SNDu : one thing I wish I knew when I was in college

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A presentation from the student sessions preceding the Society for News Design annual workshop in Louisville, KY. Nov. 7, 2013

A presentation from the student sessions preceding the Society for News Design annual workshop in Louisville, KY. Nov. 7, 2013

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  • 1. “You either make an effort or you don’t. ... You’re a musician: You play. That’s what you do.” LOU REED 1942-2013 R.I.P. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 2. welc me. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU
  • 3. Steve Dorsey @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13
  • 4. ‘Prepare in School to be Ready for the Job Market’ STEVE DORSEY Thursday, November 7, 13
  • 5. Q: What’s the ONE THING you wish someone told you when you were in college? STEVE DORSEY + FRIENDS *(More than 2 centuries of collected experience) Thursday, November 7, 13
  • 6. Ground rules... @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU
  • 7. GROUND RULES What’s our hashtag? #Whatstheonethingyouwishsomeonetoldyouwhenyouwereincollege? @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU
  • 8. GROUND RULES What’s our hashtag? #Wt1tUwstUwUwic? @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU
  • 9. GROUND RULES What’s our hashtag? #onething @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU
  • 10. GROUND RULES What’s our hashtag? #SNDU #onething @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 11. GROUND RULES Pace? We’re going to move fast. Lots of ground to cover. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 12. GROUND RULES Say my name... Just ‘Steve.’ Unless on @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething : @Dorsey
  • 13. GROUND RULES Quote-free zone! No Steve Jobs quotes! @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 14. GROUND RULES Quote-free zone! No Henry Ford quotes! @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 15. GROUND RULES This session is NOT... Basics. Fundamentals. Design 101. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 16. GROUND RULES For design theory + basics: @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 17. “Side projects and hobbies are important.” AUSTIN KLEON @austinkleon Writer, artist, speaker, innovator Steal Like An Artist Newspaper Blackout NEW: Show Your Work! Austin, TX @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 18. Thursday, November 7, 13
  • 19. TEDx: Creative Mornings/Austin: @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 20. GROUND RULES Bonus! There will be PRIZES! (Sorry, there will NOT be Daniel Day Lewis. You’re stuck with me.) @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething PRIZES !
  • 21. GROUND RULES #ThereWillBeSwag Q: First student to arrive this morning? Q: Student who traveled the farthest? Q: First question asked? Q: First student business card given? @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 22. Q: What’s the ONE THING you wish someone told you when you were in college? STEVE DORSEY + FRIENDS *(More than 2 centuries of collected experience) Thursday, November 7, 13
  • 23. Thursday, November 7, 13
  • 24. Practice your pitch! “Why you should hire me” in 90 second... Ready. Set. GO! JOY MAYER @mayerjoy University of Missouri-Columbia Director of community outreach at the Columbia Missourian Associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 25. JOY MAYER @mayerjoy University of Missouri-Columbia Director of community outreach at the Columbia Missourian Associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 26. “Listen well. Speak up. Try new things.” JOE GRIMM @newsrecruiter U-M (although he bleeds MSU green now) Visiting editor in residents, Michigan State University @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 27. Thursday, November 7, 13
  • 28. “Taking French 101 and 102 doesn’t make you ready to translate at the U.N. Classes just introduce students to technique and theory and it’s up to the student to take that and run with it.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething KARL GUDE @karlgude Graphics Editor in Residence at Michigan State University (and former Director of Information Graphics at Newsweek and the AP)
  • 29. “Stop worrying about what it is that you think you can and can’t do. Very few people are truly qualified for the jobs they have (apologies in advance to everyone at this conference that I’ve just offended). They were just the ones brave enough to raise their hands and say ‘I can do that.’ You can always figure it out as you go.” EMMET SMITH @emmetsmith Ball State University Curation Lead, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 30. “In college, don’t strive to be like the big paper nearby. Strive to be better than the big paper at the things they don’t know yet. Ask yourself, what’s that look like now? Answer that with your work, and you’ll improve your chances of getting hired.” KEVIN WEDNT @kwendt Northern Illinois University. GO HUSKIES! Director of News and Opinion, Advance Digital @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 31. “I wish I had taken a course on the highs and lows of the human condition.” DR. MARIO GARCIA @DrMarioRGarcia University of South Florida (1969) CEO/Founder, Garcia Media Blog: The Mario Blog ( eBook: iPad Design Lab @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 32. “Do whatever you can to get an internship.” DARREN SANEFSKI @dsanefski Syracuse University grad Assistant Professor of Multiple Platform Journalism, University of Mississippi @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething SND education director
  • 33. “Get. An. Internship.” DARREN SANEFSKI @dsanefski Syracuse University grad Assistant Professor of Multiple Platform Journalism, University of Mississippi @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething SND education director
  • 34. “That nobody cares what you think. They only care what you can do or show them. Newsrooms, when they function well, are meritocracies and if you have a great idea, great design, great story, that will get you farther than your opinion.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething STEVE CAVENDISH @scavendish Belmont College grad News editor, critic at Nashville Scene and Nashville Post
  • 35. “This is the time to explore every boundary. Once you get there go farther. Don’t respect the institution if you know it’s flawed - find a way to improve it.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething CARLOS AYULO @ayulo University of New Mexico Assistant Managing Editor / Presentation St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • 36. “I wish somebody had told me to be open-minded about where good design was coming from. When I was a student, we let the SND annuals dictate the best designs to us, and consequently, our paper often looked like a bunch of college hacks were trying to recreate the best work in the world. And even if we HAD been able to do that (we weren’t), we still would have been limiting our influences to whatever made the annuals...” JOSH CRUTCHMER @jcrutchmer Oklahoma State University (BA, Journalism, 2001) Deputy Design Director, Buffalo News @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 37. “You probably really don’t need to go to college for journalism if you hustle and can teach yourself technology. Your professors are learning things 2 weeks before they teach it to you. (I say this having taught and having a lot of friends who now teach.) ... Go to college for something else, and do journalism at the college paper or other local media outlets. It’s more of a trade than an academic craft.” WILL SULLIVAN @journerdism University of Toledo and Northwestern University Global Mobile Lead for the Broadcasting Board of Governors @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 38. “Don’t get pigeonholed. Develop skills in all areas if you want to survive in the real world. ... Oh and don’t eat the worm at the bottom of a Tequila bottle.” RICHARD JOHNSON @newsillustrator Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee University, Scotland Senior Graphics Editor, Washington Post @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 39. “Don’t get laser-focused on your field of choice. Take a wide range of classes in different fields, especially ones different from your own. ... It also means [taking] things like philosophy, psychology, business/entrepreneurship, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, modern art and poetry, screenwriting, [and so on].” MAD JOURNALISM with Greg Linch: @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething GREG LINCH @greglinch University of Miami (FL) Local Innovations Editor, The Washington Post
  • 40. “Don’t worry as much about money in your career. It will come eventually. Stay focused on your work and what drives you. That’s most important.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething JOEY MARBURGER @josephjames Purdue University Director of Digital Products and Design at The Washington Post
  • 41. “To sketch more. To make more. To think more about process and less about the destination, whatever that may be. To put a lot of energy toward becoming a well-rounded person, too. To read more. A lot more.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething JULIE ELMAN BFA in commercial design, University of Dayton (Dayton, Ohio) MFA in photography, Ohio University (Athens, Ohio) Associate Professor (School of Visual Communication, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio) SND print publications director
  • 42. “Be bold in everything you do (your work, applying for jobs, networking). When I’m hiring designers, I look at talent and potential as much as previous experience. So don’t let those lines like ‘3-5 years experience’ scare you off. Apply and see what happens.” JON WILE @worldwidewile @ACBJdesign Kent State University ... Home of the Golden Flashes! Creative Director, American City Business Journals @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething I currently have designer openings in Washington, Baltimore and San Francisco. I oversee the design, graphics and photography in 43 markets around the country, so we constantly have openings. 
  • 43. “I spent too much time wishing I was perceived as one of the super star kids in my program, and looking back, it was a total waste of energy. The secret to my success has been to work hard, be nice to people and commit to continuous selfdriven education. ... Worry less about being in the cool crowd, and you’ll go farther than you think.” KYLE ELLIS @kyleellis The Harvard of Muncie, Indiana ... THE Ball State University Designer, CNN Digital SND Digital Director @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 44. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 45. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Be specific, give examples. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 46. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Think in terms of sound bites. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 47. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Listen, listen, LISTEN!... @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 48. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Good answers lead to conversations. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 49. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Resume > conversation > interview > offer Feedback/critique/coaching > reference > next job > network > rinse + repeat... @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 50. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Come with 3 cohesive talking points. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 51. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Come with 3 real questions. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 52. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Know something about the org you’re talking to. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 53. INTERMISSION Interview lightening round Mentioning a project? Show it, link it. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 54. “I wish I had learned more about how to deal with interoffice dynamics. So much of my success or failure here is not determined by how great my design idea is — but by how I interact with staffers who report to me, and those who rank higher than me. It is determined by how I deal with those who do not report to me, but whom I still need to listen to me and do what I ask them to. Being able to connect with such a variety of different colleagues... is critical to the final outcome of my work.” RICK EPPS @repps Michigan State University Presentation Editor, The Detroit News @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 55. “Learn a foreign language — fluently. It’s even more important now.” WAYNE KAMIDOI @waynekamidoi Central Michigan University Art director, The New York Times @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 56. “Join SND. Or ONA. Or NPPA. Whatever your thing is. Go to their events and introduce yourself to people. Every job offer I’ve had since college has been because of contacts I’ve made through SND and I am envious of college students who are smart enough to have already figured that out.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething KENNEY MARLATT @kenney DePauw University Editor/Designer, Chicago Tribune
  • 57. “... That I could make a living designing communication as an independent consultant. I was always afraid that I would end up in an advertising agency designing ads for a wholesale grocery.” HANS PETER JANISCH Fachhochschule Mainz / Germany (University of applied sciences) Diplom-Designer (Master of Arts nowadays) job Design Consultant to the newspaper industry @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 58. “When I was a college student, I thought somehow my talent would just show the way to a great job and that I didn’t need to use connections. I was, of course, ridiculously wrong. Ultimately a friend who graduated a year before gave me the connection that led to my first job. My first boss went a long way toward getting me my second and third jobs. Connections are everything! So they’ve come to the right place to connect.” ROB SCHNEIDER @schneiderSND Northeast Missouri State University (now called Truman State University) Presentation Director, The Dallas Morning News SND president @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 59. “The transition from a college newsroom to a professional newsroom is often not easy: 1. In college, you’re surrounded by people your age with similar interests. You put the paper to bed and often hit the bars... It’s a blast. When you jump to a professional newsroom, it can be jarring. Many people are older, have kids, grandkids, a mortgage and college tuition to pay for. They go home after work because they need to get their kids ready for school in the early morning. The social aspect can be very tough, especially if you work nights and weekends. RYAN HILDEBRANDT @ryanwesley29 Indiana University Creative Director, Louisville Design Studio SND Louisville conference chair @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 60. “... 2. In college you have freedom to mostly do what you want. It’s easier to experiment and innovate, because you don’t have so many institutional rules and traditions. I thought I’d walk into my first job and find that everyone was a veteran, top-notch journalist who pushed the limits of our industry. I thought everyone would lap me in knowledge and skill. It took me a while to realize there were a few people like that, but most folks were reluctant and uncomfortable to think beyond ‘That’s the way we’ve always done it.’ ” ... RYAN HILDEBRANDT @ryanwesley29 Indiana University Creative Director, Louisville Design Studio SND Louisville conference chair @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 61. “Career building is about maturity: how you work with others, how you handle criticism and disappointment. I took things way too personally as a young professional and probably cost myself some opportunities because of that.” STEPHEN KOMIVES @skomives Columbia University Executive Director, Society for News Design @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 62. “I wish someone had told me how nice and helpful (most) professionals can be. Want some advice/to figure out how your idol got where they are? Ask them. They’ll probably tell you.” KATIE MYRICK @myrick Indiana University (RIP Ernie Pyle School of Journalism) News designer at The Washington Post and editor of @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 63. “If you just do class work, you’re screwed. I wish I had used class work to feed my own ideas instead of worrying about completing the given assignment. Class assignments often remove the most important part of design work: conceiving of the problem — not just solving it. Use class work to seed your ideas, but make the ideas yours. When we look at portfolios we don’t care if the applicant followed the assignment (or what grade the professor gave you); we care about great ideas, and great looking design.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething JARED NOVACK @jarednova The Daily Orange + Syracuse University Partner at Upstatement
  • 64. “Don’t marry your high school sweetheart, but that’s probably not what you’re after. I went to art school. They didn’t teach me how to make a living, but I did learn how to think.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething TIM FRANK @tmfrnk The Cleveland Institute of Art Director, Gannett's Asbury Park Design Studio
  • 65. “Take risks, do what you love. You’ll be surprised how much of what you love doing in college will guide you to things you love in your career. You have a lifetime to figure out your life, live your days with honesty, integrity and inspiration. Oh and, fake it til you make it.” NINA MEHTA @ninamehta Indiana University,  B.A.J. Journalism B.A. Political Science M.S. Human-Computer Interaction design Product Designer, Pivotal Labs @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 66. “It’s okay to take criticism with a grain of salt, but there are times you should do the same with praise. If praise is coming from someone who hands it out like candy, is it really meaningful? On the flip side, it’s fine to question someone who does nothing but criticize as well. You have to have balance – the most valuable critiques I received included someone who could point out things that I did well and encourage me, and also make suggestions as to things I could improve on.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething ANDREA ZAGATA @zagatam Michigan State University Sports designer, The Buffalo News
  • 67. Two things, actually, but they’re two sides of the same coin: 1. “If you wanna be creative, you gotta bend the rules.” 2. “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething TIM HARROWER @TimHarrower Eastern Michigan University
  • 68. “How to do a proposal and job estimate for a client (super important!) and unfortunately most of the schools tend to forget about the business aspect in our professions! And also super important: how to do your taxes!!! Especially when you have income from 3 or 4 different countries tax forms are a pain to fill! And yes, I’m stubborn and always do taxes myself, not with any accounting guy! :)” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething GABRIELA SCHMIDT @GabiSchmidt Fine Arts and Design Institute in Mexico City Senior Creative Director at Schmidt Media Group
  • 69. “What you study matters, and who you know matters even more. Take classes in philosophy, math, statistics and business. Get to know the people in college who will become future leaders.  And also, find someone in your industry who’s older and wiser, and who you’d count as a competitor. Take that person out to lunch. It’s highly likely that you’ll have much to learn from her, and that likewise she’ll have a lot to learn from you. Build a partnership, where you share ideas with each other, ask questions, and build a mutually beneficial relationship. Befriending your competition and developing a pathway to strengthen both businesses is what some of the most successful entrepreneurs are doing today. It may seem counterintuitive, but I keep seeing young entrepreneurs pair off with seasoned businesswomen and men. It's also something I practice myself.” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething AMY WEBB @webbmedia Jacobs School - (the music conservatory at Indiana University) Founder & CEO, Webbmedia Group Co-founder, Spark Camp Author, Slate columnist, Harvard Business Review contributor, etc.
  • 70. “I wish I’d been more involved with journalists and professionals at my hometown paper and in the industry. I didn't think I would ever work for a newspaper, so I wasn't interested in internships. I had to learn the hard way that real-world experience will always be useful. Making connections with people who can become colleagues, mentors or job references will pay off for the rest of your career (even if it's not in journalism), so start early!” MELISSA ANGLE @mangle Wichita State University, 2002 Projects editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 71. “You can still have a great, fruitful career in journalism even if you can’t get a gig at the school paper. (I applied five times.) You just have to hustle and you have to know when to speak up. Your ideas will win people over. And you can create those ideas yourself.” ERNIE SMITH @stoicboy Michigan State University Editor, ShortFormBlog Social Media Journalist, McMURRY/TMG @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 72. “ major, my grades, and in general figuring out what I wanted to do didn’t really matter. My friend Jack Cheng said it best: ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.’ BILL COUCH Don't worry if you're in the middle of a moment that you think is taking you nowhere.” University of Michigan 2007 Bachelor of Arts, Screen Arts and Cultures, Communications @couch Product Engineer at Twitter @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 73. “The industry will change… a LOT! Just be prepared to adapt your skills and change with it and you’ll be fine!” @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething JENNIFER GEORGE PALILONIS Ball State University, BA, MA; Indiana UniversityPurdue University Indianapolis, PhD George & Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Multimedia Journalism
  • 74. @Dorsey Thursday, November 7, 13 #SNDU #onething
  • 75. Worry more about facts than fonts. #SNDU #onething Thursday, November 7, 13 STEVE DORSEY @dorsey
  • 76. Be bold. Swing hard. #SNDU #onething Thursday, November 7, 13 STEVE DORSEY @dorsey
  • 77. Drive it like it’s stolen. #SNDU #onething Thursday, November 7, 13 STEVE DORSEY @dorsey
  • 78. Do epic sh*t. #SNDU #onething Thursday, November 7, 13 STEVE DORSEY @dorsey
  • 79. Thursday, November 7, 13
  • 80. #SNDU #onething Thursday, November 7, 13