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VSC Growth - Company Profile. Describes how you can add potential to your business

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VSC Growth Company Profile

  1. 1. adding more potential to your business www.vscgrowth.com.au
  2. 2. overcomechallenges
  3. 3. Managing a business presents challengesdaily. Steve Coote, Director of VSC Growth, abo ut usunderstands those challenges. With over 30years operational experience, Steve appreciatesbusiness demands faced by senior executives.Steve founded VSC Growth Plus Pty Ltd in 2001.For a number of years Steve contracted hisservices almost exclusively to leading professional Promiseservices consultancy Cardno (ASX:CDD). In VSC Growth will partner with you tohis tenure at Cardno, Steve held various senior grow the potential of your business.management roles, from leading business We offer experience with a moreunits and divisions to General Manager, Group personal and practical approach thatOperations of the global group of 3000+ people. delivers enduring value.Following an association over 30 years withCardno, Steve left in 2009 to focus on buildinghis VSC Growth consultancy.In his career Steve has participated in the mergerand acquisition of more than 30 companies - from Visionidentification to due diligence to integration, he VSC Growth aims to be the preferredunderstands the process. Steve also offers direct trusted advisors to medium and largeexperience in business planning and all corporate businesses in the areas of strategy,services (such as operational finance organisational performance and& budgeting, business systems, IT, marketing, HR leadership.and administration) functions. He has experiencemanaging profitable businesses in good times,and the not so good.Steve has a reputation for building strongprofessional relationships, analysing businesses Missionand improving their performance - by building We will earn our preferred trusted advisorteams, setting goals and coaching managers. status through:Steve believes the success of VSC Growth will • Understanding our clientsbe judged by the success of its clients. Hiscommitment to delivering solutions which match • Personal service andclient needs and expectations is his business goal. considered advice • Developing our network, experience and approach • Focusing on creating enduring value
  4. 4. betterperformance
  5. 5. se r vice sstrategy organisational leadershipbusiness performance resultsIn today’s dynamic business clients The responsibilities and expectationsenvironment having a well thought of CEO’s and Senior Executives areout business strategy is essential. Successful organisations enjoy the constantly increasing in a businessPlanning and implementing spoils of high performance because environment that is always presentinga successful strategy for the their teams are aligned, know exactly new challenges.future mitigates risks and opens what they have to do, and have theopportunities for growth and necessary skills and resources to Continuously developing the health,sustainable profits. deliver. They also have the policies, breadth and depth of leadership within processes, systems and controls that the business is paramount to growthAt VSC Growth we help businesses regularly deliver high quality services and sustainable success.produce strategies that increase and products to clients.potential. We help you clarify your VSC Growth can help your key peoplegoals, engage your key personnel, VSC Growth’s experience in business meet the challenges of today andassess the current state, explore operations can help you review and transition with the business intopossibilities for the future, and identify optimise your organisational capacity, the future.boundaries. Our services can help capability, structure, and businessyou develop practical implementation practices or, more simply, your We can provide support to all levelsplans that engender the commitment “readiness to achieve”. We establish in your organisation in the form ofof the organisation and lead to performance systems which align practical “sounding board” advice toimproved bottom line results. with your strategy and encourage a question and explore specific issues, healthy performance culture within through to more structured mentoringShould Mergers & Acquisitions your teams. programs. Our coaching programsform part of your growth strategy, include tailored personal growth plansVSC Growth can assist. We provide In business things don’t always go that align with business objectives.support services in the areas of M&A to plan and an under performingstrategy, due diligence, and integration business unit or division can decimate It is no surprise that Boards andthat are focused at increasing value. company profits and shareholder Directors are also exposed to returns. VSC Growth has significant increasing responsibility andQuestions that you might be experience in “turnaround” projects expectation. Access to VSC Growth’sasking… and will provide fresh insights that operational experience can provide will make a positive difference. Boards with a valuable resource to • What will my business look By developing client relationship contribute to governance and risk like five years from now? strategies we can even help you management. • How will we grow in a turn your high maintenance/low dynamic economy? profit clients into champions of your Questions that you might be • What impact will market business. asking… changes and competition • How might I approach this have on my business? Questions that you might be current issue differently? asking… • Which are the most important • I (or my reports) are not actions I need to take to • We want to grow, but do I have achieving the expected implement our strategy? what we need to deliver? results, what can we do? • Who in our business • How can I get my leaders and • Who will replace me, or should I engage to help teams working together better? my leaders, in the event implement the strategy? • How do I improve quality of a departure? • How can I be confident that I will and client satisfaction? • How do I help our key get positive returns from M&A? • Can I reduce our costs without people and future leaders impacting on quality or service? grow with the business? • Why can’t my direct reports • Our CEO says everything is under sort out their unit’s problems? control but how can I be sure? • We are working hard but why • How effective are our aren’t we making more profit? governance procedures?
  6. 6. guaranteedresults
  7. 7. m etho do lo g y At VSC Growth we pride ourselves on successful strategies and proven methodologies. We thrive on challenge and draw upon our skills to helpclients grow their business in line with long term objectives, leveraging perform = growth Initial Conversation opportunities whileeffectively managing risks. Each engagement starts with an initial conversation. We want to get to know you and your business and begin Change can be seen as to explore how we might be able to help. We find that a challenge for many when we collaborate with clients, we can jointly develop aleaders, the true challenge strategy to solve your problem. If VSC Growth can’t help, however, is not simply we will try and connect you with people who can. managing change, but successfully motivating and leading others. ProposalVSC Growth offers tailored After the initial conversation, and once we have agreed consulting solutions that to an overall approach, we will provide you with a formal help you to think, plan, proposal. The proposal will detail the goals, service perform and achieve type(s), delivery method, program and fees. We willresults that deliver growth. discuss the proposal with you to ensure that it meets your plan requirements. Engagement VSC Growth will usually adopt the following methodology think for an engagement: Deeper Understanding - We have a natural instinct for engaging, questioning and investigating. Open Collaboration - We respect experience and facilitate shared thinking and evaluation of solutions and risks. Practical Action Plans - We plan actions, responsibilities, time frames and budgets to fit your requirements and participants’ capacities. Effective Implementation - We coach and mentor participants, remove road blocks, and encourage timely and effective action. Monitoring & Review - We report on progress and agree with you any adjustments needed to achieve your goals. Evaluation Ultimately, achieving tangible results for you, on time and within budget, is our objective. We will review the success of the engagement with you. If something needs to be done to complete the engagement we will work with you to address you concerns. Our guarantee is that if we haven’t delivered on our promises we don’t expect you to pay us.
  8. 8. sustainableoutcomes “Steve Coote worked for Cardno over a period of 30 years.” - Managing Director Cardno Limited (ASX:CDD) I worked with Steve from 1997 when I joined Cardno as Managing Director, and was involved with his progression from being a senior engineer, through a business unit manager, division manager, to General Manager of Group Operations. Steve’s approach to management was at all times thoughtful, consultative, and strategic. Steve was heavily involved in assisting me to develop Cardno’s Strategic Plan for 2005 to 2010 including midterm updates and was a key participant in our merger & acquisition integrations. Steve also contributed to specific areas of the Cardno group that required change including increasing the service focus and financial performance of parts of the business. He was a highly trusted advisor to me as Managing Director, and also showed a great skill in pulling teams together including teams from new merger partner’s organisations. Overall Steve Coote made a strong contribution to Cardno over a long period of time and was highly regarded in our company. Andrew Buckley Managing Director Cardno Limited (ASX:CDD)
  9. 9. testi mo nials“Steve was able to “Steve is armed with a “Steve helped usestablish personal vision of what can be quickly negotiate arelationships with achieved. He provides 35% price increasethe owners and a path for successful with our majorgain a thorough and sustainable client, and this hasunderstanding of TBE’s outcomes” immediately increasedpeople and processes - Brown Consulting our overall profitability for his cultural and Steve Coote commenced working with by a third”technical assessment.” Brown Consulting to undertake a high - Sandra Nanka- President Cardno USA (ASX:CDD) level project design role in configuring a prospective Enterprise System to suit current and/or desired business processes, My partner and I engaged the servicesSteve and I enjoyed working closely which included (among other things) a of Steve Coote from VSC Growth to helptogether on strategy, M&A, and business detailed project implementation strategy. improve our business performance. We wereoperations over a seven year period with Early in the project it became apparent that in a business that we loved, but we wereASX Listed Cardno. In my current capacity Steve could offer much more to the project working too hard and not getting the returnsas President of Cardno USA, I have been and the scope was extended to consider we were looking for.charged with the challenge of growing andmanaging Cardno’s entry into the North the strategic aspects of future project and business performance management. After our initial interview, Steve undertookAmerica market. Through a series of high level meetings a complete audit of our current business and workshops, Steve firstly gained a operations and financial performance. We To assist me with this expansion, Steve solid understanding of the nature of Brown were hesitant of being told what we wereprovided M&A due diligence, M&A Consulting’s current environment and plans doing wrong, we knew our business and weintegration, and business operations for the future, then reviewed the systems also knew our profits were not great. But assistance. As a member of Cardno’s due and processes currently in place. From that Steve’s approach was a pleasant surprise!diligence team for the acquisition of theFlorida headquartered, 450 person firm he determined the resources and capacity gaps in implementing prospective changes While the audit identified things that needed TBE, Steve was able to establish personal in the context of the internal and external to be fixed, Steve had undertaken some relationships with the owners and gain a risks that may have an impact. additional market research. He showedthorough understanding of TBE’s people us the high value of our brand as a leaderand processes for his cultural and technical Steve’s knowledge provided a valuable in the marketplace and he encouragedassessment. Steve also oversaw the insight and contribution in preparing and us to recognise the level of skills alreadyCardno corporate inputs into all of our North planning for the risks of such a major available in our organisation that we wereAmerican M&A implementations and chaired organisational change initiative. His underselling.the integration committees for mergerpartners EMG, WRG, and TBE. experience in mergers and acquisitions and the challenges facing the effective Over the following months we jointly use and integration of systems to achieve reviewed our business strategy includingWhile over-seeing transition and change a competitive advantage were vital in new opportunities and agreed on anprograms, Steve demonstrated a capacity establishing a robust business case. Steve implementation plan. Initially we had a lotfor engendering trust and respect from our can work at all levels in the organisation to do, but during our monthly meetingsnew partners. Steve in his capacity as GM and gained the respect of both board Steve has helped us focus on actions thatGroup Operations, helped with monitoring members and line managers throughout would have the greatest impact first. In fact, the ongoing health and performance of all his involvement. His professional approach Steve helped us quickly negotiate a 35%our business operations in North America encourages open discussion, constructive price increase with our major client, andand UAE. debate and a high level of commitment this has immediately increased our overall and participation. He has perhaps seen the profitability by a third.When required to question or challengeour approach, Steve did so with a healthy best and worse of enterprise systems in his diverse roles and armed with a vision of We have more to do but thanks to Stevesbalance of support, diplomacy, and tenacity what can be achieved, he provides a path positive coaching approach, and continued- with the aim of helping us deliver positive for successful and sustainable outcomes. support through follow up meetings, we feeland sustainable commercial outcomes. more confident about our ability to control I would be pleased to recommend Steve the direction of our business going forward.Michael Renshaw for any similar or related project wherePresident Cardno USA (ASX:CDD) his senior leadership capabilities together with his extensive operational experience Sandra Nanka and practical approach would ensure a Partner, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm successful outcome Shane Fracchia Chief Operating Officer, Brown Consulting
  10. 10. Not sure where to start?Call us for a confidential no obligation discussionand see how we can help maximise your potential.Steve Coote, DirectorPhone +61 412 148 428info@vscgrowth.com.au maximise your potential
  11. 11. info@vscgrowth.com.auwww.vscgrowth.com.au