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Portfolio presentation - the following are links included in the presentation

Orange World mobile portal:

Orange website:

Orange Wednesdays: (ad)

Orange Quick Tap: (ad)

Orange HD Voice: (ad)

BBC sites:

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Steve Brown's portfolio

  1. 1. Orange / EE Two of the UK’s leading mobile brands – Orange and T-Mobile – merged in 2010 to create EE, the country’s largest and leading digital communications companies with a combined customer base of 27m across all three brands. I worked for Orange from 2006-10 and EE from 2010-11, launching and managing a broad range of digital products and services …
  2. 2. Orange World mobile portal • • Objective to create, deliver and run a targeted mobile site to inspire daily usage by Orange customers End-to-end digital experience designed to meet 4 main customer needs – info, entertainment, tools, personalization 4m active and engaged users accessing the site from 500+ devices >> • ! ! !
  3. 3. Orange web homepage / site • Managed 2 major site redesigns in 2 years due to organizational changes – in 2004 re-branded from Freeserve to Wanadoo (both ISP/ad-supported sites) and in 2006 to Orange (extended to incorporate mobile business requirements) • >> Challenge was to design, build and run homepage/ site that integrates a wide spectrum of customer needs and business stakeholder requirements across 3 main functional areas – e-commerce (Orange shop), customer care/support (my account/ help) and ad-supported content channels (news, entertainment, sport)!
  4. 4. Orange Wednesdays multi-screen experience • • • Designed to leverage Orange brand association with film (sponsor BAFTAs) & provide clear customer benefit of being with Orange Service available to all, but 2 for 1 offer limited to Orange customers – 14m Orange customers have taken up the offer iPhone app & web film channel delivered in <3 months, to accompany launch of iPhone on Orange network (November 2009, iPad added later), over 4m app downloads since launch ! ! ! >>!!
  5. 5. iPhone app – main features / user journey Get film listings … read info and reviews … watch trailers … location-based cinemas/showtimes … coupon/sms for 2 for 1 offer … also for Android & Blackberry
  6. 6. Orange Quick Tap • UK first-to-market launch of NFC mobile payments service, partnership between Orange and Barclaycard (providing retail PoS & financial services components) Scope of project delivery included deploying new middleware component – Trusted Service Manager (TSM) with vendor Gemalto, NFC device and ondevice app sourcing & development, changes to network & backend systems to support NFC devices and design of new customer/business processes Service uses emerging Contactless NFC technology, single handset at launch (Spring 2011), expanding as more NFC-capable devices come through into the market ! • ! • ! >>!
  7. 7. Orange HD Voice • Orange first-to-market among UK mobile operators, service free to customers with HD-ready handsets as part of overall value proposition / retention strategy Technical implementation of new voice codec in network Trial service launched June 2010, initially limited to in-network calls between between small range of HD-enabled handsets on 3g network in south of England, expanding with nationwide network rollout, operator adoption & increase in HD-ready devices in market ! • • >>! ! !
  8. 8. Other responsibilities & achievements • – – • Accountable for range of (in-house, packaged and SaaS) backend platforms including CMS, Identity Management/Single Sign-On, platform for ingesting/transcoding live TV streams for Orange Mobile TV service, web analytics, integration with ad serving platform and integration of ad creative formats … Sponsored & delivered service improvement projects to deliver virtualized test environments, A/B testing capability, optimization of web delivery platform … ! ! ! Third party service integration – • ! Service Management Managed integrations with many service providers & partners including Mobile Media Metrics data service (GSMA/comScore), Calling Tunes (RingTagz), Push email (SEVEN networks), Orange contacts backup & cloud storage solutions (France Telecom/Atos/Cognizant) … ! Business process improvement – Led adoption & integration of agile (Scrum) methodology into project framework and defined overall digital media delivery approach >>
  9. 9. BBC / beeb ventures (1998-2002) • I developed & ran a large portfolio of web sites for major BBC TV and lifestyle magazine brands including RadioTimes and TopGear (both still live, redesigned but underlying functionality/structure unchanged), as well as Top of the Pops, BBC Good Homes, Good Food, Gardeners World, Music Magazine Developed interactive TV sites based on web properties (worked on various early trials/prototypes of iTV with UK cable providers NTL/Telewest & Microsoft) Comic Relief ‘Red Nose Day’ 1999 (primetime TV show / charity appeal) – in 2 months developed site to support live TV broadcast, with rich content including video clips from BBC comedy shows, quizzes & games, live studio chats, plus UK’s first online donation-taking service promoted live on-air throughout broadcast Managed end-to-end lifecycle of ecommerce site development (launched in 2001, no longer active) – from analysis & selection of new vendor platforms (ATG/Documentum), developing use case model & UX specification, build (using staffing mix of internal teams, SI partner & vendor professional services), test and launch ! • • ! ! •
  10. 10. RadioTimes – full EPG, reviews, clips, features…
  11. 11. TopGear – car finder, test drives, clips, features…