include: √ Information (eg. about the event, brand partner, performing artist or a conference session) √ A free music track or video √ An e-voucher which can be redeemed onsite (via smartphone) or outside the event in-store Competition  Entry   Interaction with a touch-point device generates a competition entry. Can be configured for instant-win redemption or scheduled prize-draw entry. Examples could include: √ “Tap To Like for your chance to win an iPad mini” √ “Check an item in at the cloakroom for a chance to win a free drink” √ “Use our smart seat-finder – all even numbered seats win an instant special offer” √ “Print this email and take it to your local Carphone World to get your free festival-branded smartphone case”
  • 9. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   New  Event  Sponsorship  Opportunities   As well as enhancing third party brand activations, IVS technology helps event owners to create valuable new sponsorship rights for their brand partners in order to cover certain production costs or just generate new income streams. Examples could include: Sponsored  Media  Area:     a. All accredited media are given RFID or barcode wristbands.   b. On first entry to the press area, they receive a personalised email communication delivered by the brand partner welcoming them on-site and providing key information (WI-FI passwords, site map, event guide) c. ‘Tap To Like’ points in the press cabin trigger further emails which could contain a biog and official photos of the act currently on-stage d. The brand partner could give entitlements to all (or specific) users such as free drinks or food items loaded to their wristband Cup  Collectors  or  Litter  Picker  Rewards:     a. Event-goers can earn points by returning beer cups or litter bags, enabling partner brands to be associated in a proactive and innovative way with social and environmental suitability b. On delivery to a return-point, their barcode or RFID wristband is scanned and an appropriate number of points is loaded, according to the quantity they have brought c. Accrued points can be redeemed as cash, credits, drinks, food or other gifts supplied by the brand partner inside or even outside the event d. This could easily be adapted to reward people carrying tents off-site at the end of a festival Smart  Pre-­‐Order  Facility:     a. Goods or services purchased online or in-store outside of the event can be collected inside the event – ideal for bulky goods like beer cases and tents b. At the point of purchase, customers are given a receipt containing a barcode which can be brought on-site to the collection point c. Alternatively, the item can be credited to their event ticket or wristband (by barcode or RFID) d. The customer has their receipt, wristband or ticket scanned at the collection point to redeem their order
  • 10. Brand  Partnerships  Toolkit   ©  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions  2010-­‐2014   About  Intelligent  Venue  Solutions   Intelligent Venue Solutions (IVS) is the UK’s leading provider of integrated access, payments and experiential solutions, with an unrivalled track record of successful deployments for events and brands in both fixed and greenfield environments. Back in 2012 we delivered the UK’s first cashless festival activation (for The Isle Of Wight in 2012, in collaboration with MasterCard and Vodafone) and the first integrated access, payments and experiential solution using RFID (at Wireless in Hyde Park with Barclaycard and Live Nation). 2013 then saw a wide-scale roll-out of our systems at music festivals including Glastonbury, V Festival, T In The Park, Download, The Isle Of Wight Festival, Hard Rock Calling, Barclaycard British Summer Time at Hyde Park, Yahoo! Wireless, BBC Proms in Hyde Park, Cornbury, Snowbombing, WOMAD and Galtres Parklands Festival.… plus sporting events including The UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival, The Ashes and The Open Championship. We are committed to delivering the most cost-effective and robust solutions available in the marketplace, optimised for high capacity outdoor events. As well as RFID, our technology works with barcode wristbands (a fraction of the cost of RFID ones) and mobile devices and we are able to provide IP-based credit and debit card payment acceptance with market-leading transaction speeds. We have developed powerful partnerships in the banking world, which enable us to offer the fastest, most secure and reliable cashless payment acceptance solution out there, with the lowest transaction rates for our clients.