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  • Stephen: We would like to display our presentation pitch for the music video we aim to create as part of our A2 media coursework.Georgie: We have selected the song ‘Let You Go’ by dubstep group ‘Nero.’ At the bottom left of this slide is the (YouTube) link to the selected song.
  • Stephen:This is quick rundown of the concept and context of our video. We aim to follow existing drum & bass video conventions; i.e. have minimal spoken narrative and to have it acted by both our protoganists.Georgie: Preferably, split screen. By conventions, we mean: flashbacks, obscure lighting & angles and we aim to create a postmodern style.Our background narrative revolves around a broken relationship and an obsessive ex-boyfriend.Stephen: ‘Let You Go’ was actually our fifth choice, as we were unclear on the course brief, existing videos etc.
  • Stephen: We have been inspired by several artists, musicians and videos. We have shortlisted a few example on the present slide: Dubstep and drum & bass icons: ‘Nero’ and ‘Chase & Status.’Swedish House Mafia, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy have also been referred to due to their addition to music in the early 2000’s and late nineties.
  • Stephen: We have also included directors and producers, as music videos follow similar codes and conventions as films. Quentin Tarantino and Oliver Stone, two extremely popular and iconic auteurs in the film industry, famous for ‘Natural Born Killers.’John Landis, the director of ‘Thriller.’
  • Georgie: Very basic locations in South London, we have chosen areas such as Bromley and Grove Park as we predict it to be far easier to gain permission from the local council and police, than having to go through all the required channels to film in London.
  • Stephen: Costume and make up is not an essential focal point for our video, this is not due to any reason but the context. We aren’t trying to tell a story through costume, uniforms for example; but the two protagonists are vital to portray the narrative. On the present screen we have listed a few points concerning costume and make up for both talents.
  • Stephen:Georgie has created the storyboard for the video, however, I created two small tables not to dictate what camera shots and angles will be used, but if they were I have added a reason/aim for employment of a high angle shot of the female, for example.
  • Georgie: The next two slides focus on audience, and distribution.
  • Stephen: This risk assessment slide is for the purpose of the pitch, since creating this I have created an official document signed by myself to confirm minimal risk.
  • Georgie: We have been trying to get in contact with ‘MTA Records’ by telephone and e-mail, however, have had no response.
  • Stephen: The next two slides express mock-ups of a ‘YouTube’ page and of a single cover, all artwork is my own and we believe it fits in with the genre of the track and the video.
  • Video Prep.

    1. 1. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Robertsch?v=DXz4Awr-sk4
    2. 2.  Drum & bass remix video. Typical chase scene with postmodern and obscure filming techniques. Backstory of a relationship breaking down. Obsessive ex-boyfriend. We have selected the remix „Let You Go‟ by Nero; dubstep, drum & bass elements creating a forceful & impacting track for the listener. Therefore it leaves us with a great opportunity to manipulate and develop our creativity, we would like to incorporate a general post- modern style through filters, camera angles and costume. Due to the speed of the track we will successfully be able to embed our idea of a chase scene. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    3. 3.  Chase & Status are an electronic music production duo from London consisting of Saul Milton and Will Kennard. Chase & Status: Flashing Lights Nero are an electronic music act from London, England consisting of Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray. Nero: Crush on you Swedish House Mafia. Save the world Daniel Powter’s single ‘Bad Day.’ Split screen effect. Other inspirations: Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, and The Prodigy have been credited as pioneers of the big beat genre, which achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s and 2000s. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    4. 4.  Quentin Tarantino: his use of contrapuntal sound, creative scripts and post-modern styling. John Landis: the director of Michael Jackson‟s „Thriller.‟ We have referenced him due to the iconic and classic video he created with the „King of Pop.‟ Oliver Stone: director of „Natural Born Killers.‟ NBK is one of the greats under the title „Post-modernism.‟ Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    5. 5.  We aim to use a variety of locations in South East London, preferably Bromley, Grove Park, Burnt Ash and Beckenham. We plan to use several bedrooms, parks and woods to suit particular scenes to flow naturally with the narrative. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    6. 6.  Female protagonist; very simple clothing, casually dressed. Plain make up to suit time & narrative. Male protagonist; unshaven, unkempt clothing and hair, smoking to display character. Props: bikes, buses, cigarettes, caps, hoods, mobile phones etc. With a combination of the costume, make up & props we aim to express social class alongside the selected locations and environment. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    7. 7.  Establishing shot displaying protagonists and setting.  Preferably a split screen narrative intertwined with particular parts of the track.Shot Type Female Shot Type MaleClose Up Expresses Medium CU Displays scruffy concern attireExtreme CU Facial expression Close Up Hard expressionOver Shoulder Audience see Low angle shot DisplaysShot what female sees dominanceLong shot Shows her as Tracking shot Displays his stern alone, naïve & walk and speed isolation Medium Long Comfortable inHigh angle Removes any dominance Shot surroundingsPanning Shows her as Zooming Close Documenting his unaware of her Up change in environment expression Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    8. 8.  Our video and track is aimed at a young audience, aged 15 – 25. It appeals to several genres; drum & bass, dubstep, electronic, dance and pop therefore widening our target audience. Our artist gains popularity through popular choices in songs and remixes, not through image. Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in south London, naturally appealing to a London audience. Since the late 90‟s it has evolved and grown from an underground scene and strived with popularity and becoming far more mainstream through remixes and samples. As this songs context is developed on a break up, there will always be an audience suffering from break ups. This is very true with relation to Adele‟s album „21‟ considering the songs “Rolling in the deep” and “Someone like you.” Due to the mood and melody within „Let you go‟ there‟s no evident contradiction of tone and rhythm, this is intended to be a sad song, therefore there is no distinctive vibe of happiness, therefore we can bounce off this with our video. IAO variables: students/young adults, reaching out to those who go to raves and clubs, liberal audience, urban/London audience. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    9. 9. Television Internet Magazines Radio(Music Channels) SitesMTV Dance You Tube The Wire Radio 1Viva Vevo NME Dubthugz RadioDance Nation TV XLR8R After Dark RadioClubland TV Spannered Dupstep FM4 Music Social networks Brrrap! Filth FMMTV Hits GetDarker AntikzNME The FADER Ribstep Radio Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    10. 10.  Through investigation of locations and possible props. The likelihood of any risk is extremely low. We plan to film in very open areas and environments therefore giving us, the cameras and the actors a perfectly reasonable amount of space without any worries of danger. Chase scene - People can/will fall over, to combat this we will ensure focus and attention is vital, as its being filmed outside we will be cautious not affect any of the public. There is a scene in which a protagonist plunges off a bike, however, we plan to film this in the safest way to ensure no harm comes to the actor When the Stalker is cycling he needs to be aware of the roads and cars to make sure he doesnt crash and wear a helmet. The fighting scene, just to avoid any injuries we will make sure we and all participants are careful and vigilant. Through the camera angles and shots we want to express a clear right and dispute but to involve as little contact as possible. We will continue to be vigilant concerning the surrounding environment, for example: derelict roads and pavements. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    11. 11.  Due to outside commitments and jobs we have taken this into consideration to create a realistic and ideal schedule. 14th – Completion of Pitch & Storyboard. With a successful pitch we aim to begin filming late October, preferably Monday 24th therefore giving us enough time to film and collect more than enough footage. 2nd – 9th November; thorough editing. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    12. 12. This is our letterrequesting copyrightpermission from MTARecords. Thereforeallowing us to createour video withconsent.© Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts
    13. 13. MTA Records: • Independent • Founded by ‘Chase & Status in 2009 •Specialises in Drum & Bass and Dubstep music. The picture on the left displays a promotional preview of the track, on YouTube. We have created a promotional name ‘PnutButr’ andStephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts edited the surrounding information.
    14. 14. Stephen Dyer & Georgie Roberts