Asset Insight Manager - Introduction


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Product Overview

Asset Insight Manager provides our users with real insights into your assets performance, with comprehensive tools for managing all of the facilities risks, assets, maintenance regimes and life cycle planning as well as our innovative real-time condition monitoring devices.

The whole operating context of your assets, systems and infrastructure management are seamlessly linked to provide meaningful data on your assets performance enabling you to make informed decisions on the maintenance, re-engineering and capital investment required to run your facilities to optimum operation.

Our Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA) templates will derive quality maintenance instructions for your FM/Engineering teams to complete, should you need assistance in the engineering studies we can also provide our solution including our expert critical engineering consultants who will facilitate gathering of data and workshops.

Our system integration ability has enabled us to link data feeds from BMS systems and energy management systems to provide a consolidated performance dashboard which can be personalised for each user based on their responsibilities and key drivers.

Want to learn more see our video or call one of the team for a live demo.

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Asset Insight Manager - Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction & Discussion
  2. 2. Agenda 2 Company Overview Recent Deployments Asset Insight modules Asset Insight Demo (Optional) Solution overview Systems Road Map 1 2 3 4 5 6
  3. 3. Company Overview Asset handling Ltd
  4. 4. AH Overview AH Products  Asset Insight Manager  Condition Manager  Integrated Risk Manager  Resource Manager  Programme Insight Manager Systems Implementation  SDLC  Systems Integration (API & Web Services)  Offshore Development  SaaS / Cloud Infrastructure / SLAs Technology Stack  Oracle  Microsoft  Dundas  Jaspersoft  Primavera PARTNERS CLIENTS Consulting Services  Asset Management  Project Management  Information Management  Business Intelligence
  5. 5. Solution Introduction Asset Insight Manager
  6. 6. I need visibility of my rack space, power utilisation and move away from these manual reports. My stakeholders want to see what risks they are exposed to with the infrastructure we have Datacenter Manager I want to be able to track all my facilities data in a single system, from risks to regimes Including a detailed asset register Asset Manager I need to see power utilisation by asset and group the data to provide me PUE dashboards, if I could link BMS data with engineers readings I could make informed decisions Energy Manager If I could get an early warning of potential failures I could plan down time properly and reduce reactive events. Engineer Our Drivers
  7. 7. Objective To create a truly effective maintenance programme we need to understand the operating context of the asset…. Nearby Hazards, pollutants SPOF Asset Importance Conditio n Capacity & Control Asset Environme nt Building Fabric
  8. 8. Our approach - Overview Live monitoring of assets, Capture and Analysis of thermography results. CMB regimes* CBM Full DCIM Management, Rack data down to equipment level CAPACITY FMEA with 400 templates, linked to ADH & Risks, Scenario planning. FMEA Creation of registers, profiles inc Heat maps, linked to ADH, Mitigation Management and post mitigation scoring RISKS ADH for Management of asset attributes, systems, warranty, CFC data, history Condition and life cycle Management ASSETS Interactive System reliability block diagrams, simple colour coding and visualization of Power demands RELIABILITY Asset Life cycle
  9. 9. Functionality Benefits and associated services
  10. 10. Asset Management FUNCTIONALITY  ADH – Systems, Locations, dependents  Warranty Management  Life cycle management  Capacity Management CONSULTANCY SERVICES  Asset Verification  Redundancy  Condition Survey  Maintenance history review BENEFITS  Visualisation of assets performance  Management of Compliance data  Life cycle planning  Full visibility via asset timeline Asset Management ADH Driven holistic asset management
  11. 11. Risk Management FUNCTIONALITY  Risks Pinned to ADH  Heat Maps (Pre & Post Mitigation)  Mitigation templates with Links to FMEA  Performance & jeopardy Management CONSULTANCY SERVICES  Risk Identification  Mitigation Facilitation  Solution Development BENEFITS  Visibility of Facility Risks  Control access, control of data  Transparency of control measures  Risks weighted to business criteria Risk Management Risk profiling with linked mitigations including FMEA capture
  12. 12. Reliability & Redundancy FUNCTIONALITY  Visualization of asset layout, systems  Simple colour coding for redundancy  RAG indication for demand & capacity  Add commentary to diagrams CONSULTANCY SERVICES  System mapping  SPOF Identification  Asset load verification  Data collection BENEFITS  Simple visualization of plant  Helps show interdependency  Enable performance data to be recorded and reported SPOF Full reliability and redundancy mapping
  13. 13. Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA) FUNCTIONALITY  Creation of Study from Risk/Mitigation  Develop task instruction  Map/mark asset impacts & affected assets  Detailed control measures CONSULTANCY SERVICES  FMEA Facilitation  Scenario planning  Development of task instructions to mitigate failure modes BENEFITS  Visibility of scenario impacts from risk to mitigation  Develop meaningful maintenance regimes  FMEA Templates reducing study time FMEA From workshop to regimes
  14. 14. Asset Monitoring Purpose It is a preventable breakdown tool and training aid used to understand the dynamic behaviours of assets, equipment items or components. In addition, it is a non-intrusive approach 3 Levels of CBM:  Human senses – hear, touch, see and smell  Asset Performance Indicators – Gauges, BMS, DCS systems etc – incorporating statistics  Applied Technologies – Thermography, Vibrational analysis etc. Benefits Typical benefits from utilising CBM  Non – intrusive  Issues can be detected and acted upon before failure occurs  Work can be planned around schedules  Spares can be ordered in advance and only when necessary  Builds good quality asset data  Accurate data to predict maintenance budgets  Improved asset availability, efficiency & performance  Tune maintenance regimes based on performance
  15. 15. Our CBM Solution Replicate Human Sense Listen, feel Data Analysis Protected Assets Critical Assets Applied Technology Vibration analysis Asset Performance indicators BMS Data, DCS, PDUs
  16. 16. The Hardware  Internal/external and contact temp sensors range -20 °to 120 °  Accelerometer 0-250G  Acoustic sensor 0-120db  0/10v input for External Split-core Current Transformer  2.4gh wireless network  5Vdc supply required
  17. 17. Condition Based Monitoring FUNCTIONALITY  Real time condition monitoring of Power, Vibration, Acoustics & Temperature  Alarm Management & Hierarchy  Pattern recognition and learnt baseline CONSULTANCY SERVICES  Identification of monitoring points  System Training  System integration BENEFITS  Real time monitoring  Enables 24/7 cover to be reduced  Predict pre failure signs, learns from previous alarms  Asset degradation reporting CBM Real-time asset intelligence
  18. 18. Capacity Management (DCIM) FUNCTIONALITY  Visualization of asset layout, systems  Simple colour coding for redundancy  RAG indication for demand & capacity  Add commentary to diagrams CONSULTANCY SERVICES  System mapping  SPOF Identification  Asset load verification  Data collection BENEFITS  Simple visualization of plant  Helps show interdependency  Enable performance data to be recorded and reported DCIM Full capacity planning and equipment level visibility
  19. 19. Works Management FUNCTIONALITY  400 Templated FMEA based regimes  Generate different regime types (Condition based, data collection and invasive)  People, trades and absence management  Tools, Consumables and critical spares stores  Tune regimes based on alarms and MTBF CONSULTANCY SERVICES  Regime review & design  Set up regimes  Tune and review services BENEFITS  Consolidate asset based information to single system  Optimize maintenance plans based on actual performance  Optimise labour utilisation Works Management Full PPM & Reactive works management
  20. 20. Visualisation FUNCTIONALITY  Exec Level dashboard  Data Centre Manager dashboards  Where is an empty … Function  Energy trending  PUE tracking CONSULTANCY SERVICES  Data Point mapping  Bespoke data points/reports  System Integration (BMS, DCS, BIM) BENEFITS  Simple visualization of overall performance  Helps show control of facility  Visibility of capacity Vs. demand down to room level Dashboards Fully configurable performance reporting
  21. 21. Demo?
  22. 22. Product Roadmap AIM & PIM
  23. 23. AH Product Road Map & Release Schedule 2014 QI Q4Q3 AIM 1.0 • Asset Register • Reliability Block Diagrams • Risk Analysis • Condition Monitoring • Lifecycle Planning • DCIM Module Notes Quarterly Release Schedule 2 Releases of AIM / PI per annum Q2 AIM 2.0 • Bulk Loading • Systems Integration • PPM • Pattern Recognition • DCIM Enhancements
  24. 24. AH Product Road Map & Release Schedule 2015 QI Q4Q3 AIM 3.5 • PI / AIM Integration • Health & Safety Notes Quarterly Release Schedule 2 Releases of AIM / PI per annum Q2 PI 2.0 • Portfolio Analysis • Estimating • Supply Chain • Document Management • GIS Integration
  25. 25. Recent deployments Asset Insight
  26. 26. Deployments • 2 Sites with 15 Laboratory buildings • FMEA on 11 Systems • Critical Freezer solution • 15 RBD’s produced • 72 risks identified • 80 CM units for infrastructure assets • 250 -80 freezers to be monitored • Bespoke energy led regimes to be created 3 ICR • 6 Datacentres • 11 Colocation sites • 112 Risks identified • FMEA on all systems • 6000 Racks with Over 50,000 DCIM assets • 100 CM Units • Full Thermography regimes with detection • Technical cleaning regimes • BMS Integration 2 Talk Talk Technology • 7 Data centres • 21 Signle points of failure identified • 45 CM Units fitted • 320 New maintenance regimes generated • Removed 24/7 engineering requirement • Detected pending failure during trail • Critical spares identified • BIFM & PFM Finalists 2011 1 Co-operative Group
  27. 27. Latest Deployment • First deployment on Behalf of Integral • Large critical Data centre • 240 Critical assets to be monitored • Utilisation of AIM Works Management Module • Full DCIM Data collection and Management • FMEA direived Maintenance regimes • Bespoke Rack Space request module to be devoped to manage changes and Cabinet access 4
  28. 28. What our clients say Micky Burke, Data Centre Manager at The Co-operative Group Manchester, United Kingdom We have deployed this advance in monitoring and alerting technology upon our 'achilles heels' of deteriorating or fail-prone plant. We've already been the beneficiary of its enhanced ability to detect a change in the plants operating characteristic, and prevented unplanned mission critical downtime as a result. Tony Williamson, Operations Director at Rentokil Initial Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom We've recently rolled this product out to two of our clients to monitor and protect their critical data centre infrastructure and have recently benefited from the addition of the AIM mobile app. The product is streets ahead of the competition and with the continuous development drive from Asset Handling, it looks set to cement its position as the leader of this technology.