Social Marketing (Presented at St. John's 120213)


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Things you should know about social media marketing.

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  • Social marketing is about building brand relationships. Not advertisement. Not sales. Relationships not only lead to sales, but also promote brand via word-of-mouth. Identify where the conversations are happening … go there and engage. Do not assume that brand Facebook and brand Twitter are social activities.No “feel good” social marketing – MUST show measurable results
  • Social Marketing (Presented at St. John's 120213)

    1. 1. Steve Goldner (a.k.a. Social Steve) • Digital & Social Marketing Executive • • • Tweeting as: @SocialSteve
    2. 2. What is Social Media? What is Social Marketing? Are They the Same?
    3. 3. Social Media – channels, NOT just Facebook Social Bookmarks Comment and reputation Blogs (platforms and communities) Micromedia Lifestreams Twitter (really it’s own category) Social networks Niche social networks Customer service networks Video Pictures Music Events Documents Livecasting Wikis Social Steve
    4. 4. What is social marketing? Strategy, plans, execution, and measurement to yield – Two-way brand communication and engagement – Word-of-mouth referrals via social media channels To influence – – – – Brand awareness Purchase decisions Customer loyalty Brand advocacy between brand and user between user and user talking about Social Steve
    5. 5. What is the Objective of Social Marketing?
    6. 6. Social marketing objective Build relationships with target market Social Steve Produce brand preference
    7. 7. Social Marketing A Business Must - Why Social Steve
    8. 8. Nearly 1/2 US population are social network users Source: eMarketer, Feb 2012; confirmed and republished, Aug 2012 Social Steve
    9. 9. Why is social a business imperative “engaged customers spend 30% more” (Bain and Company) “71% likelihood of purchase when referred by social media” (Hubspot) Social Steve
    10. 10. Social Marketing and the consumer journey Social Steve
    11. 11. The consumer journey GROUP FUNNEL STATE INDIVIDUAL STATE Customer Love Meter Everyone Awareness Interest Target Market Consideration Evaluation Prospects Conversion - Sale Complete assessment Customers Loyalty Satisfaction defined Repeat Customer Advocacy Word of Mouth Promoters Social Steve
    12. 12. The marketing funnel isn’t a funnel The Social Marketing Path to Conversion Social Steve
    13. 13. Social Marketing Game Plan Social Steve
    14. 14. Where you start defines success "80 percent of marketers incorrectly begin with tactics instead of goals." -eMarketer Report Social Steve
    15. 15. Who are you? What do you stand for? Positioning Statement Template For ............................ [target customer] Who .......................... [key qualifier - form] Our product is a ...... [product category] That provides .......... [key benefit] Unlike ....................... [main competitor] Our product ............. [key point of differentiation] Social Steve
    16. 16. What does your audience look like? Social Steve
    17. 17. Know where your audience congregates Social Steve
    18. 18. Next – the campaign – Communication/Campaign Goal – Target Audience – Target Audience Perceptions – Defined Offering – Call to Action Social Steve
    19. 19. Discussion – How Social Media Marketing Fits in with “Other” Marketing and Advertisement Social Steve
    20. 20. Social Marketing 3 Fundamentals Social Steve
    21. 21. 1 The Brand-Content Core Brand content is key to keeping today’s audiences coming back, staying engaged, and sharing with friends/family/co-workers. Social Steve Brand • Sets the tone • “Be there like a friend back during school time” Content • Think like a publisher • Address specific areas of interest for your target • Cover topics tangentially related to brand Sharing • Engage in conversations relevant to your brand where they exist • Once engaged, weave branded content as part of the natural conversation Advocates • Identify the people that actively share about your brand • Engage with them one-on-one • Focus on developing them as advocates • Reach out to them and say thanks
    22. 22. 2 Holistic social marketing Off-Digital Asset On-Digital Asset Social Steve • Monitor for relevant mentions • Engage and converse • Suggest applicable content • Continue to produce great content • High engagement activity • Identify power users • Build 1-on-1 relationships with power users
    23. 23. 3 Measurable results Social Awareness • • Number of mentions URL mentions Social Loyalty • • • • • • • • • Fans Followers Community members RSS on blog Facebook interactions Twitter mentions Comments in community Posts Return visits to site Social Consideration • • • • • • • Visits Pageviews FB click throughs Twitter click throughs FB views Twitter replies Blog views Social Advocacy • • • • • RTs Reblogs Mentions Comments off digital Facebook likes These categories make up our Social Brand Index Social Steve
    24. 24. Questions? • STEVE GOLDNER • Digital/Social Marketing Executive • • • Tweeting as: @SocialSteve Social Steve