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"The Necessary Transformation AKA Humanity Must See Itself As One Human Family Before It Can Go To The Stars", which I presented at the 100 Year StarShip symposium in Houston, TX on Sept 15, 2012.

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  • @ezpost Hello, Eric. I'm so happy you enjoyed my slide presentation so much that you went into the essay and pulled out the UN Global Compact information. It's an amazing initiative, and I frequently wonder why the news media never covers its activities. So strange!

    If the business world is ever going to transform completely, I believe the public will have to know that (a) such a transformation is possible and (b) the beginning phase of that transformation is under way! You know the old expression... 'If a tree falls in the forest and no one hear it, did it really make a sound?'

    Have a great day!
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  • @ezpost Hi Eric - Just thought I'd point out it was Steve Brant who made the presentation. I've merely commented on it here. Steve is a friend of mine and I'm sure he'll respond to you shortly. Glad you liked his preso. Wish I could have been there to see it live.
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  • Rick, I enjoyed your presentation at 100YSS very much. Reviewing your slides helped me fill out my notes. There is so much in this presentation. I zoomed into the essay and pulled out the link to the UN Global Compact and studied the Ten Principles. http://unglobalcompact.org/AboutTheGC/TheTenPrinciples/
    If only our government would endorse these basic human and business rights and responsibilities. Oh, what a world it could be.
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  • @rickladd Thanks very much for the positive feedback, Rick! With the addition of the 100YSS aspirational mission (and Bill Clinton's support of this mission), I think I finally have completely synthesized a road map forward... if not for all of humanity (hard to know if this will catch on), then at least for myself! LOL! But I do think the public will like this.
    The video will be online once the conference organizers (100YSS.org) get their new web site launched. That could be in 6-8 weeks, because they're moving kinda slow. I'll let you know when it's available!
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  • Excellent, Steve! I will have to go over this several times. There isn't a point you made I don't already know, but synthesizing, internalizing, and living it seems to take some difficult thinking . . . and doing.

    I especially like the concept of colonizing a new world starting today. I have long believed it's extremely important to get off this planet, but I can see how it won't much matter if we can't learn to live as one people on the only home we currently have, with no guarantee (given the formidable technological hurdles involved) we'll ever be capable of successfully establishing a self-sustaining presence elsewhere.

    I know this presentation exists on video somewhere. Hopefully, I can see it soon. Good stuff!
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100 Year StarShip Presentation

  1. The Necessary Transformation AKA Humanity Must See Itself As One Human Family Before It Can Go To The Stars Steven G. Brant Trimtab Management Systems Making Global Peace & Prosperity Possible100 Year StarShip Symposium September 15, 2012
  2. I dedicate this presentation to Ambassador Christopher Stevens His tragic loss - and that of thethree others who died in Libya - is additional evidence we must make this transformation happen. Rest In Peace, Ambassador Stevens
  3. We are dedicated tothe human exploration of new worldsThere’s a new world we must explore - andcolonize - starting today... if we are to realize the 100YSS vision!
  4. The New World We Must Explore And Colonize• The world where Human Civilization - the Human Family - solves its challenges like mature adults• The world where the Human Family realizes peaceful cooperation can lead to global prosperity for all
  5. Two Scenarios That Threaten 100YSS• Infrastructure Crisis in America• World War III
  6. A civilization beingtorn apart by cut- throat competition will never go to the stars. I first learned our “you or me” world canbecome a “you and me” world in 1979. Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and me in 1983
  7. Bucky Fuller taught me thistransformation is possible. James Burke taught me transformations in our human culture have happened many times in the past. “The Day The Universe Changed”
  8. It’s not enough to know what’s possible. We must know how to make it possible!Doing this requires that we Think Different Apple’s Think Different campaign
  9. The Miracle of Systems Thinking• Synthesis not Analysis: What happens is a function of the design of the larger system - usually a Human Social System - in which that action occurs.• Continuous improvement: Mistakes are okay.• Internal not external motivation: Aspiration replaces fear.• Ref: Drs. W. Edwards Deming and Russell L. Ackoff
  10. Public Education Efforts of the Recent Past• The First Motion Picture Unit of WWII• The Disney - von Braun Partnership of 1955• Star Trek• We Are The World (1985)• Hands Across America (1986)
  11. Improvement Efforts You’ve Probably Never Heard Of• The Baldridge National Quality Program• The Corporate Social Responsibility movement• The SciFi Channel’s Visions for Tomorrow public affairs initiative (now inactive)
  12. The Most Important Effort You’ve Never Heard Of• The President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) of 1993-99
  13. The Second Most Important Effort You Haven’t Heard Of• The Rocky Mountain Institute, where lead scientist Amory Lovins and his team have developed sustainable solutions for an energy- for-all future
  14. President Clinton Supports 100YSS!• Also a student of Systems Thinking• Supports Amory Lovins’ work• Wishes a system existed to support the American people in basing political decisions on facts**Stated at The Economist’s “World in 2011” event
  15. The Prospect of Involving Hollywood• Reaching the public in an entertaining way is key• “Marooned” inspired the Apollo-Soyuz mission!
  16. King Abdullah of Jordan Could Help• Building a Star Trek- themed Resort Complex in his country
  17. My Personal Commitments• Graphic Novel that tells the story of how this transformation might happen• Offer my work to 100YSS’s “The Way” research institute• Host a brainstorming meeting on a reimagined PCSD - popularized by Hollywood - at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY
  18. Why I Am Optimistic• We have the ability to solve our problems in mature, win-win ways• The world’s people - including Tom Hanks - want this but don’t yet know it’s possible• 100YSS acknowledges the importance of entertainment: essential for engaging the public
  19. And I Have Lived This Future
  20. Experimental Star Trek Workshop I led at Star Trek:The Experience in 1999
  21. Essay I wrote which got me interviewed byWilliam Shatner for “Get a Life” documentary
  22. But it’s really up to you.You have to choose whether to continue living in theold planet Earth or help bring the new planet Earth - and the new future for humanity - to life!
  23. Thank you all very much!Steve Brant: steve@trimtabmanagementsystems.com